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Teacher lauded

April 5, 2007


To the editor:

As a Sunflower Elementary parent, I would like to thank the teachers at Sunflower for their unshakable dedication to our school.

As district administrators and the school board forge ahead with an unrealistic requirement to receive an English Language Learners (ELL) endorsement or leave our school, our teachers are not going quietly. There is not one district in Kansas that requires all teachers to obtain this endorsement. Not even districts in Garden City and Emporia where ELL students are the majority.

Our school family and teachers welcome the return of the students who currently attend Hillcrest Elementary. This was, in fact, stressed passionately at the board meeting. We openly welcome all students at Sunflower.

I am concerned with the lack of honesty and trust this district has exhibited when implementing the ELL program at Sunflower, Schwegler and, last year, when they sprung the program on Cordley's principal and staff. If they are using these tactics in this instance, how will we be able to trust these administrators and board members in the future.

The no-teacher input, research-less delivery model that this district has chosen should alarm all parents and the Lawrence community. The ELL endorsement model makes this district MONEY. The model, which is proven effective and supported by research, is strong professional development. Our teachers are willing to sit down and work with administrators and board members. This district is selling out our students and teachers for the almighty dollar. Isn't it time for all of us to say, ENOUGH!

Joan Noller,



Stephen Roberts 11 years ago


You complain about the admin thrusting this change on the princiapls last year year. Are you aware that Kim B ( prinicipal or Cordley) was just recently promoted to an admin position in the district. It is amazing.

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