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Innocent prank

December 27, 2006


To the editor:

In this day and age of school shootings, illegal drug problems and sex offenders prowling our school playgrounds, surely an innocent school prank can be laughed at. Does spray-painting a chicken green really call for a police investigation? I, for one, would rather see the police fighting crime, not fighting pranks. This was an innocent joke - nothing more. Smile and laugh.

Doug Larson,



jonas 11 years ago

Hey, everybody, let's go spray-paint Doug!! I bet he would like to be chartruese for a week or so!

classclown 11 years ago

Animal cruelty is a crime Doug. Did your kid do it?

rubix 11 years ago

To read it, is funny. For you to be the owner of the green chicken (or the chicken itself)...not so funny. I agree in some terms for both sides. Yes, it is a minor issue compared to rapists, drug dealers and sex offenders. But, stopping animal abuse early (or identifying it) can help identify tomorrow's rapists, drug dealers, and sex offenders. There is a pattern to violent crime and childhood actions, just most people do not stop to view the timeline.

gr 11 years ago


How was this animal cruelty?

If you think dying someone's or some animal's hair is cruelty, look around. Of course, just because others do it isn't justification, but please explain how it harms the animal - or human.

If you want to be that way, then what I think is cruel is dressing a poor little dog up in some sort of clothes. That is so humiliating to the poor pooch. And if color is cruel, humiliation surely must be.

I guess claiming everything is animal abuse is popular. So, I'll say, keeping an animal locked in a house or locked on a leash is cruel.

Set the animals free!

Oh, we can't have that.

Kill the animals so they won't be abused, humiliated, or looked at funny!

Besides, ever see "Easter chicks"?

sublime 11 years ago

How many chickens are killed in a day for consumption?

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

'egomaniacality', Mamrion, you've finally hit on a topic you might actually have some experience with!

don't think the green painting process was very comfy for the birds. should be charged as animal cruelty.

Kodiac 11 years ago

We once found a turtle that was painted silver on his shell. We called him Silver Solomon and adopted him as a pet. He was one of the more pleasant animals in our household and was always trying to get into the refrigerator (presumbably because he figured out that food was in there).

A spray-painted shell though is quite abit different than spray-painted feathers. I agree with the gnome that this is animal cruelty.

acg 11 years ago

Looking at it from the point of view of the chickens, it was probably pretty scary. Imagine, they're doing their thing, hanging out, being chickens and then all of a sudden the humans are painting them! It had to totally freak them out. Now, looking at it from the point of view of the students, it was probably funny as hell and they weren't thinking about how cruel that prank might really be. The severity of their punishment should depend on what kind of paint was used. I think whatever punishment is doled out to them, it should include working at the humane society for a few months so they can see, first hand, what animal cruelty is and why it should be prevented.

gr 11 years ago

"don't think the green painting process was very comfy for the birds. should be charged as animal cruelty."

And how is painted feathers "comfy" or not "comfy"?

Lawrence is seeking precedence for no more Easter chicks!

How about ribbons on poodles! Or collars!

Those sure aren't "comfy" and quite the embarrassment!

If not being "comfy" is sign of animal cruelty, what about giving vaccinations, keeping a pet restrained,

and, what about eating those chickens! That can't be very comfortable for them!


Youze people are making animal cruelty meaningless. You dilute REAL cases of animal cruelty such as setting a dog on fire. You make a mockery of the whole issue.

Linda Endicott 11 years ago

Depending on what type of paint was used, it could be quite harmful to the chickens.

And anything applied to feathers is going to change the texture of those feathers, which will change the way the feathers protect the chicken, as nature intended.

And let's not forget that the chickens were chained to trees. LJW didn't let us know whether they were within reach of food and water, but I kind of doubt it.

Not to mention that I highly doubt the chickens belonged to them. They probably stole them from someone.

The main fear here is that these kids might go on to do even worse things to animals, if they are led to believe that this is no big deal.

jonas 11 years ago

gr: Can I drop by later on today and spray-paint you? I was thinking mauve. What if I just held you down and spray-painted you completely mauve? I mean, I wouldn't REALLY be assaulting you, would I?

gr 11 years ago


Many people do paint their hair and skin and some to "paint" their skin permanently. In fact, they pay others to do it to them. What's your point?

Do you want me to give you cracked corn to eat? Or how about mealworms?

crazy: "They probably stole them from someone." Oh, and they "probably" set their dog on fire too, and "probably" pulled their beaks off afterwards.

Haven't you seen Easter Chicks painted? Anyone?

Linda Endicott 11 years ago

As I said before, gr (are you being deliberately obtuse again?), it highly depends on what kind of paint was used.

