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Courageous work

October 21, 2006


To the editor:

I am writing this letter to express my thanks to four members of the Lawrence Sanitation Department that, with little concern for their personal safety, traversed a boggy creek bed to assist someone who had broken his leg June 16 while working along a wood lot on the opposite side of that creek.

I am the individual who had the broken leg and had no other remedy for my situation than to call out for help across the creek and hope that someone would hear and take me seriously.

The four men who responded were Wes Warren, Jason Smith, Jeff Moten and Marco Ramirez.

It was in no way a part of their responsibility as city of Lawrence employees to take the actions they did to help comfort me in the time of discomfort I found myself in.

They could have easily just assumed that I was some kind of practical joker and left it to the people at emergency services to check things out at their convenience or taken the long way around and not have crossed through this wild and foliage-covered creek bed, but they were courageous enough to enter it and fight through the natural growth of this wild creek.

My sincere thanks to them.

Norman E. Scraper,



momof4 11 years, 3 months ago

I'm glad they helped you and all worked out well. But emergency workers don't "check things out at their convenience", they respond as quickly as possible to all calls.

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