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Nuclear bully

April 25, 2006


To the editor:

Earth Day reminds me that the ultimate ecological crime would be nuclear war, and President Bush is threatening Iran with exactly that.

Can you believe it? (Granted, he allows others to speak of using nuclear bunker busters; he then says he will not exclude any option.) I certainly do not want Iran - or any country - to have nuclear weapons.

Threatening to nuke Iran, however, is like a parent beating a child to teach it that hitting is wrong.

This is insanity, and I am outraged that my country may be seen by the rest of the world as the real nuclear bully. We were fortunate to avoid nuclear catastrophe in the conflict between India and Pakistan just a few years ago.

The fact that we would even consider using nuclear weapons boggles the mind. Threatening the use of tactical nuclear weapons removes any sort of moral standing we might once have had. This is the action of a president, an administration, that maintains an arrogant and paranoid attitude toward the rest of the world.

Others are for us or against us and we actually don't much care what they think; we prefer force over diplomacy.

I hope our congressional delegation will talk sense with Mr. Bush and bring us back to a more responsible position.

Joe Douglas,



Richard Heckler 12 years ago

Go Joe! Our president has military operations underway as of now with Special Forces and such picking targets.

Then Rummy orders this operation in such a manner that our elected officials have little to say. This president when gone should bring about changes in many areas in the event more maniacs find their way into the white house.

Rumsfeld OKs Expansion of SpecialOps Forces Across Globe Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has approved plans to greatly expand the use of elite Special Operations forces to secretly take part in missions outside of war zones as part of the so-called war on terrorism. According to the Washington Post, the Pentagon has already dispatched teams of Army Green Berets and other Special Operations troops to U.S. embassies in about 20 countries in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The secret forces are instructed to carry out clandestine military activities including hunting down wanted individuals, gathering intelligence, attacking sites believed to be terrorist training camps and partnering with foreign militaries. The secret operations will be run off the books and largely free from Congressional oversight and legal restrictions imposed on the C.I.A.

bankboy119 12 years ago

"We were fortunate to avoid nuclear catastrophe in the conflict between India and Pakistan just a few years ago."

If I remember correctly...didn't Bush just say he was going to share nuclear technology with India last month? It's kind of hard to have avoided the end of the world a few years ago when India is just now receiving the technology.

I'm pretty sure Pakistan tested a weapon, but even then it was only last year.

Unconservativeperson, I don't believe they are saying that they like war, but that it is a necessary evil. Personally, I would much rather be at war than sitting here waiting for more terrorists to blow up the rest of the country. No one should "like" war.

blessed3x 12 years ago

Only a fool tells his enemies that he has taken options, whether military or political, off the table because their ramifications are too severe. The mere threat of an action may or may not be sufficient to force negotiations but a show of weakness will be certainly be met with failure, especially given the radicals we face.

President Clinton understood the threat of the use of force:

"The credible threat to use force, and when necessary, the actual use of force, is the surest way to contain Saddam's weapons of mass destruction program, curtail his aggression and prevent another Gulf War. "

EXTREMELY INTERESTING READ!! Please don't read this link if you are a liberal and don't support the war. The will NOT like the hypocrisy of your party and it's head deity.

Jamesaust 12 years ago

"The fact that we would even consider using nuclear weapons boggles the mind."

I agree: this author has a boggled mind.

Lepanto1571 12 years ago

My God, Mr. Douglas!

You have adopted an effete position of such proportions that it places you to the left of the French President.

Have you no shame sir?

Lepanto1571 12 years ago

Of course I meant "your". My bad.

You not a point or anything Bozo, as far as I know.

8string2 12 years ago

You know, when we are all dying from the delayed effects of the nuclear fallout from W's misadventures, I'm going to be laughing at you proponents of the nuclear option. Even thogh we might all die of brain cancer, yours will more resemble colon cancer.

paladin 12 years ago

If America is destroyed any time soon, and I believe it will be, it will not be by Muslim terrorists, but by Americans themselves. By greed and moral corruption and closed-minded, radical thought and extremist beliefs of one sort or another. The enemy within.