Not that I agree with the Easter chicks thing, either. In fact, IMHO, any place that sells bunnies or chicks or anything else for a holiday should be closed down. These poor animals end up being the playthings of some demented kid for a few days, and either die or are abandoned after they stop being cute. Parents who buy live animals for their children just for a holiday should be whipped.

But still, the dyes they use on the Easter chicks are a special kind, that does not harm the animal.

People who paint themselves and/or dye their hair or skin are using colors specifically approved by the FDA (if you want to trust their expertise; I wouldn't myself), and they chose to do so. Somehow, I don't think the chickens chose to become green.

I say probably stole them, because I don't know many teenagers, in Lawrence or anywhere else, that just happen to have a couple of roosters lying around to paint.

I notice you didn't even comment about them being chained to trees without any food or water nearby.

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

no reply necessary...GR's vapid pro-cruelty post has been adequately swatted by at least three posters ahead of me.

chickens do experience fright. stealing them from familiar home, tieing them up that way, terrifying. no matter what kind of paint, the process would have been frightening. my "comfy" statement was meant as emphasis by understatement. kids who engage in animal cruelty often to go on to more violent crimes against persons. this really is a big deal. yes, easter chicks and easter bunnies should be flat out banned. in fact, about a third (it seems) of the dog owners in lawrence shouldn't be allowed to own a dog.

end of rant, resume normal reading.

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

on the other hand, tieing Marion to a tree with a chain, far far away from a keyboard, and painting him green...well...just couldn't be animal cruelty, could it? guess would be considered cruelty to a tree...

jonas 11 years ago

"Posted by gr (anonymous) on December 27, 2006 at 6:07 p.m. (Suggest removal)


Many people do paint their hair and skin and some to "paint" their skin permanently. In fact, they pay others to do it to them. What's your point?"

Hey, I what a coincidence! I was about to ask you the same thing. So you're saying, then, that if I was to tie someone up and give them a big honkin' tatoo on their back without their consent or even them saying that I wanted to, that it would be okay as long as they had tattoos so proving that they wanted them in the past? That seems, maybe, to be your point. I'm hesitant to attribute that to you, because it is a very silly point, but I can only go by what I have here.

"Do you want me to give you cracked corn to eat? Or how about mealworms?"

Errrrr. . . . Errrrrrrrrrrrrr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . wha?!

You know, if I thought you were serious about all this, I'd actually be kind of worried.

countrygirl 11 years ago

Um--have you all forgotten that chickens molt? It's not like they're going to be green forever. They'll lose their feathers, grow new ones back and stop looking like a chicken version of Shrek. And do we know how long they were chained up? It's not like it was 100 degrees out and they would die without water if left there. Not saying it was a real bright idea, but let's keep in context. My mom used to have chickens and personally, I hate the darn things. Getting pecked by them while you're trying to feed them tends to change your perspective of the little critters.

Linda Endicott 11 years ago

People shed their skin, too, countrygirl...bit by little bit, every day you shed skin cells, and you lose a lot of them when you shower.

Doesn't mean I'd want someone to grab me, paint me green and chain me to a tree.

gr 11 years ago

I can only conclude some are confusing cruelty with poor taste.

Painting your hair purple is in poor taste the same as selling easter chicks in painted colors and the same as painting a chicken. Poor taste isn't harmful, it's just "different".

Nothing in the letter said anything about stealing them, chaining them to trees, and not giving them food and water. Quite interesting how someone makes the supposition of "probably stole them" and doubting the chickens were "within reach of food and water", and then later says they WERE stolen and chained WITHOUT food and water.

As far as those asking if I wanted someone to paint me, I don't understand their point. I wouldn't want someone to do that, but I also wouldn't want someone to spray me with a water gun. I also wouldn't want someone to run up and stop in front of my way while I was walking down the sidewalk. However, I wouldn't consider either action "cruel" - just rude - in poor taste.

And if you missed it before, I wouldn't want someone to feed me cracked corn. If you are thinking animals are people, there are a whole lot of more issues to resolve. But, animals aren't people. Painting feathers on a chicken doesn't harm it. Oil based, water based, as long as it's dry so the chickens don't ingest it, no harm done. It may make it look silly, but you really need help if you think it's going to suffer emotional damage!

Now, you may be able to get me to construe as cruelty the bringing of a chicken to town, keeping an animal in town, trapped in a house, or raising chickens in cramped cages. And, if you object to financial gain from animals, maybe you want to ban all dogs but mutts. There are enough demented people who are cruel to animals. But, to put it in similar terms of others, painting a chicken's feathers, painting a dog's toenails, tying ribbons on your pet, dressing it up in silly outfits, is not a slippery slope to murder.

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