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Money politics

April 17, 2007


To the editor:

The early 2008 election results are coming in. Actually, these are the campaign contribution reports - same thing! Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama each raised about $25 million last quarter. Granted, there were twice as many Obama contributors, so both the average and the median contribution were much smaller. Still, there is an unavoidable suggestion that money talks and big money talks even louder. A columnist last week pointed out that money alone does not determine elections. Certainly a candidate for president who advocated immoral and ruinous wars and a destructive and inept domestic policy could not be elected no matter how much money - well, maybe that's not the best example.

At any rate, now comes ex-congressman Jim Ryun who reports a war chest of a quarter of a million dollars. This clearly is an attempt to intimidate potential rivals, clear the field and seize the Republican nomination BEFORE the primary. Nancy Boyda AGAIN is refusing to accept funding from the Democratic National Committee! What can she be thinking? Whatever it is, it's not what the DNC tells her to think.

Joe Douglas,



prioress 11 years, 2 months ago

Money is the mother's milk of politics; quit whining!

blessed3x 11 years, 2 months ago

No primaries should be allowed to take place before May or June in the year of the election. Allowing primaries to take place so early demands that all interested parties must raise a lot of money very early and keep raising it over the course of nearly 2 years. Also, how much work do we really get out the candidates while they are on the campaign trail? How many votes are missed? How many opportunities?

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