Cell phone sense

To the editor:

Cell phones are such a distraction while driving, we must make a law to prevent people from using them.

Well, how about the dog that is running around the car or sitting on the driver’s lap. Let’s tell the manufactures of cars not to put radios or CD players in them just for Lawrence, Kan., because they are a distraction. How about outlawing children from riding in the cars, women from putting on makeup, men shaving, drivers must look straight ahead not side-to-side, etc.

Hey, how about just taking our car keys away from us and we’ll all ride the T? There is a law on the books now for inattentive driving, which covers all the above. If there is an accident and inattentive driving is the cause, then give the person a ticket. Our police department has enough important things to do than just pulling someone over for using a cell phone.

This doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, just some good old common sense.

Wayne Rogers,