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Kasold praise

October 31, 2006


To the editor:

Bravo to all involved with the improvement of Kasold Drive. It is progressing nicely.

Boo-hoos to all who lack the maturity to understand what 20 mph means in a work zone.

Sandra Tramba,



just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years, 5 months ago

luny has an insatiable need to complain, which means he often has to make up things to complain about.

doubleb 11 years, 5 months ago

The speed limit is to remain the same, and the street will be wider than the original. It might be helpful to take a walk to your city hall and review the plans so you can be set straight.

lunacydetector 11 years, 5 months ago

...or what 20 mph means when the road is completed (since it will be narrower than the original and the speed limit will be decreased).

lunacydetector 11 years, 5 months ago

you are so wrong doubleb. here is a link where it says that new kasold is being narrowed - and bozo knows it.

lunacydetector: Is the rebuilt section of Kasold Drive narrower than the previous road it replaces?

David E. Woosley: That question would best be answered by the public works director, but I believe that the traffic lanes are slightly narrower and the median is narrower in some areas in order to provide off-street facilites for pedestrians and bicylists.

Kasold is being reduced in width AFTER the city commission said they were NOT going to reduce the width. It's so the bicyclists can have an 8' wide sidewalk!

doubleb 11 years, 5 months ago

It is apparent that Mr. Woosley does not give you a straight answer and that he encourages you to ask your public works department. Perhaps if you would take his advice and look at the plans to see that the road is not any narrower, then you could complain about something worth while on some other topic.

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