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Corkins hires two deputies, changes state education department
Two State Board of Education members skeptical of reorganization
June 7, 2006
Kansas Education Commissioner Bob Corkins today announced the hiring of two deputy commissioners, including one who will lead a new division focused on innovations in public schools.
Heading into the 90s
More hot weather on the way
June 7, 2006
It’s a great day to hang out by the pool, says Jennifer Schack, 6News meteorologist. “Temperatures will be very warm as we head into the low 90s,” Schack said. “We’ll keep the skies mostly clear today.”
Quick-thinking 12-year-old boy minimizes risk of burning Jeep
I’m just glad it didn’t get me’
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B1
A 12-year-old boy put a jack behind a burning Jeep Cherokee to stop it from rolling back into the street Tuesday morning near City Hall.
Regulations for clubs should respect music scene, operators say
City commissioners want more time to think about security options
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A1
Figuring out how to quiet nighttime violence and crime in downtown shouldn’t quiet the city’s music scene, several downtown nightclub operators said Tuesday as city commissioners considered new regulations for bars and clubs.
Community shelter’s permit extended
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A5
Lawrence Community Shelter dodged a public-policy bullet Tuesday.
More questions arise over Salvation Army project
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A5
Plans to build a Salvation Army homeless shelter and service center in East Lawrence are still moving forward, but it is still uncertain exactly what type of services the new facility will be allowed to provide.
Indonesian villagers evacuated as volcano spews more lava, gas
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A6
Officials evacuated 11,000 villagers from around Mount Merapi volcano as it shot out lava and superheated clouds of gas, authorities said Tuesday.
Expectant moms try to avoid 6-6-6 births
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A8
Around the country, some superstitious mothers-to-be took steps Tuesday to make sure their babies were not born on the most bedeviling of dates, 6-6-6.
Identification chips track products, shoppers
Technology can put consumers at risk
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C8
Has a store near you replaced its metal shelves with plastic ones? Such a move could signal a switch to a type of product tracking that has the potential to invade your privacy.
Construction costs rising
Church project endures price increase
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C8
John Oehlert is finding out just what a difference a couple years can make when it comes to financing a major construction project.
Immigration program vital to Kansas
Foreign doctors keep rural hospitals operating
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B6
When Hassan Shafeeq was growing up in the Maldives Islands - a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean - he never thought he’d end up practicing medicine in a small farming town in southwestern Kansas.
Morrison fires opening shots in race
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B2
Johnson County Dist. Atty. Paul Morrison, who switched to the Democratic Party, on Tuesday filed to run for state attorney general and blasted incumbent Phill Kline, a Republican who is seeking re-election.
Sip slidin’ away
Light, summer cocktails can transport imbibers to pool, beach without ever leaving home
June 7, 2006 in print edition on D1
This time of the year, Dave Johanning notices a difference in the orders he gets at The Sandbar. Guinness and other heavy drinks are out. Wheat beers and anything with fruit juice are in.
Keegan: Price now can sell success
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C1
Kansas University baseball coach Ritch Price, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pretend I am 18 years old, tall, slender and blessed with a 90 mph fastball and good breaking stuff. All the College World Series regulars are text-messaging me, pretty much begging me to spend my college years with them. Convince me I should say no to all of them and commit to Kansas.
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B2
The Kaw Valley Chapter Older Women’s League will meet from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. today in the auditorium at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 325 Maine. The time and place were incorrect in Saturday’s paper.
On the record
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B2
Lawrence datebook
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B2
Outburst brings second arrest in as many days at City Hall
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A5
For the second evening in a row, Lawrence police officers arrested a Lawrence man during a public meeting at City Hall after he made an outburst and disobeyed orders from police officers.
CLO fined $10K for abuse of residents
Additional police investigation of criminal charges pending
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B1
A nonprofit program that runs a Lawrence group home for developmentally disabled adults was hit with the maximum fine of $10,000 Tuesday after state officials confirmed reports of abuse.
S.D. couple win $117M Powerball jackpot
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B3
Beating 1-in-146 million odds to become South Dakota’s latest multimillionaires, Pierre couple Lan “Bill” Nguyen and his wife, Tina, stepped forward Tuesday with the winning ticket for a nearly $117 million Powerball lottery jackpot.
