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Wave support

February 1, 2006


To the editor:

My children and I cross at Sharon White's corner every day.

Last year, I was the volunteer crossing guard at that corner and I was continually shocked and angered by the number of drivers who sped past, completely ignoring the traffic signs. Many paid no attention to the fact that they were passing a crosswalk and an elementary school. I was nearly run down by a couple of them.

Mrs. White is extremely conscientious when it comes to the safety of our children. We have all been instructed to wait on the sidewalk until she tells us we can cross. She does not wave while the children are crossing! After we are safely across, she returns to the sidewalk where she smiles and waves at passing cars.

It's true, she does draw attention by waving. Her bright orange gloves make it impossible for anyone to ignore the crosswalk and serve as a reminder for everyone to slow down and watch for children. And she does it in a positive way that has made her loved by both children and adults for starting their day out with a little bit of joy. Imagine if we all had that effect on the people we see each day.

To Mr. Shoemaker and others who find it too distracting to wave or smile while driving, then don't! No one's forcing you to respond!

Amy Cuttell,



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