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Criticism due

December 12, 2006


To the editor:

The Journal-World recently wrote about unfair, partisan criticism being thrown at U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts. I can only conclude that you are unaware of the great disservice done to the American people by Roberts.

Since the start of the Iraq war, Roberts has worked hard to keep the American people from learning the full scope of Bush administration abuses of the law with respect to intelligence gathering, which were his responsibility as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

After promising in February 2004 to quickly produce a finalized report, Roberts has done nothing but delay, obfuscate, cover up and prevent full airings of investigations into warrantless wiretaps, interrogation methods, torture and, most irresponsibly, he delayed reports about prewar intelligence. His delays conveniently allowed two congressional election cycles to pass without results from those reports.

Roberts has been a disgrace to Kansas and the Senate. I say good riddance.

Oswald P. Backus IV,



budwhysir 11 years ago

I am lost?? I think no I understand, ah wait, nope Im not sure. Did I miss something???

KS 11 years ago

Oswald: Until you are privy to classified information about this country, you have no idea as to what is going on and have no room to critize. The new folks aren't going to do any better. Good grief, it is sooooo easy to be a Monday morning quarterback.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years ago

"Good grief, it is sooooo easy to be a Monday morning quarterback."

But you prefer being a sheep over being a quarterback, eh, KS?

budwhysir 11 years ago

I thought football was played on monday nights not mornings.

budwhysir 11 years ago

I feel this problem could be addressed by simply raising the min wage in Lawrence. Thus creating a warm fuzzy feeling for the ordinary people in lawrence

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years ago

"Has there been an indictment yet for W?"

With Roberts burying any evidence that came before his committee, he was pretty safe.

We'll see if the new committee chair let's a little light peak through.

Poon 11 years ago

This letter is right on. Mr. Backus did forget to mention however that Senator Roberts is also responsible for covering up Bush's role in the extinction of dinosaurs.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years ago

It's getting almost desperately impossible to find ways to defend Bush and his lackeys, isn't it, Poon?

BigDog 11 years ago

scenebooster - Clinton lied about a hell of a lot more that just adultery, but he for some reason is some kind of Democratic god so he is excused. Bush has been hated by many of you because he WON the election in 2000 and have looked for every opportunity to bash him for the last 6 years. Your worst nightmare would be that things went well in Iraq.

ksmoderate 11 years ago

But BigDog, it's SO EASY to make fun of a nincompoop!

BigDog 11 years ago

"Your worst nightmare would be that things went well in Iraq."

Actually, no, that's what everyone was hoping for. But Bush has screwed it up pretty royally.

Is that why the media and liberals focus on body count versus anything positive happening in Iraq? Do you ever see stories about or here liberals talk about anything that has positively happened in Iraq? I've had four friends and three family members who will tell you that all of that is ignored even when they give interviews to local media.

"Clinton lied about a hell of a lot more that just adultery, "

Sources, please.

And you say I have blinders on. I cannot recall any criticism of Clinton on the LJW site by libs except for his adultery and that was a "personal matter." He had the most indicted and convicted administration ever. What is going to be your response if the British report shows that Clinton Administration was spying on Americans as has been reported. Guess the Princess must have been a terrorist to that administration.

"Bush has been hated by many of you because he WON the election in 2000 "

Actually, the 2000 election was decided by the United States Supreme Court. This is fact, and can easily be verified.

But Bush WON regardless, that is how the system works. Move on.

"have looked for every opportunity to bash him for the last 6 years. "

He's given us ample opportunity. He's the "decider".

But I thought libs were the kind, accepting, warm fuzzy, tree hugging types. Aren't the conservatives Republicans supposed to be mean angry ones?

Are those blinders restricting the blood flow to your head?

Nope if you've read some of my posts before and I guess I will state it again ....... Bush deserves criticism for some decisions he has made ...... like some decisions in Iraq, not holding down spending, illegal immagration, not focusing enough on domestic issues, etc. But many don't also give him any credit.

budwhysir 11 years ago

never throw stones if you live in a glass house!!!!!!

