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Poor location

May 18, 2006


To the editor:

One plan for library expansion involves using eminent domain to force the sale of private property for the benefit of a private developer.

Our property at 612 Ky. is a small Queen Anne Victorian built before 1880. There is a well known lithograph, often reproduced in poster size, of Lawrence as it appeared in 1880. Each building depicted on it actually existed. Our house is the only structure from that time that survives in that block of Kentucky Street.

The idea of locating a public library on that piece of land is a very bad idea. It is bounded on the east and west by one-way streets. The northern edge is a very busy highway and there is an active railroad spur cutting through the property. Railroad cars make regular deliveries of paper to the World Company on that track. A library would increase car and pedestrian traffic in those already dangerous areas.

Renee Marsh,



Richard Heckler 12 years ago

I agree with your assessment.

No home should be condemned for a public library. Not only that New Hampshire will have traffic slowing devices installed soon for the purpose of dealing with increased pedestrian movement. These were requested through city hall.

Why not use the vacant lot on New Hampshire or rehab the current site?

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