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Campus showcases gay pride

Events to feature panel discussion on U.S. military policy

April 1, 2007


The U.S. military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on homosexuality - in the news recently with controversial comments by the nation's top general - will be the subject of a panel discussion next week on the Kansas University campus.

The event, slated for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Kansas Room of the Kansas Union, will include family members of Pfc. Barry Winchell, a soldier at Fort Knox, Ky., who had been dating a transgendered showgirl when he was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat by another soldier in 1999.

The discussion is one of a series of events scheduled for KU's annual Pride Week, sponsored by the campus group Queers & Allies.

The "don't ask, don't tell" policy, essentially a ban on open homosexuality, began under President Bill Clinton but resurfaced in the news this month when Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called homosexual acts "immoral."

KU student Stephanie Bottoms, 21, an officer with the Queers & Allies group, said she had mixed feelings about the policy. She said she realized at age 15 that she was homosexual - or at least that there was a term for what she'd felt all her life.

"If I was to go into the military, I'd probably want to keep it a secret," she said.

But for many people, she said, "it's an issue of freedom. People don't want to hide it."

Other Pride Week events include a discussion of the politics of the "ex-gay" movement, which seeks to get people to abandon homosexuality.

That discussion will be at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the Jayhawk Room of the Kansas Union, featuring former KU sociology faculty member Christine Robinson, who is now at James Madison University in Virginia.

A "Kiss-In" encouraging same-sex couples to kiss in public will be from 11:50 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday on Wescoe Beach.

Radio talk-show host and columnist Dan Savage will speak at an adults-only event 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in Woodruff Auditorium of the Kansas Union.

The annual "Brown Bag Drag" show including female impersonators will be at noon Friday in front of the Kansas Union.


Tychoman 7 years ago

Why do you need a pride day? You're not a minority. It's a club and you don't have the password, Marion. Nyah.


Marion Lynn 7 years ago

Well, Tycho, as much as I support things like Gay rights, gay marriage; etc., where is the HETEROSEXUAL Price Day, hmmmmmmm?




Tychoman 7 years ago

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americorps 7 years ago

The University of Kansas has the second oldest Gay and Lesbian campus organization in the nation and was a supreme court case to force the university to not discriminate against this organization. It is paid for by fundraising, donations and student organization funds. It is open to gay and non gay students and has had many straight members and even some executives over the years.


You actually answered your own question....anyone should be able to kiss....but we are not. Even right here in Lawrence, as well as all over the nation and the world men and women are beaten and killed every day for even the faintest hint of same sex attraction...the very same types of public displays of effection that heterosexuals enjoy without fear. Even if a heterosexual is asked to take it indoors, they generally are not in fear for thier lives or their jobs.

Until that changes, I support organized demands that we be given the same freedoms in society that everyone else enjoys.


SettingTheRecordStraight 7 years ago

A couple of the links on the DCAP website are disgusting (foul language, sexually explicit material, etc.)

Another year I won't be supporting DCAP.


SettingTheRecordStraight 7 years ago

So KU provides this group with an office?!

Who pays for this??


galfromku 7 years ago

I don't have any problem with gays. Really I don't. I have a step son and many friends that are gay. I think having a time to encourage same sex kissing at a specified time at Wescoe is stupid though. What does it matter who is kissing. It should be a time for ANYONE to kiss their partners in public at that time. PDA (Public displays of affection) and over affectionate physical contact is not looked upon in a good perspective anyway. Even though I am a hetro, I have been told different times in my life to "get a room". I just think the purpose of the "kiss in" is stupid to limit or say it is for same sex couples. It should be more a time of everyone being able to express themselves for that time, no matter what their sexual preference. I mean the purpose of the whole thing is to let people see that gays are people just like the so called "normal, hetero" section of life. I think, having a bunch of same sex making out on the sidewalk would have more of a negative effect on the public than what is intended, just because it would make them stand out as examples of some people's warped view of inappropirate behavior. The message coming from the gay community and those like me who support individuals' right to love whoever they wants should be ... "See... gays are are no different than everyone else. We love also." I think having hetero couples kissing there too would have a much better effect. If I could get my boyfriend there during that time, I'd be kissing up there along with them. MUAAAHHH !


bytheway 7 years ago

Go Gay Pride Week!!! Everyone deserves equal rights!!!


macon47 7 years ago

is today april fools day?


jpryor 7 years ago

too bad it wasn't mentioned that Lawrence officially proclaimed this to be Lawrence Pride as well as KU Pride. For more info on the week check out


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