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PAC adds $1.5M to Kline bid

Republican group helps finance ads in AG campaign

October 31, 2006


— A Washington, D.C., corporate-interest political action committee spent a record $1.5 million in nine days to help Kansas Republican Atty. Gen. Phill Kline, according to campaign finance reports filed Monday.

"That's a lot of moolah, and that will buy you many, many ads in some prime spots," said Joe Aistrup, head of the political science department at Kansas State University. "I can't think of any outside group coming in and spending that amount of money in Kansas."

The spending by the Republican State Leadership Committee financed a wave of television, radio and mail ads against Kline's Democratic challenger Paul Morrison, the Johnson County district attorney.

Between July 21 and Oct. 26, Morrison raised twice as much money as Kline in direct contributions to their respective campaign war chests: $1.25 million to Kline's $613,776.

But the flood of Republican State Leadership Committee dollars on Kline's behalf essentially negated Morrison's dollar advantage.

Corporate interests

Under campaign finance laws, independent organizations such as the Republican State Leadership Committee are prohibited from coordinating their efforts with the candidates they are trying to help.

The Republican committee's ads started earlier this month as Kline fell behind in the polls and launched his own ads blasting Morrison for a 15-year-old allegation of sexual harassment that was dismissed from court.

But while the Republican committee's ads criticized Morrison as being soft on crime, the group has nothing to do with fighting crime.

The Republican State Leadership Committee is backed by a long list of corporate interests and describes itself on its Web site as supporting a "pro-growth agenda, including reforming the tax code, health care and legal systems; promoting a better educational system; and advocating common sense environmental protection."

The group focuses on races for attorney general and state legislatures. It is aligned with the Republican Attorneys General Assn., a group for which Kline served as chairman in 2004.

A spokeswoman for the Republican State Leadership Committee declined to answer specific questions about the group and its Kansas efforts.

Kline spokeswoman Sherriene Jones said the Kline campaign appreciated the committee's effort.

"The ad that was run by the RSLC was a true and correct ad," Jones said.

Ads called deceptive

Morrison's campaign spokesman Mark Simpson disagreed.

"Unfortunately, their ads were deceptive and false," Simpson said. "We think the election will be decided by Kansans and not influenced by deceptive out-of-state ads."

Both Morrison and Gov. Kathleen Sebelius asked television stations to pull the ads because they said they were inaccurate.

The Republican State Leadership Committee spent $1,556,290 in Kansas from Oct. 11 to Oct. 20, according to the campaign finance report. That money was spent on television and radio ads, mailers and polling.

Aistrup said it would be interesting to see whether the ads were successful.

Kansans should ask themselves why an out-of-state group would try to sway an election, he said.

"Let the buyer beware," he said.

He said the Republican committee's effort in Kansas "has everything to do with ideology. What they are in the business of doing is electing conservatives everywhere, and right now there is a strong coalition between businesses wanting to cut taxes and cultural conservatives," he said.

Kline appeals to both those groups, he said.

Some expenses unknown

Carol Williams, executive director of the Kansas Government Ethics Commission, said the Republican committee's expenditures were the most for an out-of-state PAC in Kansas.

She said the top 25 PACs typically may spend at most $150,000 each in Kansas, and that is spread among numerous political candidates.

But, she said, some special interest groups' expenditures will never be known.

Issue advocacy organizations, which promote certain candidates but don't specifically ask voters to vote one way or another, don't have to reveal their expenditures and contributions.

Jones, the spokeswoman for Kline, noted that mailouts by Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection were linked to a political action committee run by George Tiller, the Wichita doctor who specializes in late-term abortions.

"They are pretending to be a consumer group," Jones said.

According to Monday's campaign finance filings, Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection received $68,000 from Tiller's ProKanDo PAC.


BOE 11 years, 6 months ago

1.5 million in commercials about criminals.

What a joke.

They have no interest in the crime or criminals featured in their commercials.

The only interest this group has in crime and criminals, is in lessening accountability for the white-collar variety.

Something to remember when you, as a mere "complaining consumer", are unlucky enough to be ripped off by a business: Not only do you start out at a disadvantage because you don't have their deep pockets, but the consumer protection divison, the agency set up to serve you, a citizen of Kansas and a taxpayer, is becoming a defacto corporate protection division.

That is what this record amount of money from DC is being sent in to keep, and maintain.

Kline's office has a narrow agenda that serves the interests of the few, rather than protecting the interests of all Kansans.

BigDog 11 years, 6 months ago

The_Original_Bob ... Thats interesting since it was prospector who was questioning the information.

Rationalanimal 11 years, 6 months ago

No one was boo hoo-ing when PM's funds surpassed PK's. Why is this even news. I am undecided on who to vote for on PK and PM. But, some of the comments on here are just simply mean, vicious and full of personal malice. That speaks more to what's inside of some of you rather than the job Phill Kline has or hasn't done.

Katara 11 years, 6 months ago

Posted by holygrailale (anonymous) on October 31, 2006 at 10:39 a.m. (Suggest removal)

I guess no one can say that Phill Kline didn't bring revenue into the State, now can they???



