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Cleaning up

January 7, 2007


To the editor:

Betty Henderson's letter about littering brings to mind an issue I presented to the City Commission when Jim Henry served. It dealt with the litter from the 24/7 parties around town. Litter citations have rarely, if ever, been issued. A Journal-World reporter I spoke with was going to do an article about this, but I suspect that the conclusion was that the city commissioners did not want to be interviewed about the issue since their game is to write more ordinances, all of which continue to be unenforced. The city staff would rather pull up garage sale signs since that is easier.

Mrs. Henderson, with regard to litter on private property, the owner can be cited. Will the commissioners direct the staff to do such? No - after all, who wants to cite the local bankers, lawyers, appraisers and city staff who own litter-strewn properties?

We are going into a new year, and this commission has continued, as the past commissions, as a "do-nothing commission." Let's see some action on building sidewalks, increased street lighting - the list goes on, and I will provide it if anyone is interested. Not likely!

Talk of "affordable housing" gets more press than cleaning up Lawrence. Talk of saving old, hard-to-insure and overtaxed houses gets more press than saving a perfectly decent library building. Bulldoze it and bill the taxpayers $30 million for a new one.

Lawrence is regressive, not progressive. What happened to City Manager Corliss' vision?

David Holroyd,



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