Do unto others

the list goes on and on

BigDog 11 years ago

logicsound04 That's because no matter how much you focus on the positives in Iraq, the negatives (i.e., U.S. soldiers dying for a worthless cause) still exist.

In fact, I find it disrespectful to our soldiers that you would prefer to cover up the suffering they must go through as they perform their service in favor of more PR-approved news, like Saddam's statue coming down and a "mission accomplished" sign on a battleship.

Maybe you ought to read closer next time. How dare you freaking challenge my respect for the men and women of our armed services. These men and women do suffer and die for the very freedoms we all enjoy in this country. But I find it very disrespectful to just focus on their injuries and deaths without every giving credit to them for creating more freedom for the people of Iraq. Ignoring their work and sacrafices that they have made for making the lives of Iraqi's better is the real disrespect.

You might ask some of them who have returned from Iraq if they believe they were fighting for a "worthless cause".

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years ago

I doubt that they find much comfort or support from your fantasy world, BigDog.

BigDog 11 years ago

Posted by just_another_bozo_on_this_bus (anonymous) on December 12, 2006 at 11:43 a.m. (Suggest removal)

I doubt that they find much comfort or support from your fantasy world, BigDog.

And I am sure they find lots of comfort in your fatalistic views, Bozo.

Poon 11 years ago

I am not comming to Bush's defence, I am just saying that he is responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs.

Poon 11 years ago

Likewise, if there is 2 feet of snow in my driveway tomorrow, I will blame Gore for raising awareness of global warming and therefore causing global cooling.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years ago

I'm not trying to "comfort" them-- I'm trying to get them brought home in some way other than in a body bag.

ryanjasondesch 11 years ago

Big Dog and Right Thinker: If Jesus came back today, he'd spit on you. And then you'd blame Clinton somehow. You people make me sick!

You blame people for criticizing Bush, saying we should trust our leaders, then retroactively criticize Clinton. You use Clinton to attempt to illustrate hypocrisy in liberals while only revealing your own glaring inconsistency. You cling to the myths fed to you by Bush while declaring everything out of Clinton's mouth a lie. You maintain that Iraq is a good situation without any consideration of the people who actually live there who would disagree with you despite your stubborn self-righteousness and inconsideration. You are apologists for a system altered from the ideals of our fore fathers to keep you occupied with nationalism, patriotism, jingoism, and blinding alliegance. You are a tool. For the ignorance of the masses. You are an automaton. And I think that is sad, that you waste so much breath defending a system that keeps you down and right where you are.

Cuz that's exacly what Jesus did, he laid down and acquiesced to the decaying paradigm. Actually he probably wouldn't spit on you, he'd simply turn away and say he doens't know you.

Mkh 11 years ago

"Has there been an indictment yet for W?"

No, due to massive abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

There has also been NO indictment issued of Osama bin Laden for the crimes committed on September 11, 2001...rt are waiting for that to happen before you decide his guilt?

Mkh 11 years ago

Nice ryanjasondesch...I'm standing and applauding your 12:22 post.

Mkh 11 years ago

"you need to separate crime from war. We invaded a country and went to war, not court."

I'm not suprised you missed the point rt, but I have faith the rest of the community did not. We supposively went to war because of "the crime", therefore it is not seperated from the war---- if you do seperate it, why did you go to war?

BigDog 11 years ago

Posted by ryanjasondesch (anonymous) on December 12, 2006 at 12:22 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Big Dog and Right Thinker: If Jesus came back today, he'd spit on you.

You must go to Phelps' church.