Judge again upholds city’s smoking ban
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A1
A Douglas County District Court judge has again rejected arguments that the city’s smoking ban is unconstitutional.
Wescoe, cancer link to be probed
Workers report tumors; KU hires epidemiologist to study if building is hazardous
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A1
Kansas University’s Wescoe Hall is guilty of being ugly, but could it be cancerous?
Study: Flexible parenting can prevent overweight kids
Lawrence families included in project
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A1
Loosen up, ma. A national study that included Lawrence families has found that strict mothers run a higher risk of raising overweight kids than parents who are flexible with rules.
Missing newborn reunited with mother
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A3
Stephanie Lynn Anderson Jones, 33, was arraigned Tuesday on kidnapping and child endangerment charges, accused of snatching a newborn from her mother over the weekend.
Real body found at fake crime scene
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A3
The fake crime scene turned all-too-real for a high school criminology class in Fort Lauderdale.
Student’s body exhumed for return home
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A3
The body of a young woman who was laid to rest under a grave marker with someone else’s name on it was exhumed Tuesday for another burial after a heartbreaking case of mistaken identity.
Stolen VA data includes more active-duty personnel
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A3
Personal data on about 2.2 million active-duty military, Guard and Reserve personnel - not just 50,000 as initially believed - were among those stolen from a Veterans Affairs employee last month, the government said Tuesday.
Harvard launches private embryonic stem-cell program
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A3
Harvard University on Tuesday announced the launch of a privately funded, multimillion dollar program to create cloned human embryos as sources of medically promising stem cells.
Dog Bites Man’ sinks teeth into fake news
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A2
Comedy Central is quickly becoming the fake-news channel. Best known for the critically celebrated “Daily Show,” the network now launches “Dog Bites Man” (9:30 p.m., Comedy Central), a loosely scripted improvisational show following a crew of ersatz reporters.
Keyboard maestro Billy Preston dies
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A2
Billy Preston, the exuberant keyboardist who landed dream gigs with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and enjoyed his own series of hit singles including “Outta Space” and “Nothing From Nothing,” died Tuesday at 59.
Wheat harvest brings disappointing yields
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B7
Barber County farmers on Tuesday were finishing up a disappointing wheat harvest, while overnight rains across other parts of southern Kansas made fields too muddy for combines to go out again.
EMS director dies after emergency call
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B7
Virginia K. Shearrer, Larned’s Emergency Medical Service director, died Monday after completing an emergency call. She was 63.
May state revenues exceed estimate
June 7, 2006
State coffers bulged last month with nearly $46 million in unanticipated revenues, bolstering some legislators’ hopes that Kansas can afford the three-year school finance plan they approved.
Arizona on top again
Wildcats claim seventh NCAA softball crown
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C3
Alicia Hollowell promised Arizona coach Mike Candrea she’d win him a national title, then dreamed about it with each trip to the Women’s College World Series.
LHS soccer players win honors
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C3
A trio of Lawrence High girls soccer players have been honored with spots on this spring’s Class 6A all-state teams.
Pitching, continuity keys for Outlaws
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C3
Chris Johnson inherited a pretty good team when he took over the Lawrence Outlaws U-17 American Legion baseball team - and much to his enjoyment, it’s a team he’s familiar with.
Commentary: Knicks’ Brown appears good as gone
Team president Thomas’ gesture serves as ‘wordless death sentence’ for head coach
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C2
For more than three weeks since news leaket that Knicks Owner James Dolan is considering a buyout of the remaining four years and $40 million of coach Larry Brown’s contract, team president Isiah Thomas, Brown and Dolan have been engaged in a high-stakes game of charades.
Teenage sensation slaying giants
Vaidisova ousts Williams in France after topping Maurismo
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C2
Venus Williams shanked overheads, dumped volleys into the net and had 70 unforced errors in all. Not at her best, it didn’t help that she was facing a younger version of herself in 17-year-old Nicole Vaidisova.
Yankees steal homer, game
Melky Cabrera’s gem saves day for New York
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C4
Perhaps the best reaction to Melky Cabrera’s game-saving catch that robbed Manny Ramirez of a tying homer Tuesday night came from Red Sox slugger David Ortiz.
