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Mayor’s address stresses prioritizing

April 4, 2007


Amyx addresses city's progress in speech

Tonight, Mayor Mike Amyx addressed all the residents of Lawrence, delivering the annual State of the City speech. Enlarge video

State of the City speech

Mayor Mike Amyx gives his annual State of the City speech Tuesday night at City Hall. Enlarge video

Mayor Mike Amyx used his State of the City address Tuesday evening to hammer home a yearlong point he's made about the need to prioritize city projects.

"We have to keep asking, 'What can we afford to do, and when can we afford to do it?'" said Amyx, who delivered the annual address prior to Tuesday evening's City Commission meeting.

Amyx is in the final days of his one-year term as mayor. His term will end at next Tuesday's City Commission meeting, but Amyx will remain on the governing body as a commissioner. If tradition holds, Sue Hack, the current vice mayor, will become the next mayor. That, however, is subject to a vote by the new City Commission, which takes office next week.

Amyx didn't spell out which projects should top the city's priority list, but he did ask residents to recognize the difference between wants and needs.

"By recognizing that many things we desire in our community may need to come behind a few things needed in our community, we are a better community," Amyx said.

Other items Amyx touched on in the speech included:

l The city's efforts to improve street conditions. Amyx said the additional $1.3 million that commissioners added to the 2007 budget for street maintenance will allow the city to do more than it ever has.

"The traveling public will see an improvement in the streets," Amyx said.

l Work to improve economic development in the community. Amyx said the city is still working to purchase the vacant Farmland Industries plant east of Lawrence to convert into a new business park. He also applauded the city's participation in a partnership to convert an existing building at East Hills Business Park into an incubator for emerging bioscience companies.

l Praise for the work of City Manager David Corliss, who was hired in September to replace longtime manager Mike Wildgen, who resigned under pressure.

"David has led the city with the vision and professionalism for success that is benefiting our community," Amyx said.

l Progress on building a new sewage treatment plant south of the Wakarusa River. Amyx said the city has purchased all the property for the approximately $80 million project, which he said is "an important facility for Lawrence, not simply for this decade and the next, but really for the rest of the century."

l Urging residents to spend their dollars locally. "I ask you to take care of local businesses, whether that is a mom-and-pop shop or a local national chain," said Amyx, the owner of a downtown barber shop. "What is important is that the Lawrence community spends money in the Lawrence community."

After Tuesday's meeting, Hack commended Amyx for his speech and commissioners and city staff members for their work during the last year. She said she hoped to touch more on city issues next week if she becomes the next mayor.

"We've tackled some very major projects, and I'm excited about the direction we're taking," Hack said.

- Staff writer George Diepenbrock contributed information to this story.


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years, 1 month ago

"Amyx said the additional $1.3 million that commissioners added to the 2007 budget for street maintenance will allow the city to do more than it ever has."

If there is improvement in the streets, expect to see Dever and Chestnut taking credit, while not acknowledging this boost in the budget they had nothing to do with.

And then expect to see future budgets where maintenance in older parts of town gives way to new development.

Ragingbear 11 years, 1 month ago

Mayor eh. Strange, I don't remember voting for him to become mayor. He isn't anything other than a figurehead, and a poor one at that. At least Boog is kinda funny.

Stephen Roberts 11 years, 1 month ago

Bozo- they can not be any worse than it has the last four years. You still have Boog on the commission. I personally do not have a problem with 1 to 2 progessives on the commission but three of them was too much. I was getting really tired of socialism. tax more so the city can spend more mentality.

minko224 11 years, 1 month ago

Isn't the modern day comb-over a shaved head? Our wig-wearing Mayor needs to update his head. Shave it Mayor!

Meatwad 11 years, 1 month ago

Minko! that's mean dude. Let's see what YOU look like? At least our Mayor cares about his appearance unlike some slobs.

minko224 11 years, 1 month ago

Now everyone sing along...

He is a public figure and there's something to be said, about a nice shiney clean buffed shaven head

Michael Capra 11 years, 1 month ago

rundle needs to blame vitos for not running and for the hole mess he created I HOPE HIM AND HIS PARTNER HAVE A BLIK LIFE

Michael Capra 11 years, 1 month ago

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