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Stress fracture sidelines Kansas’ Arthur

Kansas' Darrell Arthur grabs a breather as UCLA leads in the second half on Saturday at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Ca.

Kansas' Darrell Arthur grabs a breather as UCLA leads in the second half on Saturday at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Ca.

July 7, 2007


Kansas University men's basketball coach Bill Self announced Friday afternoon that sophomore forward Darrell Arthur, who in late June secured a spot on the USA U19 national squad, will be out four to six weeks after MRI results revealed a stress fracture in his left leg.

Arthur has been playing with the U19 team in exhibitions and the Global Games since making the final 12-man roster, but will not be able to travel to Novi Sad, Serbia, with the team, scheduled to play in the 2007 FIBA U19 World Championships July 12-22.

The MRI came after Arthur said he had pain in the leg after workouts Tuesday.

"I thought it was just tendinitis or something and I would be able to play through it," Arthur said. "The trainer told me to see the doctor, and after some tests he confirmed it was a stress fracture and I would be out a month or two. When I heard it was a stress fracture, I was surprised.

Arthur hurt before having chance to play in summer championship

KU sophomore Darrell Arthur has a stress fracture in his lower left leg. Enlarge video

"I was pretty upset when I first heard," Arthur added. "I really wanted to travel with this team. I have never been overseas, and I put in some good work to be a part of this team. I'm glad it wasn't a more serious injury, and I should be fine with treatment. I wish this team all the best in bringing home the gold in Serbia."

Arthur will return from his hometown of Dallas to Lawrence for rehabilitation. He averaged 9.8 points and 4.7 rebounds per game in his freshman campaign and is the second Jayhawk to suffer an injury since the start of summer. Junior Brandon Rush is recovering from a torn ACL.

"I am disappointed for 'Shady,'" Self said. "He did very well in Dallas and was expected to play well in Serbia representing our country. If this had to happen, it was good it happened now because we expect a complete recovery and for him to be at full speed before the start of school."


JobbyJobless 10 years, 11 months ago

stress fractures don't always heal well, or at all. self is saying the right things to the media but he's got to be pissed that arthur hurt himself because he didn't rest enough. that's what the offseason is for; if you don't take any time off you're just begging for an injury like this.

maxcrabb 10 years, 11 months ago

Um... a chance to play for the entire NATION at the age of 19?

Personally, i'm glad to see such a standout (even a freshman) working hard to become not only the best in college hoops, but in the world.

KU hoops isn't the only thing in Arthurs life, and to ask him to put aside the chance to play on a world wide level so he'll be 'rested up' for the regular season is just selfish. The players on the KU team don't play for us alone. They have lives as well.

For once, be happy a player is injured while trying to attain such lofty goals, and not getting stabbed at some shady bar.

Joe Hyde 10 years, 11 months ago

Every 19-year old basketball player-- whether he or she be a p---poor player like I was at 19, or a sensational talent like Darrell Arthur -- is hardwired to think of themselves as invulnerable, indestructible, immortal.

With the opportunities that have become available in recent years for an athlete of Darrell's caliber to play ball almost every week of the year (thereby increasing their exposure to pro scouts) it should be expected that few young men can endure such relentless physical rigors without suffering a serious injury.

Having reached his 18th birthday Darrell is an adult by law. He can vote, get married, start a business, buy a car, buy a house, join the military, run for public office, play ball in the summertime. Of course, due to our nation's hypocritical public laws he can't yet legally buy a beer and kick back on the sofa on the off-season, but he can sure as hell play basketball non-stop and by doing so risk a stress fracture. It's a crazy world we've created for the young athletes we love.

I hope Darrell gets some good rest now, heals up and hits the coming NCAA season good as new. And then resumes playing off-season ball if he so chooses. He's good at the game. Plus he's smart, so this stress fracture injury is a learning experience for him.


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