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Sebelius: Morrison should resign if charges proven true

December 10, 2007


— Gov. Kathleen Sebelius today said if allegations made by a former employee of Attorney General Paul Morrison are true, then Morrison should resign.

"One deals with his conduct as an attorney in the D.A.'s office; the other is as an employer, and I think either one should trigger a resignation," Sebelius told reporters.

Sebelius was referring to news that Morrison admitted to having a two-year extra-marital affair with former staffer Linda Carter, who has filed a complaint against him with the federal Equal Opportunity Commission.

Sebelius said she was shocked by the development, but said it was Carter's additional allegations, that if proven, should prompt Morrison to leave office.

In a signed statement obtained by the Topeka Capital-Journal, Carter also accused Morrison of trying to influence a federal lawsuit involving his political opponent, Phill Kline, and of trying to get inside information on Kline's activities as Johnson County District Attorney.

While admitting to the affair, Morrison has denied Carter's other allegations.

Carter is the former director of administration for the Johnson County district attorney's office. Morrison was district attorney for 18 years before switching to the Democratic Party last year to successfully challenge GOP conservative Kline for the attorney general's job. Johnson County Republicans then picked Kline to take over Morrison's old job.

Sebelius, who had welcomed Morrison when he switched to the Democratic Party, said she didn't want to pre-judge Morrison, and noted that while he admitted to having the affair, he denied trying to use Carter to get information about Kline.

Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley of Topeka said Morrison's credibility had been damaged "but it's not irreparable."

He said if Carter's allegations about Morrison seeking information on Kline through her are true, then Morrison should resign.

But, he said, the legal process must be allowed to gather the facts in the case.


jumpin_catfish 10 years, 6 months ago

But Kline was soooo much worst, surely we wouldn't want Mr. Morrison to resign. That would be sooo harsh! ha ha ha ha ha! Can't wait to see more post on this one!

stuckinthemiddle 10 years, 6 months ago

Good lord... I guess it's too much to ask to want an AG for Kansas that's rational and honorable...

Patrick Wilbur 10 years, 6 months ago

Morrison lied by omission before, so I don't understand how he can be seen as credible when he denies these allegations. It will be hard for him to continue as AG. Maybe we should just vacate this position - not exactly cream of the crop lately.

ksdivakat 10 years, 6 months ago

Sure makes Kansans look like we are all a bunch of backwards, inbred, rednecks who cant seem to vote the right people into office. I didnt believe him when he denied the affair back when he ran, and so now he wants to tell the truth?? I smell a rat! And we now know that he lied about the affair in the first place, so now he expects us to believe that hes telling the truth now and the female is lying..............your busted morrison! Deal with it!

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 10 years, 6 months ago

Even if these charges are true, I'd bet that if he and Kline ran against each other again, Morrison would still win.

FormerCentralKansan 10 years, 6 months ago

Democrats 1998: "Character doesn't matter!"

Other than Joe Lieberman, I don't recall many Dems asking for Bill Clinton to resign for his tawdry affair(s) in 1998. Funny how that works...

Affair or not, I'd take Morrison over that POS Kline any day of the week.

BigDog 10 years, 6 months ago

Sebelius is looking out for her own political career first ... then the party. She spent some of her political capital in the party getting Morrison elected. Now when it could impact her .... he is going under the bus.

Something tells me she has already had some discussion with Morrison this weekend before this story broke.

newsreader 10 years, 6 months ago

It's not about the afair in my opinon, it's about the fact that they were engaging in their activities in the courthouse! Would you get to keep your job if you had relations in your companies conference room?

Lenette Hamm 10 years, 6 months ago

and what's the likelihood that someone affiliated with Kline got this stuff rolling in the first place........?

BigDog 10 years, 6 months ago

Read the article in the Topeka Capital Journal or Kansas City Star. This is not just about him having an affair with one of his staff (which would be grounds for most of us to lose our jobs); it also involves questionable actions involving legal cases still pending in Johnson County after he left.

adastra 10 years, 6 months ago

Evidently, Senator Anthony Hensley, Demo leader of the Senate, today said the same thing as the Governor, that the AG should resign if charges are proven.