BigDog 11 years ago

Well that ought to be put in the international courts ..... wouldn't want any political bias in the investigation.

drewdun 11 years ago

Exactly how much intellectual energy do the wingnuts on here expend trying to discover new ways to defend their criminally incompetent political 'savior' and/or switch the focus and blame for everything to Clinton?


ryanjasondesch 11 years ago

Big Dog: Brilliant response, is that as far as you got through my post? One line? You like seeing things only surface deep don't you? It's easier that way huh? Don't have to do any real thinking, just accept what Bush & Co. tell ya. Defend their immoral war in the name of patriotic servitude? Blindly allow yourself to be drowned through collusion? All I ask pro-war and pro-life Christians is What Would Jesus Do? And I rarely find one dumb enough to say 'Exactly what 'ol Georgie's done'. Face it bro, you're fighting a lost cause. Just like the NOFX song, "YOU'RE WRONG!"

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 11 years ago

"The role of the Bush family in the disappearance of bozo's lunch money one day when he was in the third grade has never been fully explored."

As I said earlier to poon, it's getting almost desperately impossible to find ways to defend Bush and his lackeys, isn't it, IC?

I have another question-- exactly what do you get for being a BushCo lackey?

Bruce Bertsch 11 years ago

Hate to tell all of the right wingers this, but an earlier comment is untrue. Ronald Reagan had the most indicted and convicted administration ever, not William Jefferson Clinton.

Maybe if you occasionally got the facts correct, you would have some credibility.

Curtiss 11 years ago

Moderationman, you're correct, but your inate moderation prevents you from mentioning that the Clinton administration was the most hounded by the press and the right-wing spin machine, and the most investigated in the nation's history, and the end result of all that criminal investigation was just a couple of felony indictments. That marks a sharp contrast to the Reagan admin, with the most criminal indictments ever, although one of the least investigated, and one of the most treasonous and felonious bunch of miscreants ever pardoned by the next president. With that stroke of the pen, the American traitors who kept US hostages imprisoned in Iran (until their release could be used as a part of the new president's inaugural ball) got off scot-free, so they could go on to their new careers on talk radio and Fox News. If it weren't for that, there'd have been a WHOLE lot more folks headed for prison in that bunch.

Oh, and one of the arguing points many posts above this one is wrong. As I've mentioned before, and many Bush lovers seem to forget, the 2000 Florida count, when finally verified by independent auditors, clearly reflects the will of the American people and shows Gore won Florida by several thousand votes. It's true, folks. You can look it up. So try to remember this simple fact for future arguments; it's not that hard:

"Bush was NOT elected president in 2000."

And remember when the 2004 election became a similar tie based on the outcome in Ohio? And congress' own GAO certified the Ohio election results as "unknowable" because of massive fraud and lack of paper trail? Now, Bushlovers, try to take in one more simple fact; it's official:

"Bush was NOT elected president in 2004."

OK, now we're ready to hear some of your comments and arguments, that are more, you know, fact based....

BigDog 11 years ago

Curtiss --- Sources for your statements?

BigDog 11 years ago

This article says independent audit had Bush winning but what do I know..... probably not factual though ..... haha


Curtiss 11 years ago

BigDog wants my sources. Look it up yourself, man. My sources were the daily newspapers on the day the news occurred.

I read the final results of the independent audit of the Florida ballots in the Journal-World. I believe it was an AP story, because AP had tagged it with a misleading headline that made it sound as though the audit showed Bush had won, and LJW slapped it up that way. The article itself clearly stated otherwise. Bush would have won if Gore got his requested Dade-county-only recount. That's probably the bull story NewsMax features, without mentioning that a recount of ALL votes put Gore way ahead.

The story about the GAO's investigation of the Ohio vote after the 2004 election pointed out many obvious crimes, like counting the votes in secret without the press present, and says with the missing, altered and damaged paper tapes logging electronic votes, there's no way the actual results can ever be known. Of course, as in Florida, virtually all "mistakes" favored Bush. This, I believe, was an AP story too, because I saw it in several papers.

As for the actual dates and issues, look it up. You can do it just as easily as I can.

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