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Local energy

May 28, 2006


To the editor:

I enjoy reading the 100 years ago column. It is interesting to read about things that have changed in our community and some that have not.

This last week on May 23, 1906, the Lawrence Daily World commented that Zephyr flour was doing well and that by buying locally we can keep many dollars from leaving the community. Today, Zephyr no longer produces flour but is a local renewable energy product that when purchased supports the low impact hydroelectric power of Bowersock Mills and Power Co.

Several local businesses and a religious group have purchased this local "green" power. By buying locally we not only keep dollars here but reduce emissions from coal-powered electric plants that are linked to global warming and acid rain that falls upwind from our community.

It is difficult to see how current national energy policy will have a positive impact on these problems, but with the type of local business leadership shown in purchasing Zephyr Green Tags our community is truly acting locally to have a global impact.

Think about it the next time you flip an electric light switch.

John Poertner,



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