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Not-so-hot ticket

February 8, 2007


To the editor:

Lew Perkins is worth every penny Kansas University pays him. He may not have made the sports teams any better or won any championships, but he sure has brought in the bucks. The job he's done selling basketball tickets to those that had the money has been outstanding. His coup to get the Missouri football game played at Arrowhead Stadium for a cool million was phenomenal. Does it get any better?

I think it does. Either the Super Bowl is being played in Lawrence next year or there was a misprint in the Journal-World. Ticket prices for the Kansas-Nebraska game going for $75? Come on. Who's pulling my leg? What kind of joke is this? This isn't one of the Devaney/Osborne teams. This is a Callahan team. You might remember, this is the team that ran a fake punt on fourth down from its own 25-yard line in the second quarter of a bowl game. Oh yeah, pay $75 to see that team play the Jayhawks; I think not.

Lew, I think it's time to be realistic. The game was standing-room only two years ago for $60. But for this price there might be some Husker fans who stay home. I, for one, am a red-blooded Husker lover who will not watch this game at Kansas Memorial Stadium unless you invite me to your vault, excuse me, suite.

Huskers rule!

Ken Uhlig,



Jaminrawk 11 years, 3 months ago

Awesome! Stay home Ken we don't want you in Lawrence. Save that $15 extra dollars and go plant some corn.

Anyone who can, in the same letter, basically say the Huskers aren't very good under Callahan, then say "Huskers Rule", is someone who shouldn't be writing letters. You probably shouldn't even operate a vehicle or a spoon either.

Raider 11 years, 3 months ago

Notice he said he's a "Husker lover" and not a Husker. I bet he's also a KU basketball fan, a Nebraska football fan, a Colts' fan and a fan of whatever team has won the most recently. You have to get a kick out of t-shirt fans. I bet he's never set foot in Lincoln.

$75 is a little pricey for this game, but the bulk of the money will be coming from the state of Nebraska. KU fans don't fill up the stadium, and Lew has to take advantage of the visitors from out of state that follow their teams.

budwhysir 11 years, 3 months ago

Ticket prices or not, imagine the revenue that is brought in by the toll road on this game. If they shut down the other interstates and roads for the weekend, we could make even more repairs on the buildings.

I say, dont charge anything for the game and draw a bigger crowd on the toll road so we can make even more repairs.

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