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Hands-on help

May 14, 2006


To the editor:

I just returned from New Orleans and was overwhelmed not just by the devastation, but by the restoration efforts. So many groups: Habitat for Humanity, Common Ground and many faith-based organizations.

Upon returning, I was downtown for dinner, and there was a church group singing religious songs. All I could think was, why not go to Louisiana and use your talents and youth in a way that is much more effective and helpful, and by all means sing while you are there. These are the people who really need help.

Missy Hamilton,



blessed3x 11 years, 11 months ago

Missy, how do you know they aren't helping. Many people can't just up and leave to go help due to families and jobs, but they can raise money for missions and charitable organizations. I would hazzard to guess that most churches are helping financially in one way or another. Also, how do you know those folks haven't gone and returned already, or are preparing to go? You know none of this.

This sounds like a veiled attack on religion. In reality we should be looking at the fact that these religious organizations are helping through the charity of their members. They don't receive taxpayer support or have large networks with which to organize or fund these activities. Heaven forbid we just say thank you to these faith-based organizations. Oh no. It's much easier to look at their work and question why they can't do more.

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