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Douglas County Fair 2007 Royals youth clinic The Price is Right
Is the cost of milk more or less aggravating than the price of gas?

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Should farmland near the intersection of Highway 24/40 and North Seventh Street be developed into a business park?

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3:00 a.m.
Caleb Dickinson-Cove, 7, and his sister Anya, 9, look over crayons while shopping Thursday at Target, 3201 Iowa. Parents this year are expected to spend 7 percent more on back-to-school merchandise than they did last year. Supplies add to cost of going back to school
July 29, 2007 in print edition on 1A
Caleb Dickinson-Cove, 7, and his sister Anya, 9, pored over piles of crayon boxes and other school supplies this week at Target, 3201 Iowa. Amid their energetic rush, Caleb and Anya were preparing for their return Aug. 15 to Schwegler School. They stopped with their mom, Sahja Cove, to test out some backpacks.
6:00 a.m.
Corbet Collins takes a breather on his land just south of Lawrence Municipal Airport. A proposed commercial development near Collins' property has many neighbors worried that it will interrupt their rural lifestyle. Collins was out working in his field on Friday. Development plans may turn farmland into battleground
July 30, 2007 in print edition on 1A
It all comes back to the land. Here in Grant Township - nestled in the Kansas River valley north of Lawrence - there’s plenty to see if you like rural scenes. The corn grows as high as an elephant’s eye, as they say in farm country. The air hums with the sound of prop engine planes taking off and landing from the Lawrence Municipal Airport. And even the intruders are a welcome sight.
11:00 a.m.
Maj. Agha Khalili, foreground, from Afghanistan, and Maj. Karuranga Gatete, from Rwanda, are foreign military officers studying at Fort Leavenworth. Both veterans of wars in their homelands, the pair are pictured Wednesday outside the Lewis and Clark Center on the army base. Foreign officers learn basics of U.S. military training
July 30, 2007 in print edition on 1A
They successfully fought to overthrow repressive governments in their homelands. Now Maj. Agha Khalili of Afghanistan and Maj. Karuranga Gatete of Rwanda are sitting in classrooms with other foreign military officers and their U.S. Army colleagues at Fort Leavenworth. “It is necessary to the Afghan officers to understand United States (military) doctrine and the U.S. military because they work together,” Khalili said.
1:30 p.m.
KU freshman-to-be Aaron Miles, right, tries to strip the ball from
former Jayhawk Rex Walters. In the background are former Jayhawk
Lester Earl, left, and current KU player Drew Gooden. The action
took place at the Roy Williams Basketball Camp in June, 2001, at
Horejsi Center.
Walters fulfills dream
July 30, 2007 in print edition on 1B
Wearing a light-blue shirt with “Florida Atlantic” prominently displayed over his chest, Rex Walters stood alone in a corner of Okun Fieldhouse. The 37-year-old second-year FAU coach punched out text messages into his cell phone during breaks in the action at the Price Chopper AAU basketball tournament, appearing as intense as his days as a ballhawking combo guard at Kansas University.
5:00 p.m.
Host Bob Barker shares a moment with a contestant at the taping of the 34th season premiere of "The Price is Right" in this 2005 file photo. Come on down!
July 30, 2007 in print edition on 1C
Dennis Rosen has stood in Bob Barker’s shoes - sort of. Last March, some of Rosen’s students at Kansas University convinced him to play the role of host of “The Price is Right” in a late-night re-creation of the game show. It drew 500 screaming students to the Kansas Union Ballroom.

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