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Leach closure

October 12, 2006


To the editor:

I know Alberta and Harold Leach, the parents of the missing teen, Randy. I have read some things online that are not true or are misleading about them. There is no way Harold had anything to do with his son being missing. Harold and Alberta were far from being strict parents. If anything, they were the opposite. Randy was the child they had longed for for many years.

Harold is so intense in his longing to find what happened to Randy because of the strong love he and Alberta had and still have for their son. Harold and Alberta are the sweetest, most gentle people I know.

I hope the people who may judge him never have the pain of not knowing what happened to their child who may be missing. I hope Harold and Alberta will find closure eventually.

I hope that those who may know what happened to Randy will come forward. Losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to you. Please help Harold and Alberta if you have any knowledge of what happened to Randy. This must come to an end eventually.

This has affected so many lives. It has affected those who had nothing to do with the case, and for this, I am sorry. But if someone who knows what happened comes forward, we can put an end to this finally. Let us get closure.

I am a friend to Harold and Alberta. I am also a friend to truth. Let us find both.

Kathy Gates,



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