As far as Wonder Woman goes, I would have to wear my Kevlar vest.

kmat 10 years, 6 months ago

"It's not about the afair in my opinon, it's about the fact that they were engaging in their activities in the courthouse! Would you get to keep your job if you had relations in your companies conference room?"

You don't work in a regular business, do you? I need more than two hands to count out the number of people at my work involved with each other, and most of them are married. And yes, some have been caught enjoying themselves at work and don't lose their jobs. Affairs at work are so common place. It was actually kind of funny pointing out all the cheaters to my husband at my work's holiday party. Of course, they all had their spouses there and were on their best behavior.

I think this chick wanted payback and decided to spill the beans. Probably got busted out by her hubby and decided to take Morrison down too.

And yes, I would still vote for Morrison over Kline. If this is just a case of sleezy sleeping around while married, then Morrison is just joining the ranks of so many that cheat. No matter what, Kline is only on witch hunts and is doing a piss poor job in JoCo. Shouldn't even have the job since he lives in Shawnee County, not JoCo.

Lonestar1 10 years, 6 months ago

" justfornow (Anonymous) says: I wonder if this would be just a case of sleezy sleeping around while married if it were Kline?" Of course it would! Sleazy is as sleazy does, so to speak. Besides, someone would have to work at being as sleazy as Phil Kline. If Morison did the deed he needs to go home...

preebo 10 years, 6 months ago


I agree. Personal matter, no purpose in the public discourse. However, I think the charges that are referred to in this article are of the Sexual Harassment variety. The affair is immaterial. The main focus is regarding the Sexual Harassment versus consensual relations. If he is convicted of these charges in a court of law then I would be one of the first to call for his resignation. Like it or not the opinions here do not replace those of the judicial process. Unfortunately, that distinction is lost amongst the diatribe of all these ideologues and couch commentators. Here -- one can witness the largest example hypocrisy and double-speak on display from a computer desk.

badger 10 years, 6 months ago

Yeah, consensual adultery's between him, Ms. Carter, and his wife. However, sexual harassment while holding public office and misuse of his position are public business, and matters for a court to address.

If he's found or pleads guilty on either the harassment or the digging on Kline, he should leave his office, under his own power or by being ousted.

I agree that someone rational and ethical in public office would sure be nice once in a while.

georgeofwesternkansas 10 years, 6 months ago

The only people that think this is a personal matter are those that have broken their own wedding vows.

Liers and Cheeters, are Liers and Cheeters. And have only loyality to themselvs.

coldandhot 10 years, 6 months ago

Funny that this was front page news in every area newspaper except the Journal was just an AP story hidden in the middle somewhere.

monkeyspunk 10 years, 6 months ago

Badger and preebo:

No where in the above article is "harassment" mentioned.

The two things he is accused of (according to this article): 1. Adultery 2. Trying to influence a federal lawsuit against a political rival.

Adultery is a private matter. The only people he should answer to are his wife and children. Voters should make themselves heard at the polls, express your disgust then and get him out of office. You put him there in the first place.

If he did try to do the second item listed above, then he should indeed resign, and if not, Sebellius should fire his arse. What will most likely happen is that there will be an investigation, he will be exhonnerated (sp.?) and we won't hear about it till election time.

monkeyspunk 10 years, 6 months ago

"Sebelius, who had welcomed Morrison when he switched to the Democratic Party, said she didn't want to pre-judge Morrison, and noted that while he admitted to having the affair, he denied trying to use Carter to get information about Kline."

Please ignore my comment about the lack of accusations regarding harassment. I can see where this would lead to that.

Pretty smart really. Way to work those inside agents Morrison.

situveux1 10 years, 6 months ago

I'm not getting where everyone assumes that Carter leaked this story. She filed the complaint over a month ago, wouldn't she have spoken up then? What did she gain by waiting a month? Maybe you all need to find out for sure where the info was leaked before you go hammering Carter or anyone else for that matter.

