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Blurring the lines

January 4, 2006


To the editor:

Another option to resolve the evolution/intelligent design issue, that Patrick Dority ("Messy issue," Dec. 30) did not consider, is that Kansans may decide to vote out the conservative activist members of the Kansas Board of Education and that the new board will restore the established definition of science to the state educational standards. Thus returning science to the study of the physical world and its natural phenomena, leaving supernatural explanations to religious instruction where by definition they belong.

Intelligent design had its day in court, all of the arguments were vigorously presented and intelligent design was shown beyond doubt not to be science. The ruling in the Dover case (Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District) spoke clearly to that fact: "ID can not uncouple itself from its creationist, and thus religious, antecedents." Religion is not science and science is not religion. There is no controversy. Supernatural explanations just have no place in science.

Most people believe in a creator, a supreme being, in God. I use those terms interchangeably. Intelligent design proponents mistakenly or disingenuously represent evolution as antithetical to the belief in the existence of God or in religion in general. While in truth, evolution in no way conflicts with, nor does it deny, the existence of a divine creator. That is pretty straightforward.

So, is trying to blur the line between science and religion just another wrongheaded attempt by religious and political conservative activists to distract or confuse the public while they subvert the establishment clause of the Constitution? It appears so.

Mark Stone,



Ragingbear 12 years, 2 months ago

Somewhere, someplace, at sometime, the Spaghetti Monster wonders if he should have stopped at the creation of meatballs.

satchel 12 years, 2 months ago

Mark... take a deep breath... but don't hold it.

This political battle may go back and forth... one side wins a majority, then makes changes their way... then the other side gets motivated and votes in a new board and makes changes for their side. This issue is too closely divided to really satisfy both sides. This issue along with a few others are the best reasons for school vouchers.

Wasn't the decision by the board to just include criticisms of evolution?... not to teach ID? Since evolution does have many "holes" in it... this isn't such a bad idea!

"While in truth, evolution in no way conflicts with, nor does it deny, the existence of a divine creator. That is pretty straightforward." ..... Please explain this...I haven't talked to any macro-evolutionist that believes this... they are all athiest.

wonderhorse 12 years, 2 months ago


There is no such thing as "macro-evolution". There is either evolution, or there isn't.

fossilhunter 12 years, 2 months ago

satchel "evolution has many holes in it" --- no, it doesn't

"They are all athiests" -- no, I'm not. So they aren't. Many "evolutionists" (I hate that term) believe that evolution is the vehicle through which a creator works.

Richard Heckler 12 years, 2 months ago

Vouchers forget it way jose. Way too expensive. Private schools will begin showing up on every street corner and gouging tax payers.

Private schools have no bottom line except dollars and cents otherwise completely free of taxpayer accountability.

Perhaps we need to provide a bit more depth to curriculums which would require only time and energy initially.

It is also my opinion that public schools are staples of the neighborhoods and the community in general.

wonderhorse 12 years, 2 months ago


Every time I think you and I can never agree on anything, you prove me wrong.

satchel 12 years, 2 months ago


We all pay taxes... some go to public education... all I want is to take the $3000 - $4000 that the government allocates for my child to go to a school of my choice. If the schools were intoduced to the free enterprise system... they would get better at teaching our children. That is accountability! The public schools are a monopoly that has slowly over time become corrupt and lazy in teaching our children. Our public schools didn't have any accountability until "no child left behind".... and many have improved, but many haven't.

Merrill... have you ever been to a bad eating establishment?... if they don't do a good job... you don't go back. If the eatery doesn't change... they go out of business. This should be applied to the schools. This would make them accountable. This works... it what makes our country great! Then our students would rise to be among the best in the world again.

These other issues would be resolved also... you could send your child to the school that exclusively teaches darwinism... I could send my child to a school that teaches both evolution and ID. If I didn't want my child to get condoms in Jr. high... I could choose that. Why would you want to limit my right to choose?? Could it be that you and others want to indoctrinate my child into your religion of darwinism??

I'm pro-choice when it comes to schools!!

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years, 2 months ago

"If the schools were intoduced to the free enterprise system... they would get better at teaching our children. That is accountability! "

You mean just like Westar and Enron?

gr 12 years, 2 months ago


If you think you are not getting what you are paying for by being charged taxes for schools you don't use, and want to use that money to send your kids to a school of your choice whether public or private, what about those who have no kids? They are getting charged for no benefit. Often times, if they protest a school tax hike, or what they consider a misuse of school funds, they will hear comments like: you don't have kids anyway.

Forced school taxes is similar to road taxes, etc. It's for the benefit of society. Unfortunately, that attitude is carried to the extreme so we are paying for porn-in-the-park type of stuff.

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