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Diversion tactics

June 20, 2006


To the editor:

So how does the Bush Administration plan to "win" in Iraq?

Step One: Launch a highly partisan (and meaningless) "debate" in Congress, replete with the Republican refrains of "cut and run" and "if you don't support the war, you're for al-Qaida."

Step Two: Include a "support our troops" statement in the resolution offered, again, a transparent attempt to say that if you oppose the war (as over 60 percent of Americans now do, according to a recent Washington Post and ABC News poll), you are somehow against the troops; as well as a lame try to divert attention from the fact that there is no real plan other than an open-ended deployment of our nation's finest in a failed state of our own making.

Let's be honest here: The Republican "support" for the troops is nothing more than using them as props to support the right-wing leadership and to maintain their tenuous grip on power in Washington. But then, that has been the case for over four years now and was the impetus behind the congressional "debate." I guess the "threat" of gay marriage didn't agitate the nation as they had hoped it would, and they needed something further to rile up their "base."

It is sad that this is what our nation has become in five short years.

Andrew Duncan,



xenophonschild 11 years, 11 months ago

Well said, Andy. Only really smart people should be allowed to pick the right fight and send American troops overseas to fight it.

The only positive from this miasma is the end of conservative Republican rule in this country. They have shown incompetence on a truly massive scale, and should never be allowed power to rule again.

Jamesaust 11 years, 11 months ago

I would largely agree except for the implication that the Republicans are mischaracterizing others as proponents of a "cut and run" strategy.

Certain Democrats are in fact proponents of a "cut and run" approach - I won't term is a "strategy" - and indeed were so ever before the war started.

If non-"cut and run" Democrats (and there are plenty of them) don't wish to be tarred as "birds of feather" perhaps they shouldn't nest so closely.

Its not the GOP that I admire for avoiding such a siren song but rather the responsible Democrats who must endure the invective that eminates from the Trotskyist Wing of the Party.

Jamesaust 11 years, 11 months ago

scenebooster -

I thank you for your reply. If only I had posted the comments that you are responding to.

I do not need to defend "this presidents actions" or management of the war or unquestioning devotion to the president in order to criticize those who advocate for a "cut and run" approach. It would be easier for the Democrats to make their criticism of this Administration stick (rich pickings, indeed!) if they could quiet the wacky Left in their own Party, which by some 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' logic seem to believe that anything good for W is bad for the U.S. (and vica versa).

There is no responsible policy that does not involve the U.S. remaining for the time being in Iraq. The best longterm consequence now for the U.S. might well be a restoration of Democrats to some power so that they must accept that fact and divorce the Trotskyists.

sgtwolverine 11 years, 11 months ago


"Every reputable poll shows that a majority of Americans think it was a mistake to invade Iraq;"

Just one honest question that I think is worth answering for the sake of this discussion (which I will exit after posting this message). I assume you're referencing current polls; what did the reputable polls say Americans thought at the beginning of the war? I don't care who it supports; I just think that would be a more relevant reference.

sandersen 11 years, 11 months ago

Unfortunately, I believe we will very soon pay the price for creating a war where none existed, as all our attentions should have been trained at the 38th parallel where a long-forgotten war has never been officially ended. Our troops, treasuries and world-wide goodwill are stretched to the breaking point due to a focus on a nation that was not truly a threat to our freedom, while a hostile nation whom was known to have an arsenal has correctly assessed our misguided placement of resources and the arrogant dude-ranch mentality of our current administration, and finds the time ripe to call us out.

The permanent military installations we are constructing in the green zone will certainly be useful in a full scale conflict, but once again will be viewed by many in other countries as smacking of imperialism.

True democracy cannot be spread like a virus. It must be born, grow and take root from within to survive.

anonimiss 11 years, 11 months ago

There is no vast right wing conspiracy. There are no Bush cronies. There are none in Congress acting simply to save Bush. Republicans are running from Bush as fast as the Democrats are. The congressional resolutions have nothing to do with Bush. They are simply a way to make everybody chose a side. Some in Congress have made careers on saying things, doing different things, then saying even different things, and promising to do a still different thing. Everybody knows where Republicans stand. Republicans want everybody to know where Democrats stand-at the will of the latest public opinion poll. Sure, it's a representative democracy, but it's a representative and not a true democracy for times like this when the majority is stupid.

Wake Up!

The missing soldiers were found chopped up and booby trapped. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, religious or not, we cannot let these monsters walk free. Much less take over a country. Anyone who wants to can come stay at the bomb shelter I build as soon as the Democrats have power.

sandersen 11 years, 11 months ago

Unfortunately, religion oft becomes the sword of the powerful and the toothpick crutch of the weak whom are manipulated in their desire for piety and an afterlife. This is a phenomenon that knows no geographical, political or denominational bounderies, and mars the very essence of all those who seek so diligently to lead a peaceful, spiritual life within the framework of their culture/religion/belief system. Throughout the history of mankind, atrocities have been committed by every society and religion, in the name of retaining sovereignty, in the name of specific religious crusades, conquests, missionary undertakings, forced conversions, holy wars, etc. These human beings were led to believe the deaths of other human beings who held opposing stances was righteous and just in the name of their cause.

