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Brownback says evangelical pastors heading his way

July 26, 2007


— Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback met Wednesday with influential evangelical leaders and said religious conservatives are moving in his direction as they learn more about his anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage views.

Brownback's meeting with 15 to 20 evangelical pastors came as the Kansas senator maps out his strategy for the Aug. 11 straw poll in Ames.

"It's typical in an election that people hold back and want to get a good feel for the candidate," Brownback said. "Now we're getting within eyeshot of Aug. 11 and they're breaking and a lot of them are breaking our way."

Although big-name candidates, such as Rudy Giuliani and John McCain, will skip the straw poll, the event will likely have a significant effect on the race for the GOP nomination. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is expected to finish first in the poll, and second-tier candidates like Brownback are looking to break from the pack.

Brownback said evangelical Christians are an essential part of his plan. "I think it's critical and I think we're doing pretty well," Brownback said. "We are reaching out aggressively to a number of communities and the evangelical is a key one of them."

Some evangelical pastors said Brownback's staunchly conservative message resonates with their congregations.

The Rev. Bob Deever, of Grace West Church in West Des Moines, said he appreciates Brownback's focus on family.

"He has the right heart, and family is very much faith-based," Deever said.

Nick Bal, of Walnut Creek Evangelical Church in West Des Moines, said, "People just need to know about him."

Evangelical Christians have played an important role in Iowa Republican politics since the 1987-88 presidential election.

TV evangelist Pat Robertson won the straw poll in that cycle, then finished second in the caucuses. Though he faded as the primary season unfolded, the strength of evangelicals in the state's GOP politics remains.


eesti006 10 years, 4 months ago

Senator "Switchback" Brownback is a hypocritical politican who will do anything to get elected including compromising his faith.

Senator Brownback was the hypocrite who took an oath to defend the Constitution and then broke his oath sponsoring the International Romance Regulation Act, a law that labels American men abusers who must prove their innocence before they can communicate by e mail, fax or telephone if they use an International Matchmaking organization. In January 2007 Brownback and the radical Tahirih Justice Center used shocking lies and hysteria to tell foreign listeners on RADIO VATICAN that American men who seek wives abroad "are often sexual predators, rapists or even pedophiles:many are premeditated torturers". Two days after the broadcast began Radio Vatican cancelled it after they realized Brownback and the Tahirih Justice Center had used numerous inaccurate statements and personal opinions disguised as facts. If Senator Brownback was willing to deceive the Vatican one wonders how desperate and deceptive he has been during his presidential campaign. Read about it on Online Dating Rights (left column) :

In the meantime Brownback has indicated that Tahirih Justice Center (a Non Governmental organization)are "frontline experts" even though they insist on the "Communist theory of Marriage" lobbying for laws (regulating) preventing foreign woman from immigrating to the US for the honorable purpose of marriage to an American citizen. The Tahirih Justice Center cites"a power imbalance" and recipe for abuse and torture in spite of the fact that an INS study showed abuse rates of these International marriages was one seventh the abuse rate for the prevailing US population. Brownback's relationship with the Tahirih Justice continues under a cloud of suspicion. Tahirih Justice Center is a NON Governmental Organization who receives large Federal grants spending some helping abused women but apparently spending greatly on lobbying and Public Advocacy suspiciously not itemized in their annual report.


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