Oilers consider goalie options
Conklin or Markkanen to get call in Game 2
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C6
A group of Edmonton players swarmed around Ty Conklin, peppering him with rubber and looking to expose any vulnerability. Upper left corner. Lower right post. Stick side. Glove hand. Between the pads.
NBA wary of players from Europe
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C6
Fran Vazquez isn’t here or anywhere close - he is last year’s news - but just the mention of him still makes people in the NBA wince.
Midland Hospice Care to train volunteers
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B1
Midland Hospice Care will train volunteers on Saturday in Topeka to help support terminally ill patients and their families.
Hundreds turn out for first of Dog Days
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B1
About 500 people attended the first morning session of Red Dog’s Dog Days on Tuesday at Kansas University’s Memorial Stadium, and about 400 showed up for the evening session.
Corkins to announce reorganization plan
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B1
Kansas Education Commissioner Bob Corkins today will unveil his reorganization plan for the state education department, including the selection of two new deputy commissioners.
Patrol seeks fuel deals
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B1
The Journal-World found gas prices as low as $2.66 at Citgo, Ninth and Iowa streets. If you find a lower price, call Pump Patrol at 832-7154.
Health clinic puts bachelors on auction block for 4th annual fundraiser
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B1
Seventy-nine-year-old Sonia Stofkooper never intended to pay $100 for a date with a man half her age.
Fourth witness testifies in HIV exposure case
Judge sets trial date, calls for more evidence that disease is life-threatening
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B1
A fourth woman took the witness stand Tuesday to allege that a 29-year-old Lawrence man knowingly exposed her to HIV.
Oregano’s cousin packs sweeter, milder flavor
June 7, 2006 in print edition on D1
Marjoram - a sweeter, milder cousin of oregano, with small, velvety, grayish-green, rounded leaves - can be used either fresh or dried.
Texas, Florida State favored at NCAA meet
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C3
An injury to sprint star Marshavet Hooker has only slightly diminished the Texas women’s status as a heavy favorite to defend their NCAA track and field title this week.
Roadside bomb kills 2 coalition troops
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A6
Bomb attacks on U.S.-led forces killed two coalition soldiers and wounded four in eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday. An Afghan interpreter was also injured.
President appoints coalition government
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A6
Haiti’s president appointed a coalition government Tuesday in an effort to unite the impoverished nation two years after a bloody revolt toppled the last elected president.
Abbas extends deadline for Hamas
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A6
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stepped back from a political showdown with his Hamas rivals, giving the Islamic militants several days to recognize Israel or face the voters in a referendum on the idea.
Rumsfeld lectured on U.S.’ global image
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A6
The United States needs to let other countries decide for themselves how to fight terrorism to counter perceptions the U.S. is overbearing, Indonesia’s defense minister lectured visiting Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Tuesday.
Iran reacts positively to nuclear incentives
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A6
Iran and the United States had a rare moment of agreement Tuesday, using similar language to describe “positive steps” toward an accord on a package of incentives aimed at persuading Tehran to suspend uranium enrichment.
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C8
Hurst qualifies for Open
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C3
Former Kansas University golfer Travis Hurst was the only player to break par at Fox Run Golf Club and shot 70-67 to win the U.S. Open sectional qualifier in St. Louis.
Kansas Bar leader joins Lawrence firm
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C8
David Brown, founder and managing attorney of The Law Offices of David J. Brown LC, has announced the association of Sally Pokorny, president of the Kansas Bar Foundation, with his Lawrence firm at 1040 N.H.
Office Helpline has new location
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C8
Office Helpline recently relocated into a larger office at 239 Elm St.
K.C. Zoo banishes peacocks
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B6
Two peacocks have been sentenced to life on a farm, after recent attacks on visitors at the Kansas City Zoo.
Iraqi prime minister vows to release 2,500 prisoners
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A7
Iraq’s prime minister promised Tuesday to release 2,500 prisoners and to press ahead with a security plan aimed at ending sectarian violence as he sought to quell public anger over a series of brazen attacks.
Parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls are coming to Kansas City
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B10
Sections of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which date back more than 2,000 years, are coming next year to Kansas City, the only Midwest stop on the tour.
Doctors remove third arm from baby
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A6
A 2-month-old Chinese boy was recovering Tuesday after surgery to remove an unusually well-formed third arm.