SettingTheRecordStraight 11 years, 6 months ago

Phill's accomplishments while in office are amazing. His hard work is supported by the numerous endorsements he has received.

Endorsed by: 89 Kansas Sheriffs - including a majority of the Democratic Sheriffs Kansas State Troopers Association Kansas State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry ** Kansas Farm Bureau

Successfully argued before the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate the state's death penalty Led the charge to get "Jessica's Law" passed & increase penalties against sexual predators Fostered powerful partnerships with county prosecutors & local law enforcement To date, prosecuted more than 60 murder cases Handled more than 700 cases involving sex crimes against children Formed Operation PADLOC to return more than 100 absconders to prison Cracked down on theft & fraud of the state's Medicaid system, collecting more than $13 million Successfully sued a flu vaccine distributor for price gouging elderly consumers Won a key legal victory against Missouri that created a $110 million healthcare foundation Won significant legal victories against Nebraska and Colorado to bring more water and monetary resources to Kansas Helped create the Cyber Crimes Task Force (CCTF) to fight online predators Fought to shutdown the Kaufman House where mentally-ill clients were abused Created the Consumer Protection Emergency Response Team (CPERT) Established a partnership to bring Internet safety education to Kansas children, their parents and educators Established the Vulnerable Adults Task Force (VATF) the abuse, neglect & exploit of older Kansans and those with physical and mental challenges Reduced meth labs by 70% by strengthening laws, aggressive prosecution & education Named "2006 Prosecutor of the Year" by National Alliance of Mental Illnesses-Kansas Earned an A+ from National Rifle Association for his support of 2nd Amendment Rights Leadership sought by National Attorneys General Association

Baille 11 years, 6 months ago

"Hello! My name is Phill Kline and I am a corporate whore. Yes, yes. I know that my office no longers protects consumers and that under my watch the AG's office now treats the victims of corporate malfeasance as nothing more than 'complaining citizens.' But the 'transfer of wealth' from corporations back to people victimized by unfair business practices, fraud, and deceit had gotten out of control. Corporations and crooked businesspeople were finding it hard to keep the money they had stolen. Ladies and gentlemen, that is just not right.

"Let me say this: that this type of redistribution of wealth back to the 'complaining citizens' is downright American. That is why my office has stopped looking out for the little guy. The drop in consumer filings and restitution numbers under my administration should be viewed first as a mid-course correction, and only second as my way of paying back the corporate interests that have sponsored my campaign. Stovall may have recovered millions (What? 2 million? Oh! 9 million in one year alone? Really? Wow.) for Kansas citizens while my administration has eked but a few hundred thousand, but that was because she wasn't looking out for corporate America. I have changed all that. Businesses now know that they can lie, cheat and steal their way to prosperity under my watch without fear of having to take responsibility or make restitution. That is good for business and good for Kansas.

"My name is Phill - and yes, I am a corporate whore. But I am a damn good one. Vote Phill Kline for Govern- I mean, Attorney General!"

rhd99 11 years, 6 months ago

I think that come Next Tuesday, in the AG race, one word may resonate: RECOUNT! I hope not. ENOUGH OF KLINE, time for CHANGE! Hasta La Vista, PHILLY boy! Your time is UP, LOSER!

bd 11 years, 6 months ago

We still have children going to school hungry and millions are wasted on a poularity contest , no wonder the rest of the world hates us!

rhd99 11 years, 6 months ago

RECOUNT! RECOUNT! RECOUNT! Sorry folks, I am just prepping up for the vote next week & I hope ALL of us, VOTE KLINE OUT! Those of you who LOVE KLINE, prove to me & the others that he has fought crime & that the crime rate has gone down. I will sleep well at night knowing that IF KLINE WINS, he will be considered by the average folk, WITH COMMON SENSE, to be the worst AG in Kansas History!!! Kline & Bush are screwed, folks, they get re-elected, but they still are the worst people we have ever elected HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HEY, KLINE, go crawl back into that HOLE from wherever you sprouted & take your venom & SHOVE IT! We don't have time for YOU, People killer who HATES Stem Cell Research! Yeah, Phill Kline & the religious ZEALOTS claim to want to protect human life by KILLING Drs. like Tiller & protecting the fetus & unborn, but HATE the idea of helping people like Michael J. Fox who need Stem Cell Research to cure their diseases. One word for you religious right ZEALOTS, HYPOCRITES!

SettingTheRecordStraight 11 years, 6 months ago

Tiller the Killer is going to go BERSERK over this and probably dump hundreds of thousands more into his crusade to defeat Attorney General Phill Kline.

dirkleisure 11 years, 6 months ago

Having read several of Baille's comments, I don't think he is going to vote for Phill Kline next Tuesday.

