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Warning wave

February 1, 2006


To the editor:

My family and I would like to voice our support for crossing guard Sharon White. Her waving is not a distraction but a safety measure. Since Mrs. White became the crossing guard at our school I have seen a huge reduction in the speed of drivers going past our school. Her orange-gloved wave says to drivers, "Hello, and don't forget there are kids walking to school right now."

My husband drives my daughter by there every day and admits that it makes him look down at his speed every morning. I am a substitute teacher at Prairie Park School and, on mornings I am running late, her wave keeps me from acting on my feeling of needing to rush to work. I appreciate her kindness and willingness to put herself out there for the safety of all Prairie Park students.

My family's vote is that Mrs. White's supervisor needs to go to all other crossing guards and tell them they need to wear orange safety gloves and wave to all passers-by.

Terri McBride,



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