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Driver asks Hawkins to cover car repairs

February 28, 2006


Lindsey Frye said she didn't want to make trouble with the Kansas University men's basketball team. She just wanted someone to fix her car.

Frye, the driver who told police that KU guard Jeff Hawkins struck her car last weekend in a fast-food drive-through lane, has mailed a letter to Hawkins, his parents and KU coach Bill Self asking for someone to step forward and pay the estimated $515.89 in repairs to her 2002 Kia Spectra.

Hawkins said Monday he was aware that Frye wanted to negotiate payment for the repairs, but he hadn't yet talked to her. He indicated in an interview before practice he would speak with Frye and "try to come to some sort of compromise."

The two did talk on Monday night, at that time failing to resolve the issue. On Monday night, Hawkins' mother called and requested that a couple different estimates be faxed to her from Frye, who said she would comply.

"I'm unsure how this situation will turn out," Frye, 25, said.

Hawkins reiterated his stance that he has no comment on the issue.

Frye said her car wasn't damaged badly in the collision with Hawkins' vehicle just scratched paint on one corner. But Frye said that as of Monday, she had not been able to identify the responsible insurance carrier.

Hawkins was cited by police for not having proof of insurance and for leaving the scene of an accident.


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