Just a hunch.

rhd99 11 years, 6 months ago

Oh yea, & just how did STRS come up with this outlandish set of "FACTS"? By the way, what's this NEW FICTIONAL television ad regarding the lies being told about how Paul Morrison was against a certain Senate Bill that would lock up violent murderers & now violent murderers are free because of him?! What's the matter, PHILLY boy, did the Sexual harrasment goblin EAT up your case that you FALSELY use against Morrison? By the way, KLINE, have YOU ever not been charged with SEXUAL HARRASMENT in the work place yourself? Given your checkered past, I wouldn't be shocked at all. TAKE A HIKE, PHILL & don't let the door hit your SORRY SIX on the way out! Morrison! Morrison! Morrison!

willie_wildcat 11 years, 6 months ago

Ahh looks like Kline's groupies are out this morning.....

rhd99 11 years, 6 months ago

One more thing, folks, Kline's reputation is already TARNISHED! He is a BRANDED foe of law abiding Kansans & of human life. Here is something to be branded on your head, KLINE, whether you win or not next Tuesday, "LOSER"!

rhd99 11 years, 6 months ago

Holygrailale, money is certainly talking to KLINE, but are WE listening to KLINE?! There are more people here who don't buy what KLINE is TRYING to sell them. KLINE CAN'T sell a product in this campaign, that product is his pollution producing VENOM against law abiding residents of Kansas. Thanks to KLINE, CORKY CORKINS, CONNIE MORRIS, & Jim Barnett, Kansas has been laughed at by the entire world. If half or better yet ALL of these losers go, which Morris is gone already, maybe we can FINALLY bring Kansas back to excellence & forget these LOSERS' existence!

rhd99 11 years, 6 months ago

Yeah, well, Rational, Phill Kline's philosophy has SPURRED this dialogue we have with each other. On the one hand, he values life, but on the other hates it because he & others are against Stem Cell research that could spare people's lives from dehabilitating diseases like that of Michae J. Fox's. Rational, I don't have time for Phill Kline's message of division. I want someone who DOES NOT do willy nilly fishing expeditions against people like Dr. George Tiller. I want the murderers OFF THE STREETS! If Kline believes he can do the job, then he better STOP invading Dr. Tiller's office & other offices that perform the same kind of service to patients. It's too late for him, the moderates are going to speak next Tuesday. I have had it & many others, like Stovall & Stephan (form AGs themselves) in Kansas have had it with this EXTREMIST. Otherwise, prove to me & the others what accomplishments PHILL has made while in office besides these FISHING expeditions against Dr. Tiller & others like him. I am waiting.

MyName 11 years, 6 months ago

By the way, KLINE, have YOU ever not been charged with SEXUAL HARRASMENT in the work place yourself? Given your checkered past, I wouldn't be shocked at all.

Barnyard animals don't have standing to sue for sexual harrasment, even Phill knows that!

rhd99 11 years, 6 months ago

Scenebooster, BRAVO! KLINE SUCKS! Morrison! Morrsion! Morrison!

BigDog 11 years, 6 months ago

prospector ---- What items are not accurate and source please?

Katara 11 years, 6 months ago

Posted by Agnostick (anonymous) on October 31, 2006 at 6:36 a.m. (Suggest removal)

It already has over here, nbnozzy... I voted for Morrison via absentee balloting last week.

And my ears are plenty deaf... but that's generally a result of too much Judas Priest & Metallica.


"You've got another thing comin'!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm thinking "Holier than Thou" from the Black album & "Breaking the Law" from Judas Priest.

nbnozzy 11 years, 6 months ago

and let's hope the money is a wasted effort and falls on deaf ears to reasonable voters.

rhd99 11 years, 6 months ago

Hey, holygrailale, sorry & thanks for your words of confidence, but I am just SICK & TIRED of LOW-LIFE PHILL spreading VENOM to people who just WANT to live their OWN LIVES! ENOUGH ALREADY, KLINE!

Richard Heckler 11 years, 6 months ago

This fiasco speaks to Klines poor performance as a legitimate legal mind. Protect your RIGHTS and your WALLET...VOTE Morrison Vote Sebelius Vote Boyda

MyName 11 years, 6 months ago

Phill's accomplishments while in office are amazing.

I think the word you're looking for is notorious. If Phill Kline was really that great for Kansans, then why can't he get Kansans to contribute to his campaign?

Baille 11 years, 6 months ago

"Oh yea, & just how did STRS come up with this outlandish set of "FACTS?"

Stole it from Raubin on 580. Most of them are testaments to the proficiency of the former AG and the AG's staff, IMO.

Steve Jacob 11 years, 6 months ago

Funny, read somewhere that Kline COULD end up with Morrison's Johnson County job. :)

rhd99 11 years, 6 months ago

Well, whatever happens, Phil KLINE can take his life & death stance & SHOVE IT! LOSER!

weeslicket 11 years, 6 months ago

cut and pasted from the LJWorld: "The ad that was run by the RSLC was a true and correct ad," Jones said.

Morrison's campaign spokesman Mark Simpson disagreed. "Unfortunately, their ads were deceptive and false," Simpson said.

this is what kills me about the ljw reporting. nothing in this article spoke to the facts that are being disputed. the closest this article comes to a descriptions is: "But while the Republican committee's ads criticized Morrison as being soft on crime, the group has nothing to do with fighting crime." what kind of reporting is that?

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