Letters to the Editor

Home games

March 10, 2007


To the editor:

The more potential tax revenue gained by every Kansas University game played in Lawrence is better for Lawrence homeowners primarily because we pay the bills. Lawrence downtown needs the bucks equally as much as the KU athletic department; both get a piece of the pie from home games.

Tips are good for employees. Bring the TV cameras to KU where school spirit flows and help support the community that helps support KU.

Just think, Bill Lytle (Public Forum, March 7), if all the Chiefs games were moved to Los Angeles how much better off financially the Chiefs might be, but then why call them the Kansas City Chiefs?

Play all Big 12 home games at home. Lawrence can always use a home game day of $1 million in gross receipts and the tax revenue generated by those sales. We have bills to pay and, for many, it's too much fun.

Richard Heckler, Lawrence


OnlyTheOne 11 years ago

Well, LA is probably a bad comparison - they've never supported their football team(s)

Raider 11 years ago

Richard, if KU sold out their home football games you might have a point. However, it takes the Nebraska and KSU fans coming to Lawrence for KU to get any kind of decent crowds.

Jayhawktriplegrad 11 years ago

And so moving a sold-out Mizzou game to Arrowhead and replacing with a non-sold out Florida International with lots of cheap tickets makes sense how?

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