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No benefit

May 25, 2006


To the editor:

Perhaps I'm missing something, but isn't the purpose of the South Lawrence Trafficway to move through traffic quickly and safely east/west on the south side of Lawrence? If so, what possible benefit would come from developing an eastern bypass and further restricting traffic flow on the existing SLT?

Mr. Haase's plan for the installation of more roundabouts for "traffic control" on the existing SLT is absurd. Why would anyone consider downgrading the only efficient and unobstructed route across Lawrence - a route that was designed for traffic movement? Failing to complete the trafficway will only put increasing pressure on 23rd Street, which is already congested. Lawrence residents, including Kansas City and Topeka commuters, need a safe and efficient way to get across town, not an eastern bypass.

Deborah Juhnke,



erichaar 12 years ago

The author makes a lot of sense.

Jamesaust 12 years ago

"...isn't the purpose of the South Lawrence Trafficway to move through traffic quickly and safely east/west on the south side of Lawrence? If so, what possible benefit would come from developing an eastern bypass..."?

Yes. The benefit is self-evident: keep through traffic wanting to travel Highway 10 on the existing northern bypass (a/k/a, the Kansas Turnpike) until it is east of the City and then route it south across the Kansas River to the Highway thus avoiding this through traffic from ever being in Lawrence in the first place. There's nothing in difficult to grasp about this benefit in the slightest.

I believe the author's real question is: how would this plan alleviate the need for persons who have settled on the western edge of Lawrence and who need to cross to the east from having to travel through town (probably down 23rd Street). It doesn't, except by limiting (if not eliminating) through traffic from travelling this same route. But then it should be a safe assumption that a person who needs to travel east but who bought a house on the west side of town isn't a person who prioritizes ease and speed.

I travel fairly frequently. Once someone has experienced the endless sprawl of Southern California, the narrow constriction of I-5 in Seattle, the crowded and crooked roadways in Boston that the expenditure of $15 billion couldn't cure, or the aggressiveness of drivers in Miami or Detroit let alone midtown Manhattan, I assure readers that they will return to our fair city with a new-found patience for a mere cross-Lawrence drive.

craigers 12 years ago

The big difference is the SLT wouldn't be a toll road. With the rising costs of gas, nobody traveling from Topeka to KC wants to pay 2.50 at least a day for traveling to and from home. Tax payers pay so much to the governement for the roads, and we should expect some benefit, not funneling us to a toll road.

conservative 12 years ago

Craigers, you've got it. With the SLT going around to the west side of Lawrence you can go all the way to the turnpike, or you can follow 6th street west and take other non-toll roads to Topeka. I already know many people who commute from Topeka who take those non-toll roads both to avoid the cost and because they are heading to portions of KC other than where I-70 enters. With the SLT complete they would save time, and we wouldn't have the extra traffic on 23rd during rush hours.

Richard Heckler 12 years ago

The housing boom dictates that little to nothing can be done about 23rd street traffic. When KU is on break 23rd is not difficult.

More housing means more cars and those drivers will be out and mingling about in an effort to shop,eat out or participate in general social behavior.

Planning a south of the river route using 42nd straight to 1057 interchange would be far quicker than dumping traffic on to K-10 at Noria. Not only that it keeps the bypass plan out of the wetlands. HNTB and KDOT may not have presented all possible options.

Due to much more housing 6th street is becoming another 23rd...let's not kid ourselves.

Little can be done about rush hour. During rush hour exit/entry ramps get backed up in KC. 435 gets backed up so does 35. No matter what is built there will still be rush hour headaches.

It is a sound idea to re-evaulate in order to bring up new options that may have been overlooked.

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