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Rush court hearing is delayed

December 12, 2007


A case in Lawrence Municipal Court against Kansas University basketball player Brandon Rush has been continued to April 11 - after the basketball season is over.

Rush, a junior, was supposed to appear in court this morning on charges of failing to appear in court on two other occasions for traffic violations.

Instead, Rush's appearance in court this morning was entered by his attorney David Brown, according to the city prosecutor's office. His case was rescheduled before Judge Randy McGrath for 7 a.m., April 11.

The NCAA men's basketball championship will be played April 7 in San Antonio.

Rush was arrested last week on two warrants for failure to appear. McGrath ordered him to be transported to the Douglas County Jail where he posted $500 bond and was released.

Rush had been cited on Oct. 19 for speeding and in December 2006 for driving on the left of a roadway and not having proof of insurance.


newsreader 10 years, 1 month ago

I think the paper is making a bigger deal out of his ticket then it really is, but this is very ironic...

domino 10 years, 1 month ago

My understanding is that he showed up on the wrong date for court and they arrested him. Seems like he was trying to take care of it now, rather than later. That being said, he should have been more careful as to when he was to have been in court. Plumberscrack - where did you come up with the dates on this (your comment on "over a year later")? Just wondering - this particular article didn't have any dates on it.

sinkorswim 10 years, 1 month ago

Who cares? He hasn't committed any kind of felony. He's a college student who spaced off his court date...something I think people might be able to relate to?? I can think of adults (supposedly mature, responsible, etc.) who have done the same and you don't see them written up in the LJW! He is trying to take care of it. I think he's been suffiently spanked by the legal system, the press, and his coach. I don't view this as "news." Give it a rest...

rumor_man 10 years, 1 month ago

Maybe Brandon Rush doesn't have any money right now so he postponed it until after the season is over. So then he can sign with an agent and put his name in the NBA draft He'll also be able to sign a shoe contract and pay his tickets then.

domino 10 years, 1 month ago

Pilgrim - thanks - I apparently skimmed over that part! Have to agree that this is hardly "news" worthy, though!

pimp11 10 years, 1 month ago

LJW- what a joke.

Rush doesnt get paid to attend school and play basketball. Maybe he cant afford it, maybe doesnt want it to distract the team/himself anymore than it has. Leave it alone, what is the point of pointing it out TO THE WORLD that Rush missed a court appearance.

Go to the court house get a list of people who missed their appearance and write yourself a nice article about that. NO LJW wouldnt do that, they just want to drag Brandon through the mud and MAYBE hear their name during a television broadcast.

The dude doesnt get paid to play ball, give it a rest, he is a student athlete, not a professional ball player. He's more professional than the LJW!!!!!

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