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KU professor takes global view of Bush visit

March 4, 2006


Sanjay Mishra, a Kansas University business professor, said President Bush's visit to India this week gave a boost to the idea of a more global market economy.

Mishra traveled with five KU business graduate students to India last summer to learn more about how U.S. businesses can succeed in today's economic environment.

"We did much of the same kind of stuff. We hit the same places Bush has hit," Mishra said.

Many American companies already have noticed the benefit of operations in India, Mishra said, so he was unsure how great of an impact Bush's visit will make.

Bush's defense of global trade probably won't win any support from many American labor unions because of the outsourcing of American jobs to India.

As a business professor, Mishra said the United States would benefit from taking a global perspective and thinking about what could best be produced here and in India.

"If we collaborate, we are both much better off," he said.

Mishra is originally from India, and he moved to the United States in 1982.


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