We human beings have more commonalities than differences. What seperates us is the color of our jerseys, not the depth of our convictions. Whatever our perspective of situation, it behooves us all not to resort to hyperbole and hatemongering, as neither has ever resolved an issue nor contributed to a solution.

sandersen 11 years, 11 months ago

In every conflict, the opposing side is considered the enemy. Do you truly believe all that is perpetrated by either side in a conflict is "rational" or "just"?

The perspective of the participant deeply influences what is considered patriotic and just. You want the "enemy" to die, you assume they all want the same for you and yours. The frightening part of this circular reasoning is how insidiously destructive and counterproductive this is for creating solutions, for fostering mutual understanding and respect for our unique differences and oneness as fellow human beings.

We cherish our children, cry at their births, share in their struggles, their laughter, their tears. If we can all reach beyond the arrogance and hypocracy of bitter supposition and old wounds, perhaps we can create a means to avoid the depravity and destruction a global conflict would bring.

We have a responsibility to our children to research and delve deeply into the history and failed policy that has created this climate of fear and irrational hatred, and to create a divergent path for future policy and relations.

Terry Jacobsen 11 years, 11 months ago

I don't need to delve deeply to know what created this climate of fear and irrational hatred.... It was called 9-11 and I haven't forgotten who drew first blood. You have a short memory.

sandersen 11 years, 11 months ago

9-11 and Iraq are not synonymous. And thank you, no, my memory is not lacking. If one were to use the revenge methodology, then Afghanistan/Bin Laden would be the proper missing exponent in the equasion.

The poor policy I referred to stretches over decades, and the chasm of hatred we must bridge began centuries ago during the crusades.

You reference only one side of the fear, anxiety and hatred. I was speaking to both. I have dear friends of many faiths and nationalities, as do my children, and we fear all the irrational, the fanatics and the warmongers regardless of where they reside or whom/how they worship. Fanaticism, violence and a deep desire for power are non-discriminatory traits that supercede geographical/religious/socioeconomic boundaries and threaten our ability to provide a stable future for all the children of our world. Propaganda and elements of psycological warfare are used by every side of a conflict to assure their citizenry that theirs is the just and righteous cause.

Delving deeply into our history can broaden our perspective if we allow ourselves a moment free of supposition, pre-packaged catch phrases and rhetoric. We have a responsibility to avoid the sheep-like apathy that extinguishes the light of knowledge, understanding and empathy from the human spirit.

sandersen 11 years, 11 months ago

Absolutely. For every instance in which permanent military bases for a given nation are built outside of the geographical boundaries of said nation, "imperialism" becomes the anxious phrase uttered 'round the globe.

However, to clarify, I was referring to the permanent military installation under construction in the green zone of Iraq that will house our stealth fleets.

We simply disagree on the wisdom of invading Iraq unilaterally, or perhaps I am merely troubled by the lack of transparency as to the reasons for our entrance into the fray, and the overwhelming long term cost on all levels.

satchel 11 years, 11 months ago

Liberals are: Biggots, core-less, lacking purpose, spineless, anti-choice socialists, and if they were psychoanalyzed they would be considered insane. Go ahead and decide what you believe based on opinion polls.. Go ahead and continue to let the opinion polls guide your decisions.

If opinion polls are so 'telling', then why is Ann Coulter's Godless book in the top 2?? I would imagine if most of America hated Bush and the polls were right, the conservative authors and talk show hosts wouldn't be doing so well as opposed to 'Air America' and the rest of the liberal talk shows.

The Libs have an opportunity to take congress in 2006, and the White House in 2008, but they have been hijacked by the Kerry crowd-- the extreme far left, and because of that, they will blow their chance. This totally cracks me up because they are totally blind to it!!

The great thing for the conservatives is that the libs don't see it, and won't change, so there is no way they will win... SO.. keep getting wackier libs, we are lovin it!

sandersen 11 years, 11 months ago

I cannot understand why human beings allow themselves to be so caught up in hating and vilifying entire segments of our population. How can you so readily spew such vile invective at fellow human beings you have never met? Broad and sweeping generalizations are usually not as accurate as the restraint required to use a more pointed and narrow brushstroke. As entertaining as it is to be clever and whimsical, and appear flippant and off the cuff, the challenge and mental calisthenics required to advance human thought and dialogue beyond the obvious requires the willingness to invoke all aspects of the human psyche and to honestly engage others in a meaningful fashion. A mathematician applies logic, reason, analysis and theory to an equation in order to come to a conclusion; automatically discounting discussion in a reflexive manner does little to encourage the discourse necessary to find solutions. It is true that everyone is going to interpret input and information in their own personal manner, but a willingness to venture beyond mental "presets" we all possess is the only path to innovative and unique routes of reasoning. It benefits discussion and debate to remain proactive whenever possible.

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