Wait for facts

To the editor:

I firmly believe there is not a country in the world that affords more individual liberties and freedoms than our United States. Freedom of speech and expression is a priceless commodity. Or is it? One price of such freedom is that untruths can be scattered in the wind like weed seeds, rooting with a persistence that resists the later revelation of truth. I feel that the lawsuit initiated by the Kansas Advocacy and Protective Services against Community Living Opportunities alleging abuse of clients is likely a case in point.

Until his recent death, my son Jim was a client of CLO for 17 years. I cannot envision him getting better care, training and loving concern than was provided by CLO.

My request of the public and the press is that an open-minded attitude be maintained until the facts are known and understood. It would be a tragedy to see the reputation and public trust of CLO soiled by untruths.

J. Howard Duncan,