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September 23, 2006


To the editor:

Kansas Atty. Gen. Phill Kline has a powerful story to share ("Kline's 'church effort' continues," Journal-World, Sept. 18). He is blessed to have seen the power of the gospel at work in his life. He is to be commended for his sincerity and his fervor.

What he does not see is that telling his story for the purpose of taking "full advantage of his support among conservative Christians" is violating the very principles he claims to espouse and is sworn to protect.

A prime New Testament principle is that all things will ultimately be brought into subjection to Jesus Christ. Yet Mr. Kline is making Jesus Christ subject to his partisan political ambitions and strategies.

The U.S. Constitution explicitly prohibits any religious test for holding public office. Yet Mr. Kline is presenting himself as a candidate for public office based on his personal religious experience.

Mr. Kline is sworn to protect the constitutional rights of all Kansas citizens, yet he presents himself to highly selective church audiences. Devout Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu voters or those of no religious persuasion, while constituting a significant portion of our state's citizenry, are being treated by Mr. Kline as a mere afterthought at best or as totally ignorable at worst.

Lewis E. Hinshaw III,



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