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Views clarified

November 1, 2006


To the editor:

Kenneth Miller has kindly written to me that my op-ed piece in the Journal-World ("Faith persists in face of reason," Oct. 26) misrepresents his views on evolution and God, specifically those put forward in his Difficult Dialogues presentation at Kansas University on Sept. 7 (the video of Dr. Miller's lecture is available at

For the record, Mr. Miller says that "I have always insisted that completely natural processes were sufficient for evolution to bring about the world in which we live, and that the capacity for life is inherent in matter itself. The only point I would add, as a believer, is my faith that the ultimate cause of the capacity for life and for evolution is God himself, and that we live in a universe where the evolution of 'endless forms most beautiful' is precisely the Creator's intent."

Any misrepresentation of Mr. Miller's views was completely unintentional.

Leonard Krishtalka,



Speakout 11 years, 2 months ago

So the scientist walks up to God and says "God, I can create life too."

"OK", God reponds, "Let me see you."

So the scientist reaches down and takes a handful of dirt and proceeds to place it in a test tube.

God says, "Wait a minute, get your own dirt!"

That is the precise point that Mr. Miller misses.

Kodiac 11 years, 2 months ago

So the Christian walks up to God and says "I am a good christian and I follow your teachings completely."

"Ok", God responds, "How do you know that?"

So the Chistian reaches down to pull his King James Version of the Bible out and starts reciting some scripture.

God says, "Wait a minute, I didn't write that!"

Is there a point here?

Speakout 11 years, 2 months ago


Ahhhh very good:

A Muslim walks up to God and says "I am a good Muslim and I follow your teachings completely".

"I know", says God, "You follow my teachings very well."

Muslims believe that God is all-knowing and knows that good Muslims follow His book: the Qur'an.

Speakout 11 years, 2 months ago

YOu got me there, Kodiac, he wouldn't.

Kodiac 11 years, 2 months ago


I guess I am missing your point as well.

In truth my friend, a Muslim would not walk up to God.

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