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Farsighted stand

May 18, 2006


To the editor:

As a hardworking taxpayer and a voter who loves Lawrence and the quality of life it gives me and my children, I want to express my appreciation to Boog Highberger, Mike Rundle and David Schauner for their opposition to the 32nd Street developmental corridor, sometimes referred to as the South Lawrence Trafficway.

I would like to thank Highberger, Rundle and Schauner for taking a stand for hardworking taxpayers against special interest developers. Thank you for looking at the community as a whole. Someday we will, as a community, look back at the farsightedness of our leaders that preserved the wetlands for future generations.

Please take time to thank our commissioners who stand behind true environmentalism for the health of our entire community and not give into a few special interest groups.

Stanley M. Weil,



Richard Heckler 12 years ago

Hear ye hear ye.

This is what the community is expecting:

A bypass is a road or highway that avoids (bypasses) a built-up area, town, or village, to let through traffic flow without interference from local traffic, to reduce congestion in the built-up area, and to improve road safety. In the Interstate highway system in the USA, bypasses and loops are designated with a three digit number beginning with an even digit.

Not This: If there are no strong land use controls, buildings are built along a bypass, converting it into an ordinary town road, and the bypass may eventually become as congested as the local streets it was intended to avoid.

Not this: Definitions of trafficway: ¢ Any road, street, or highway open to the public as a matter of right or custom for moving persons or property from one place to another.

A trafficway does not accomplish the same effort as a bypass. It wouldn't be long before the trafficway will be very congested due to new housing(we cannot afford) and commercial strip malls. Why? Because Lawrence city activity is too close. The SLT at this location was obsolete and dysfunctional from day one. There is a traffic light at the YSI so called (dangerous) intersection on the trafficway. No way is this a bypass. This will not do the job.

Developers will be asking for another south of the river roadway in short order. Let's agree to do one bypass that meets the needs of the future which goes south of the river and connects K-10 at the 1057& K10 interchange. From here take it north connecting 1-70 thus we have a loop. This would benefit drivers from at least three maybe four counties.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

Unfortunately for you, blue73harley, there are a lot of voters who care about more than just smoking and driving, and when they are behind the wheel, are smart enough to know how to negotiate roundabouts and understand that they greatly improve traffic flow.

They also understand that the few minutes of city commission time spent on dada were the perfect litmus test to find out who out there has no sense of humor, but has a great need to launch petty personal attacks.

I hope you can get over your hate and discontent someday-- you're the one who suffers most from this affliction.

craigers 12 years ago

That's fine that they voted against the 32nd route. Whatever. But to say they don't favor special interests groups and have Lawrence as a whole in their best interests is bull. They run studies on everything because of their bureaucracy(sp?) and accomplish less with more of our taxpayer dollars. Let's do this for downtown. If Downtown is not special interest I don't know what is. Overpriced goods, horrible parking, bad hours, etc.

I don't have problems with alternate routes, but the whole indecisiveness is what annoys me. Build the road, make a choice and deal with it. Any route taken will not be favored by all. There will always be a sector of people that won't be happy with it. Blue's frustrations are true for many people. I can't stand that we want to put roundabouts everywhere but can't fix the potholes in the roads we currently have. Yes, roundabouts might be efficient and better for gas and our cars. However, the potholes are taking any benefit away by destroying tires, balancing, and alignments. Fix roads first and then install the roundabouts.

As for the SLT, make the decision and go with it. You can't make everybody happy.

gaiapapaya 12 years ago

Do you really walk any less from the back of the Wal-mart parking lot than you do downtown?What about at the gorcery store on a busy afternoon? Can you really never find a spot within a block of your destination?

It's not downtown parking that sucks, it's the lazy attitude that if you can't park directly in fornt of the store you want to go into, then you just may as well not go.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

"To see how people really feel, bozo, all you have to do is look at any thread regarding these kommissioners"

The posts of the realitive handful of people posting on this forum who can't spell "commissioner" are no more representative of the city's "true" feelings than my posts are.

And beyond that these posts you cite are really no more useful than the schoolyard taunts they so closely resemble.

craigers 12 years ago

papaya, it is the combination of all the above that makes me not like downtown. I honestly don't like downtown that much to be honest. Everytime I go down there, the stores are overpriced and that is my main criteria. I'm not going to just buy crap because it is cheap but I look for the most bang for my buck and it isn't downtown. And yes, I usually find great parking spots at all of the stores I go to.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

And Marion is the clear champion of the vacuous schoolyard taunt (although he has many able competitors for that title.)

lunacydetector 12 years ago

you mean there are progressive lawrencians who actually have children? isn't that taboo?

actually, lawrence is getting bypassed to the east in eudora and the northeast in tonganoxie by KDOT and the KTA. in another 20 years, lawrence might not need a bypass anymore because the surrounding communities will get the job done for us and our 'intelligent' city leaders will be left sucking their thumbs wondering what happened.

Richard Heckler 12 years ago

The streets of Lawrence do not seem to be any worse than anywhere else.

Pothole hotline: 832-3465

Growth brings trucks. Winter and trucks are hard on streets.

The overall street problem that was discovered under the watch of the current commission can now be addressed for which they deserve credit. This problem was decades in the making and certainly did not develope in the last 5 years.

There are many prudent and practical alternatives to the ancient plan aka trafficway that also makes more dollars and sense.

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