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Senate overrides veto on concealed guns bill

April 28, 2007


— Local governments will be barred from imposing additional restrictions on Kansans carrying concealed guns after the Legislature overrode Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' veto of a bill.

The Senate nullified her veto on a 30-10 vote Friday, a day after the House did the same. Sebelius called her second override since becoming governor in 2003 "unfortunate." The bill becomes law next week.

The bill also improves reporting on those committed by courts for mental health reasons, making them ineligible to own a gun or a concealed gun permit. Some senators said that might have garnered votes in the wake of last week's Virginia Tech massacre, where a student with a history of mental problems killed 32 people and himself.

The concealed gun law, which went on the books after Sebelius' veto was overridden last year, requires that records dating back to 1998 of court-ordered commitments of those adjudged to be a danger to themselves or others be sent to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, which forwards them to the FBI for its national database.


kcredeye 11 years ago

The people of Kansas need to speak AGAIN. Some years back, a certain Missouri Gov. attempted to veto Missouri's Concealed Carry bill, (only to have the Legislature override his veto) and he was soundly voted out of office at the end of his term!

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