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Tree carnage

March 21, 2006


To the editor:

We completely agree with Gloria Hood's letter of March 15 concerning the mayhem that happens on the rural roads of Douglas County. However, we want to warn her of a worse scenario.

For 23 years, my husband has cared for the trees and undergrowth fronting our property on East 1000 Road, often in the wake of the township machinery.

Imagine our horror at arriving home recently to discover 24 (by the township worker's own count) sizable oaks and cedars had been chopped down and torn out by the roots across the front of our acreage. Subsequently, a ditch was dug running several hundred feet and ending abruptly in a patch of grass - a "ditch to nowhere," so to speak.

Furthermore, we discovered our telephone cable had been cut leaving us without phone and computer service for 24 hours as the person responsible didn't bother to report the damage.

All this carnage happened without any attempt at communication from the township. We were neither warned, advised nor, God forbid, consulted as to this plan of action.

A letter to the County Commission and a call to the township trustee brought on the perfunctory remark, "We have that right." True, but what about the responsibility that is inherent in that right?

We guess all the concern for landscaping and green space that we hear about in Douglas County ends at the city limits of Lawrence.

Edith and Len Bogart,



Richard Heckler 12 years ago

Yet the county and city expect the resident to maintain that area known as the right of way. Well Edith and Len Bogart that can also happen in the city limits. I am not defending that action. The SE corner of 11th and Rhode Island which the county owns is a display of how they can thumb their nose at a well known city ordinance regarding maintenance of property.

Why the ditch to nowhere? Why remove all of the erosion control known as roots?

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 12 years ago

Just because the law gives the township the "right" to do what was done, it sucks. How would the township trustee like what was done to you, being done to him? I read an article a few minutes ago about the golden rule, it certainly applies here. You are due an apology, and compensation for loss of your telephone and computer lines. Next time, grow what you like, but make sure it is behind the township right of way. Especially if the township trustees are such inconsiderate jerks. I'd mount a campaign against all of them in the next election. Thank you, Lynn

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