Besides, if he didn't want it leaked to the press, here's novel idea, DON'T DO IT!

Godot 10 years, 6 months ago

Gov. Sebelius should take some leadership lessons from the board of the Red Cross:

"WASHINGTON, Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - The American Red Cross announced today that its Board of Governors asked for and received the resignation of President and CEO Mark W. Everson, effective immediately. Concurrently, the Board appointed Mary S. Elcano, General Counsel, as Acting President and CEO.

The Board acted quickly after learning that Mr. Everson engaged in a personal relationship with a subordinate employee. It concluded that the situation reflected poor judgment on Mr. Everson's part and diminished his ability to lead the organization in the future. He joined the American Red Cross as President and CEO on May 29, 2007. "

jayhawkbarrister 10 years, 6 months ago

I can never go into Judge Tatum's witness room again. . . . Well, maybe, if I was wearing one of the Haz-mat suits . . . .

toefungus 10 years, 6 months ago

I sure hope Linda did not have a miscarriage of justice.

badger 10 years, 6 months ago


My reasoning behind the reference to 'harassment' was based on the fact that she's filed an EEOC complaint against him. Usually, when gender's involved, those mean either discrimination or harassment, and given the preexisting sexual relationship, harassment seemed the logical outfall. You're right that it was an assumption.

My thought is still that if either the EEOC complaint or the assertion that he used her to get inside info is found to have merit, he needs to go.

Spywell, this isn't about 'moral inturpitude (sic)'. It's about professional behaviour. I don't care if he sleeps with people besides his wife. Men, women, whoever he wants as long as they're consenting adults. That part's not really my business. It's the possibility that in doing so, he may have engaged in professional misconduct. If it was just being reported that he'd had an affair, then I wouldn't really care. That whole "He lied to his wife so he'll lie to you" thing is the province of loonies like Marion. In reality, people have different sets of ethics for different situations. I've worked with people who wouldn't so much look at women besides their wives, who'd file completely fraudulent expense reports, and someone who happily slept his way through an entire accounting department but wouldn't take a pen home from work.

jumpin_catfish 10 years, 6 months ago

No excuses libos, if these allegations are true he must go and you know it! Kansas deserves better.

Godot 10 years, 6 months ago

If he resigns, the governor appoints a new AG.

LFruit 10 years, 6 months ago

It sounds like a personal problem to me. No matter what he does he is still a better person than Slimey Kline. I think Mr. Morrison is doing a fine job in Topeka. People should leave his personal life alone and concentrate on his accomplishments. Is he doing a good job? That woman he was having the affair with must not be much if she would step out with a married man and then broadcast it just to hurt him and his family. Why wasn't it harrassment when she was screwing around with him but when he calls it quits she claims she was harrassed? She ought to team up with old Slimey Kline.

LawSW 10 years, 6 months ago

Again, give me a break! They had sex anywhere and everywhere and THAT's sexual harrassment? Pleeeease! And so what if he wanted information on that idiot Kline who is about as sane as a two dollar bill--that stuff has been going on since time began. So she's mad because he ended their affair and is being vindictive. That should not erase all the good that this state's best public servant has given us--he's tough on crime and that's ALL that matters.

denak 10 years, 6 months ago

I don't see where this constitutes sexual harrassment. From everything I have read, and Ms. Carter doesn't deny this, the affair was consensual. He didn't force himself on her. From what I read and heard on the news, Morrisson apparently bought her an engagement ring (which I think speaks his character. It wasn't "just a fling" for him) but then decided to remain with his wife. (which also speaks positively of his character). I think this is more of a case of sour milk. I think she went into this affair willingly. I think, at one time, he probably thought of leaving his wife. I think she thought they were going to get married and I think the relationship probably didn't end well when he decided to stay with his wife. And now, I think she is trying to stick it to him. I don't think there is any sexual harrassment.

As for the other allegations, lets see the proof. I don't think a jilted lover is the most reliable witness, so lets see what other proof there is out there before we start calling for his resignation.


Godot 10 years, 6 months ago

Looks like Compton's influence might be at risk. FYI, Compton is also First Management and Consolidated Properties.