Daily ticker
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C8
Other side
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B9
To the editor: I see the reported territorial history of Lawrence (“Today marks the 150th anniversary of the 1st raid on city - not Quantrill’s,” Journal-World, May 21) falls short of giving all the facts of the 1856 legal action by the territorial government against Lawrence. Samuel J. Jones was a Kansan, a businessman, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and the duly appointed sheriff of Douglas County, Kansas Territory.
A-plus in hubris
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B9
To the editor: I can’t believe I’m writing a letter to the editor over an editorial about a political cartoon (“Report card,” June 1).
Iranian columnist sees positive signs in Iraq
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B8
The Pentagon has concluded its investigation into the March 15 deaths of 13 Iraqis in the town of Ishaqi. It found that American soldiers acted within the rules of combat when they fired on a house after first being fired upon by a suspected al-Qaida operative. The investigation of a Nov. 19 incident in Haditha in which 24 Iraqi civilians were killed continues, though some people have already rushed to judgment and convicted a group of U.S. Marines.
Old home town - 100 years ago today
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B8
From the Lawrence Daily World for June 7, 1906: “The famous new trans-Atlantic liner, Lusitania of the Cunard line, was successfully launched today at Clyde Bank, Scotland. It is the largest ship afloat with a capacity of 32,000 tons and might be quite a sight to see. : Registration for the fourth annual summer session at the university began today with 400 students. : The directors of the university alumni association met last night and added Harry Raymond of Lawrence and H.F. Graham of Holton to the board. L.N. Flint was re-elected as secretary. Willis Gleed of Topeka was elected president and George O. Foster treasurer.”
Old home town - 40 years ago today
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B8
John Martin, former Sunflower Ordnance Works manager and now a vice president and executive committee member for the Hercules Powder Co., spoke here on the great national stake in the space exploration effort and called for continued support for the program.
Old home town - 25 years ago today
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B8
Officials of Lawrence neighborhood groups were meeting to try to devise ways they could cooperate on mutual issues they considered of benefit to the community. A number of goals were being set for the months ahead, and it appeared the unit would become known as the Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods.
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B5
For Wednesday, June 7
Names defy global changes
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B9
The other day I cycled down Old Oak Court in New West Lawrence but didn’t find the old oak. I didn’t find the woods on Woodland, Wildwood or Woodridge streets. The grove behind Grove Drive has long been a few trees lining an urban water drainage. And Riverview hasn’t had a view of the river for 30 years.
Rookie baseball kicks off with Knights vs. Blue Team
June 7, 2006 in print edition on Game16
The first- and second-grade Rookie baseball Knights and Blue teams hit the dimaond Wednesday for their first game of the season.
Heartland Premier soccer
June 7, 2006 in print edition on Game14
The U11 KSA Enforcers had their final game on Saturday against the Blue Valley Stars Power. They won the contest 4-0.
KC Invitational results
June 7, 2006 in print edition on Game13
The U-14 Kaw Valley Force-Blue team started the Kansas City Invitational soccer tournament with a 5-1 win against the NEU Sting on Saturday, May 27.
Straight-shooters: Kids focus on fundamentals
Cougar camp mixes drills, games to improve shooting techniques
June 7, 2006 in print edition on Game6
Shot after shot rattled into the north basket of the South Junior High gymnasium on May 30.
Johnson shines despite his lack of size at Cougars Camp
June 7, 2006 in print edition on Game5
When a swarm of eighth-graders start shooting at the same basket, it’s hard for any player to stand out amid the barrage of balls and scrambling bodies.
Hornets sting Pistons in high-scoring DCABA contest
June 7, 2006 in print edition on Game4
The Pistons lost again on Saturday. Nope, not to the Miami Heat in game seven of the NBA Eastern conference finals, rather a youth baseball game as the U8 DCABA Hornets stung the pistons 15-11 Saturday at Youth Sports Inc.
Blue Jays, Sluggers show off strong offense
Parks and Rec Softball starts season off with a bang
June 7, 2006 in print edition on Game12
Both teams’ coaches might agree that there was room for improvement Friday night for both the 10U Blue Jays and Sluggers in their Parks and Recreation Softball League season-opener at Youth Sports Inc., but it would be pretty tough for either team to swing the sticks much stronger.
