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Lost taxes

February 12, 2006


To the editor:

After living in Kansas all my life and owning lake property in Missouri, I've discovered how Kansas is losing thousands of tax dollars.

In Kansas, when you buy a used boat from any individual, you pay no sales tax, but if you buy that used boat from any dealer, you pay sales tax. Kansas loses several thousand dollars a year on lost sales tax revenue on boats.

In Missouri, boats are the same as cars: You pay the difference between the boat you sold and the one you bought.

Motor homes (recreation vehicles) in Kansas are taxed (property taxes) by weight, not by value. In other words, you could own a $100,000 motor home and pay less than $200 a year on property taxes. They should be taxed by value.

In Kansas, when you go to sell your existing automobile, the only way to pay the difference in sales tax is to trade your vehicle in to a dealer for low wholesale value. In Missouri, you have your choice to either trade your vehicle in to a dealer or sell it yourself, which allows 180 days to complete the transaction. You receive a sales tax rebate for the difference.

In summary, Kansas tax laws are a mess. With an automobile you must own to get to work - no tax break. Luxury items like boats and motor homes get tax breaks.

Let's copy Missouri tax laws on automobiles, recreation vehicles and boats. This will help our tax revenues.

Ken Fangohr,



shanefivedyes 8 years, 2 months ago

I think we have enough elected official's trying to raise taxes, we dont need citizen's trying to raise them to. NO MORE/NEW TAXES


Masttop 8 years, 2 months ago

As a boat owner in Kansas, I would be delighted to be taxed the same way Missouri taxes boats. I'd even be delighted to be taxed the same way Kansas taxes cars and RV's.

Kansas still assesses property tax on boats the way cars used to be taxed which is at 30% of appraised value. I still pay nearly $600 a year tax on my 26 year old sailboat which is appriased at less than $20,000. The difference between the two states is over ten fold in this area. We Kansas boaters pay the highest total taxes in the nation, and it drives a lot of business out of Kansas and into the Missouri lakes.

So Mr. Fangohr, I hope your suggestion is followed, and Kansas starts taxing boats just like Missouri. My taxes will drop, but yours may well increase.


rightthinker 8 years, 2 months ago

I lived in MO and in rough terms, you can expect to pay about 4-5 x as much for taxes and registration for your car in KS and app. 3-4 x as much for your house in KS. KS has some steep taxes--period!

So Ken. I agree KS tax laws are a mess, but should KS mirror ALL Missouri tax laws which they never will do due to the low population (which is directly related to the fact noone wants to live in KS)


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