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Library memory

October 12, 2006


To the editor:

It seems there have been a lot of letters recently about library value. I hope we never are without them!

I still remember my first experience with a small country school library in Jewell County. The size of our "library" was roughly 4 feet wide, four shelves with a height of perhaps 6 to 8 feet. One row of the books consisted of several Shakespearean books, Ivanhoe, also a Bible and a lot of Greek mythology. One row was a set of some type of World Books. I tried to read them all in my eight years attending that grade school.

One experience was trying to get a book off one of the top shelves and bringing the whole "library" down on top of me. The only thing that was hurt was my pride by the "library" crashing down on me.

Then suddenly, it seemed, I was in high school and the amount of reading material was greatly increased; the library there also was my favorite place to be!

Yes, books may be slower, but putting one's mind to work is so much more profitable from a memory standpoint, as well as improving all of one's mental assets!

I just hope all my grandchildren enjoy reading as much as I do - and it is really a thrill now to see my great-grandson (still not much more than a baby) being taught the value of books. He wants to be read to and he has shown very little interest in the television - even the kid shows.

Yes, I agree 100 percent with Mr. Marsh: "Let's not unplug the libraries!"

Hazel Stellmacher,



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