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More arrests made in Ottawa shooting

Victim was to testify the day he was shot

December 27, 2006


— Police have arrested two more Lawrence residents suspected of having a part in the shooting of an Lawrence man in Ottawa last week.

Lawrence and Ottawa police arrested Jeffery Allen Campbell, a 29-year-old homeless man, and Day Frances Gaillard-Taylor, 49, in Lawrence over the weekend. Both were arrested under suspicion of attempted first-degree murder.

Both are suspected of taking part in the shooting of Michael Miller, a Lawrence man who was scheduled to testify in an aggravated-battery case the same day he was shot.

Police found Miller in the middle of South Hickory Street in Ottawa Dec. 20, after he had been shot several times with a small-caliber handgun.

Ottawa police Capt. Randy Allen said Wednesday that although they still haven't been able to speak with Miller, he was expected to survive his injuries at a local hospital.

Earlier this week, Lawrence police arrested 38-year-old Lisa Kay Miller, also under suspicion of attempted first-degree murder.

Miller and Gaillard-Taylor remained in Franklin County Jail Wednesday after a judge there approved an affidavit holding them for an additional 48 hours.

Their bonds have been set at $750,000 a piece.

Campbell's bond has not yet been set, jail records show. None of the three have been formally charged.


Bone777 11 years ago

When it comes to increased crime rates, people from Lawrence complain about Topekans and people from Ottawa complain about Lawrencians.

sublime 11 years ago

Lawrence and Ottawa police arrested Jeffery Allen Campbell, a 29-year-old homeless man.....................................He's not homeless anymore.He will reside at the grey bar hotel for some time....Bye.

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

can the county charge the LCS/drunken-druggy shelter for his incarceration? did they attract him to this community and support his "lifestyle" as a bum? they're part of why Louie Galloway is the way he is.

Sigmund 11 years ago

Too incredibly funny. My favorite however is Bone777. People from Ottawa complain about Lawrence who complain about KC who complain about St. Louis.

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