Stormy skies cancel LGFPA Orioles game against Baldwin Bulldogs
June 7, 2006 in print edition on Game3
Quotes about the rain-out.
Once you’ve had homegrown, no store-bought tomato will do
June 7, 2006 in print edition on D1
No matter what else is growing in a Kansas vegetable garden, tomatoes will always be the centerpiece. For many people, tomatoes are the reason to have a garden. All the other veggies are just the supporting cast.
Hoopster summer league hub of basketball action
June 7, 2006 in print edition on Game11
The Hoopsters are at it again, this time they have taken their game to Holcom Rec Center to beat the summer heat. The Hoopster 3-on-3 League began on May 30 and will run until July 7.
Coffey fans seven in Angels’ 9-1 win over A’s
Angels’ baserunning secures victory with several plays at the plate
June 7, 2006 in print edition on Game10
Angels pitcher Damien Coffey was relieved of his pitching duties with one out in the bottom of the fourth against the Athletics on Wednesday.
Pink Angels shutdown red Hot Tamales
June 7, 2006 in print edition on Game7
One player didn’t show up, another was upset that her name was misspelled on the score card and another player was running late - and this was all before the game started for the Red Hot Tamales at Broken Arrow Park on Thursday.
Movin’ on up
Four Jayhawks hear names called on Day 1
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C1
Knowing the possibility his fabulous senior year gave him, former Kansas University closer Don Czyz had the Internet stream of the Major League Baseball draft playing in his living room Tuesday, when he heard the name called.
Royals spring surprise at No. 1
Kansas City taps holdout Hochevar with top pick
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C1
After taking a closer look, the Kansas City Royals liked Luke Hochevar a lot more than they thought.
Art Guild announces 2006-2007 officers
June 7, 2006 in print edition on D2
The Lawrence Art Guild announces the board members and coordinators to serve in 2006-2007. Elections occur at the May meeting each year.
Sex offender wanted in slaying captured
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A3
A registered sex offender wanted in the death of a Clemson University student who was strangled with her bikini top was captured late Tuesday in Tennessee, officials said.
People in the news
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A2
¢ ‘Idol’ runner-up signs deal ¢ Pee-wee’s big return ¢ Ring tones silenced
Millwood at home in K.C.
Texas hurler continues road dominance at Royals’ expense
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C1
Kevin Millwood sure seems at home on the road. Millwood pitched seven strong innings Tuesday night to lead the Texas Rangers to a 6-2 victory over the Kansas City Royals, improving to 5-0 on the road.
Local fans get first look at U.S. team
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C3
Kasey Keller walked to the edge of the field and signed autographs as people swarmed around.
Mavs’ owner to razz Shaq
Cuban says scoreboard to poke fun at O’Neal
June 7, 2006 in print edition on C6
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has depicted Shaquille O’Neal as a cartoon “Shaq Albert” on the video scoreboard.
Product dating helpful for consumers
June 7, 2006 in print edition on D2
Product dating is voluntary and not required by federal regulations
Jayni Carey prepares seaside favorites
June 7, 2006 in print edition on D3
Join “Jayni’s Kitchen” this week for “Seaside Favorites from the Gulf Coast.”
Terror plot allegedly involved parliament, beheadings
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A6
Some of the 17 Muslim men accused of plotting terror bombings in Canada also planned to storm Parliament, take hostages and behead the prime minister and other leaders, according to accusations revealed Tuesday by the lawyer for one of the suspects.
Thousands rally in Somali capital after seizure by Islamic militia
June 7, 2006 in print edition on A7
Thousands of Somalis took to the streets of their capital Tuesday, some demonstrating for Islamic militiamen who claimed control of Mogadishu a day earlier and others calling for the radical militia to get out.
Early polls predict trouble for Clinton
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B8
If Hillary Clinton is such a shoo-in for her party’s 2008 presidential nomination, then a new Florida poll is something for Democrats to worry about.
Incompetence and lack of supervision glare from the windows of our Veterans Affairs offices.
June 7, 2006 in print edition on B8
Many Americans have had encouraging and rewarding experiences with the federal Department of Veterans Affairs. The agency has done a lot of good things for many years. Yet others can tell tales of frustration and unfulfilled expectations because of periodic shoddy and downright incompetent behavior by personnel with the VA.