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Not obsolete

October 5, 2006


To the editor:

I would like to respond to Mark Hirschey's question: When were you last at the library? I was there just a few days ago. The place was hopping and not just in the computer area. I too am a longtime resident of Lawrence and in fact patronized the library when it was in the Carnegie building. Those days I may have been the only one there besides the librarian.

Today, I see adults and children in great numbers checking out books, music and videos. Additionally, the library has numerous free and informative programs. I do live in a part of town where only dial-up Internet access is available. I can cope with this. My primary use of the library is for my reading enjoyment. Computers just do not provide this. The popularity of newer books is such that the library recently restricted the loan time to two weeks. Browsing books in the library can open whole new worlds that might never be found on the Internet. The library has much more to offer than computer access.

I hope that we will never see the day when libraries become obsolete as suggested by Mr. Hirschey. I would ask when he last read a good book. I know where he can find one.

Sally McGee,



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