Godot 10 years, 6 months ago

From the Topeka Capitol Journal, December 9, 2007:

"Morrison made his feelings about Carter known to her for the first time while both were attending a June 2005 meeting in New York City of the Vera Institute of Justice, a think-tank organization conducting a study of racial profiling. While sitting in the lobby of a hotel, Carter's statement said, Morrison told Carter he was interested in a romantic relationship with her. He said his feelings had origins in a party six months earlier hosted by an Overland Park police detective.

Carter was shocked by Morrison's revelation. She told her boss that she was flattered but wasn't interested in a relationship with the district attorney. Morrison asked her to his room. He said they could just lie on the bed in their clothes and talk. He tried to kiss her. She rebuffed him, her statement said.

On the flight home to Kansas City International, Morrison asked Carter questions about dating and her marriage to John Carter, the city administrator of Roeland Park.

Several days after returning from New York City, Morrison came to Carter's office at the Johnson County Courthouse to tell her, "I can't do this." Carter told him that no harm had been done.

Another try

In July 2005, according to Carter's statement, Morrison resumed his quest to form a relationship with her. Morrison raised the topic while the two walked together to a meeting of the Johnson County Commission in Olathe.

"I want to explore it," he told her.

Carter and Morrison flirted with each other during the next two months. That changed in September when Morrison told Carter by telephone to go to the courthouse office of Assistant District Attorney Ted Baird. In the empty office, they began their sexual relationship, according to the statement."

Godot 10 years, 6 months ago

This article appeared in the JW on 10/27/2006:

I made this comment
27 October 2006 at 10:30 p.m.

Suggest removal

Permalink Godot (Anonymous) says:

Morrison is the poster child for the need for sexual harrassment protection; the fact that the good ole boy Kansas judges ruled in his favor against the female complainant because, "there was no evidence," gives proof to the need for protection against sexual harrassment/discrimination by male power figures over their female employees. That is the point. There rarely is evidence, yet it occurs, time and time again, and is met with a wink and a nod by the male colleagues who determine the worthiness of the complaints of the female.

Based on this report, and Morrison's own testimony regarding his "apology" the day after his sexualy agreesion, along with his demeanor in debates and radio interviews, I believe that he should be eliminated from public office, altogether. He is full of his own power, he is belligerant, he is a manipulator, he is a predator; he is all about control.

No more Morrison.

purplesage 10 years, 6 months ago

What a revelation this is. Paul Morrison walks approaches women in his office with a suggestion they start a relationship and walks with female staff and discusses a desire to have a child with that employee. He blows money on an engagement ring while married and gives the ring to a married woman. He gets a tattoo with her initials to avow his love. They run all over the country sleeping together. This is our state's "top cop" responsible for deciding who's behavior should be prosecuted, who should be sentenced to death, and a host of other legal matters. There are moral issues and there are legal issues.

If it turns out that he sought to interfere and manipulate Mr. Kline's business, even those who don't care about the morality of it will be forced to recognize that this man has gone to seed on trying to discredit Phill Kline. His quest for power has taken away any sense of judgment he ever had - or did he get hit too hard in the head while boxing some deputy sheriff?

georgeofwesternkansas 10 years, 6 months ago

"He said if Carter's allegations about Morrison seeking information on Kline through her are true, then Morrison should resign."

It appears that having sex with your employees is fine, just don't ask them any questions? Wow!!

georgeofwesternkansas 10 years, 6 months ago

The point is not that he was doing her. The point is that Johnson County has rules with 0 tolerance about screwing around with those that you supervise, and those that supervise you. Elected officals in this county are bound to conduct themselvs according to the rules.

His first charge was not to do this, his second was to fire her for screwing him. If you get caught screwing on duty, it is game over, settle the case. Which in this case will cost the tax payors of Johnson County $$$$$$$, which is the reason they have the rules, which is why they fire your dumb ass.

antney 10 years, 6 months ago

Morrison was a Republican mole planted to tarnish the good standing of Kansas Democrats.

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