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Bad trade

October 16, 2006


To the editor:

I'm afraid our nifty new sports editor suffers from being too good at his job. His suggestion that Royals general manager Dayton Moore speed-dial his Yankees counterpart, Brian Cashman, and trade Alex Gordon, Angel Berroa and Mike Sweeney for Alex Rodriguez and $8 million makes too much sense. The numbers add up nicely. The argument is logical.

But we're Royals fans! We have learned through countless grinding seasons of dashed hopes that we must not allow logic to ruin our summer fun. We would take no joy in watching our won-lost record improve thanks to an expensive Yankees' castoff (we already have enough of our homegrown talent to boo, thank you very much), and if A-Rod was humiliated to get razzed by Yankees fans - some of whom probably boo in church - then it'll hurt even worse when he can't please the Kansas City crowd.

So please, Dayton Moore, do everyone a favor and just this one time, don't pay any attention to Keegan! And Cashman, unless you're planning to send us back Johnny Damon, don't answer any of Moore's calls for a while, OK?

Perhaps a compromise might be reached if we could send them Sweeney and Berroa in return for the promise that we can keep Alex Gordon and they won't make us take on A-Rod.

At least Mr. Keegan didn't suggest the Royals offer a one-year contract to Sweet Lou Piniella in case Buddy Bell's health problems keep him from returning in time for spring training. But on second thought - think he can still play some left field?

Chris Lazzarino,



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