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Ryun and Boyda debate on radio call-in show

October 2, 2006


— U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun and challenger Nancy Boyda argued today over the war in Iraq, energy policy, immigration and numerous other issues during a radio call-in show.

Ryun, a Republican from Lawrence, and Boyda, a Democrat from Topeka, face off in the Nov. 7 election for the 2nd congressional district, which includes the western portion of Lawrence.

On the Jim Cates show on 1440-AM, the candidates took callers' questions for about 40 minutes.

Boyda blasted Ryun saying he has been part of a congressional majority that has "fumbled the ball over and over."

She added: "The good news is the American people get to play coach. We get the chance to put new players on the field."

But Ryun, one of the most conservative members of Congress, said his positions of lower taxes and less government regulation were in synch with the district.

Ryun accused Boyda of supporting universal health care "where a bureaucrat in Washington" will decide on treatment. Boyda said she was willing to look at a number of proposals to get control of rising health care costs.

Ryun said Boyda supported amnesty for illegal immigrants, which Boyda said was a misrepresentation of her position.

"I have never stood for amnesty," Boyda said. "This just burns the living daylights out of me," she said.

Boyda accused Ryun of being in the pocket of large oil and gas interests, while he blamed liberals for blocking needed energy policy. Ryun said liberals and moderates have stood in the way of exploration for oil and gas.

Asked by a caller what the candidates would do about global warming, Ryun said: "Much of the global warming issue has been overplayed. We need to work with sound science," he said.

Boyda responded: "If you're going to say global warming is a myth, then everything is going well in Iraq. We need to deal with reality."

On the war, Ryun said progress was being made, while Boyda said the situation was worsening.

Ryun said Boyda would raise taxes, a claim that Boyda denounced as another misrepresentation.

The two also argued over plans to expand highways in Texas aimed at moving more trade from Mexico. Boyda said the proposal is a precursor to building a NAFTA super highway through Kansas, too.

Ryun said those plans don't exist and that Boyda was trying to frighten voters.


prioress 11 years, 7 months ago

Ryun continues to be clueless. Let us hope this is the beginning of his long goodbye.

Ken Miller 11 years, 7 months ago

Why Boyda continues to harp on the fictional "SuperCorridor" issue is unbeknownst to me. There is not enough money NOR desire to build a 10-12 lane superhighway through the middle of the country. Call KDOT to confirm that if you must. How dumb is Boyda to believe a bunch of conspiracy theorists? If these clowns can sway her, how many times will she be goat-roped in DC by slick lobbyists?

Memo to her campaign: Why isn't she talking about Ryun's links to Abramoff?

white_mountain 11 years, 7 months ago

oscarfactor, the SuperCorridor is real.. just ask the people of Texas. Gov Perry is paving it right through the heart of Texas.

What makes you so sure it won't go through Lawrence all the way to Canada? That is Bush's plan after all, to get rid of all borders in North America.

anonimiss 11 years, 7 months ago

From the North America Supercorridor Coalition, there is no actual plan for a supercorridor. They do not want to expand capacity, simply streamline the transportation process along the already so-called supercorridor known as I-35. They are claiming no responsibility for the highway in Texas, describing it as needed to relieve local congestion on I-35. In fact, this organization goes quite far to make the point that they are not proposing any new highways or capacity increases in existing highways, but instead developing the existing I-35 supercorridor as a secure, efficient, multi-modal transportation corridor. Kinda interesting that the very first search result from Google shoots down Boyda's running point.

white_mountain 11 years, 7 months ago

anonimiss, you might want to check out this:

It's real. It's happening. Boyda knows what she is talking about.

Stunerik 11 years, 7 months ago

The "Mexican Firehose" is a red herring, and a bad issue to beat Ryun with. It's an appeal to racism, and should be beneath any serious candidate. Democrats shouldn't be playing the Republican game. Ryun has enough weaknesses without bringing that silly junk up. He supports the Iraq war. He will defend the decision to wage war on Iran, if asked. He calls himself a fiscal conservative, but has voted to spend and spend and spend on the war. Boyda should have countered with "How much have you voted to spend, Mr. Ryun? And how much have you voted to save, Mr. Ryun?" And how much is this going to cost my children, Mr. Ryun?" Kansans are children of the dust-bowl and the depression. They've heard their grandparents or parents talk about those days, and they do not believe in government waste. I'm not sure who "conservativeman" is, but I suspect he's a misguided soul trying to scare the local left. It's not necessary.

Godot 11 years, 7 months ago

I was disgusted by the lies and distortions declaimed by Boyda in the insert she paid for in the JW a couple of weeks ago.

She is worse than dumb, she is a manipulator of facts and events.

Boyda is a PUPPET of SOROS!!!!!

youngitized 11 years, 7 months ago

Here is the problem with you conservative people don't want to admit that Jim Ryun is one of the biggest hypocrites in Washington! Jim Ryun stands for himself not the people of the 2nd District of Kansas. The NEA consistently gives him the grade of "F" on public education issues. He consistenly votes for sending American Jobs overseas in the name of "Free Trade." He strongly favors decreasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans...who pays for that, the Middle Class. He voted for the Patriot Act or let me rephrase it...The Take Away the American Peoples Freedom Act. His record on the environment is horrible. The man never held a full time job prior to being elected. The list goes on and on.

youngitized 11 years, 7 months ago

Oh, just one more thing here...Jim Ryun contributed to the Tom DeLay Legal Defense Fund. You should all remember him...the disgraced representative from Texas along! I wonder how his housing deal is going.

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