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Miles in town, honing game for NBA tryouts

August 30, 2006


Aaron Miles, who practiced with the NBA's San Antonio Spurs last week, is spending this week running the floor with some of the best college players in the country - at his alma mater, Kansas University.

"I'm happy to be back, working out, getting ready," said Miles, who after playing point guard for both the Golden State Warriors and the NBADL's Fort Worth Flyers his first year out of KU, is fine-tuning his game for NBA veterans camp.

Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Antonio and other teams have spoken with the 6-foot-1 point guard about possibly signing on for the preseason at least.

"I am trying to get to the NBA. I feel I am close to obtaining that goal and will keep working hard so I can reach that," said Miles, whose Fort Worth and KU teammate, Keith Langford, left Monday to play pro ball in Italy.

"I'm happy for Keith. He is still playing ball, making money, getting overseas and exploring, seeing what that lifestyle is like," Miles said. "Hopefully he'll go over there and play well and next summer have a lot of NBA teams interested in him. That's what I hope happens for him."

At the same time, Miles hopes to be playing pro ball while keeping a close eye on a team that he thinks is capable of winning the NCAA crown: Kansas.

"They are very talented, beginning to work hard and starting to get focused for the season," Miles said. "The summer is over. You can see they are starting to focus more. As long as they play hard and together, some good things will be happening this year."

Miles - who averaged 10.1 points and 6.6 assists in 27 games for the Flyers after playing 19 games with the Warriors - likes what he's seen from KU's point guards, including returning starter Russell Robinson and newcomer Sherron Collins.

"Sherron is real good, man. He is a power guard, but he is quick," Miles said. "He mixes strength with quickness, a shorter version of (Warriors guard) Baron Davis kind of.

"Russell has put on some weight. He is stronger. His shot is looking nice, and he's so confident. The thing I like about all of them ... they are all talented and are unselfish. Unselfishness on the squad will help a lot. Everybody can average 10 points a game and we can win a title."

¢ Decent proposal: There was some drama during the Select a Seat program Tuesday when Justin Dexter dropped to a knee and proposed marriage to his girlfriend of a year and a half, Shonna Atchison, on the big Jayhawk in the Booth Family Hall of Athletics.

She accepted.

"On the way down here (from their hometown of Lenexa) she said this was the greatest place on earth. She still thinks that after today," Dexter said of his bride-to-be's opinion of the fieldhouse.

"I was a little surprised," Atchison said of the proposal. "(But) when my mom complained about what I was wearing and complained there was no battery left on my camera, I got a little suspicious."

The two KU fans didn't wind up with the best seats in the basketball palace. Best seats go to those who have the most priority points.

"Not as good as the proposal," Dexter said of how the Select a Seat process worked for them in 2006. "We're still happy. We're in the building, which is what counts."

¢ Shoe talk: Chicago Simeon High senior Derrick Rose's list of five schools - Kansas, Memphis, DePaul, Indiana and UCLA - all are Adidas schools, the Chicago Sun Times noted in Tuesday's edition.

Illinois, which has a Nike contract, is not on the list, prompting fans of the Illini to flood the Sun Times with complaints of a shoe company conspiracy.

Rose this summer played in some Reebok events and attended the ABCD camp, sponsored by Reebok and run by Sonny Vaccaro. Adidas owns Reebok.

"There is no connection or obligation from any one that Derrick is close with to anyone at Adidas," Vaccaro told the Sun Times. "I'm a consultant. My contract and my events are under the Reebok banner, and Reebok doesn't have any contracts with any colleges. I have not talked to nor seen anyone from Adidas."


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