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Taking better care of stressed summer hair

August 12, 2006


While the health of your locks can suffer in winter because of indoor-outdoor temperature changes and cold, chafing winds, summer's drying heat and chlorinated pools are much more unforgiving.

Here's some advice from Cynthia Winston, celebrity hairstylist and co-owner of Van Michael Miami, an Aveda concept salon in South Beach, Fla., and other pros on maintaining healthy hair this summer:

¢ Apply sunscreen to hair before going out to help protect it from sun damage and color fading if it's dyed.

¢ Use a mild shampoo, and not too frequently. Instead, wash with water and use a leave-in conditioner.

¢ Before swimming, wet hair with tap water to saturate it, which leaves less capacity for your hair to soak up chlorinated or saltwater. A thick conditioner adds even more protection.

¢ After swimming, immediately rinse hair. Whether you shampoo or not, use a deep conditioner.

¢ Blow-drying can dry hair too much, so blot wet hair with a towel or allow to air-dry. If you blow-dry or use a curling or flat iron, coat hair first with a thermal protectant to shield hair from the heat.

¢ Strengthen hair with a regular protein-based hair mask or other product.

¢ Consider products with hair-nourishing ingredients such as tea tree oil, shea butter and carrot extract, which also are good for the scalp.


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