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Retail restrictions

August 29, 2006


To the editor:

Plans to further restrict retail development in Lawrence are foolhardy and unnecessary. Retail businesses do not fail because someone else provides a similar product. They fail because they do not offer the buying public the products it wants at the time or the price it wants to pay.

With the "proposed" retail restrictions, City Hall may as well hang out a big sign saying "Retail? Do not come to Lawrence."

How many new jobs have come to Lawrence paying $10 per hour or more in the last six years? How many new employers has the city enticed? The Legends and Nebraska Furniture Mart are now hiring all the people they can find starting at $10 to $11.50 per hour. Where in Lawrence can our recent high school graduates and Kansas University students get jobs in retail or food service industries paying that amount?

Recent analysis of sales tax revenues and school levies show that Lawrence is headed in the wrong direction. How is it neighboring counties can lower their property tax levies and their school districts can pay better wages to their teachers?

Large retail stores pay a large share of our tax revenue, unlike four of the five largest employers in Lawrence, who pay no taxes. The city should reject this "proposal."

Ken Meyer,



lunacydetector 11 years, 7 months ago

amen to you dude. i couldn't have said it better.

what everyone seems to forget is that if you lump in more schools and fire and police into the equation when some say growth never pays (new housing) - that equation needs to include the increase in sales taxes that new residents pay. that is a key factor in paying for those services, that NOBODY wants to talk about.

a complete and total misinformation conspiracy is going on here. if people would look at the whole picture, they would see why other communities can grow and are larger than lawrence. if it doesn't pay to grow your city, then why is every other community surrounding lawrence growing while lawrence shrinks....and lawrence IS shrinking.

overland park is more educated than lawrence and it grows and it isn't going bankrupt. their housing is less expensive as well. what are they doing different? they have more retail and commercial taxes coming in than lawrence, because they allow more retail and commercial development, and, they allow new housing.

Richard Heckler 11 years, 7 months ago

Overland Park/KCMO metro has over a million in population to serve. KCMO is the draw. We are not the same. Lawrence like all other small towns are in competition with Topeka and KCMO/JOCO.

Lawrence does not have the same retail capacity in dollars and cents.

We realized when moving to Lawrence that there was not a shopping center at every intersection which was part of our attraction to Lawrence. We also made a decison surrounding that knowledge and that is traveling to KC or Topeka would be necessary from time to time which we decided would not be an inconvenience.

Instead of constantly wanting more retail why not scream out for two or three thousand light industrial higher paying positions to employ our commuters for it is those jobs that will increase economic growth due to spending impact. That means to me a smaller well paid population maintains a stronger economy than a larger under paid population thus less traffic and air pollution.

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