8string2 12 years ago

I can't state publicly your domain. But I pretty sure you make it evident to most folks everytime you post.

8string2 12 years ago

Man, you conserative guys sure talk tough. I'm surprised you aren't over in Iraq right now backing up your ideology. But I guess when it actually comes down to risking your life you're probably planning on relying on someone else to do the job because that's the real conservative ethos.

Lepanto1571 12 years ago


You really ought to be careful branding people with dismissives because you have the "impression" that since they talk a certain way, that they aren't, in fact, that way.

A little more heads up ball play, and not blindly following the neo-liberal playbook of smearing your opposition with contemptusous dismissiveness, and you probably won't get beaten on.

At least try to be funny (humorous liberal = oxymoron) and quite taking yourself so serious, because you feel inadequate for having not served, like other libs.

If you have served, you have my apologies in advance, and feel free to update us.

8string2 12 years ago

I served with 1st Cavalry Division's 3rd Brigade Combat Team 1st Battalion - 9th Cav until I was wounded by an IED in July '05. I'm a lucky survivor I only lost part of a hand and one foot. For me life will go on, but I know a couple of people who made the ultimate sacrifice for boneheads like you. I really don't know what you guys did in the military but I'm guessing you sat nice and safe stateside or maybe you went to Germany or Korea. Frankly, all your bluster and chest thumping doesn't impress me.

wonderhorse 12 years ago


You can't "make" your kids serve, they either do or don't. I'm 5th generation military (my dad has all of our HONORABLE discharge papers framed on his wall), but my sons will or won't.

8string2 12 years ago

You might take a hint from Lepanto. Also, my conservative friend I guarantee you there is a huge difference between being unhappy and getting blown up. Believe whatever you like about me I really don't care. I know what I've done and what I'm going through and what you think about me is irrelevant.

Lepanto1571 12 years ago

Boneheads? Wasn't a very sporting comment.

Bottom line is you got called on a fallacious statement.

Looks like you're still pissed off about your wounds if you really have been wounded. You did understand that was possible going in didn't you?

heartstrings: "I really don't know what you guys did in the military but I'm guessing you sat nice and safe stateside or maybe you went to Germany or Korea. Frankly, all your bluster and chest thumping doesn't impress me."

But I suppose your chest thumping is perfectly acceptable?

Again, more fallacy, youngster. You really should know you're audience before shooting off your mouth like a 6 year old. 21 years service, from 1st Ranger Battalion, to the 82d, command of two rifle companies, to 3 ID, 3 conflicts and a whole lotta mileage. I don't suffer fools lightly, especially those who think they know things they don't and have an air of doubt ringing in their posts.

You were awfully quick on the draw to tell us you were a wounded combat veteran. And I'll warrant I've known far more wounded youngsters than you, and the funny thing is, not a one has your $hitty attitude. They possess attitudes that humble all they come in contact with. You don't.

I personally don't think you're telling the truth.

Since you threw it out for all to read, let's hear the details of your incident.

Lepanto1571 12 years ago

Heart strings: "You might take a hint from Lepanto."

What hint might that be?

Is this an indication that you've instructed me what life's all about?

Better think again slick.

We haven't even gotten started my friend! We'll know soon enough if you're the real deal.

Richard Heckler 12 years ago


This sounds a bit dangerous with Bush,Rummy, Cheney and Condi calling the shots. Now we have Bush mini wars scattered about.

BTW why is this administration afraid of congressional oversight? What are they hiding? Could it be the truth behind 9/11/01?

This new Rummy deal is probaly more bogus press pretending to be on the terrorists trail while in truth being bogged down in Iraq while Al qaeda flourishes. These guys are down and out trying to bring the popularity numbers up. True republicans want this administration gone ASAP.

Lepanto1571 12 years ago


Thanks for YOUR service.

Heartstrings isn't for real. Soldiers can spot soldiers a mile away.

And you sir, are a soldier!

44 years between us, but I'm sure we have no idea what we're talking about.

Seems to be another imposter has attempted to infiltrate and even if he can prove his service, his credibility has now been "wounded."

8string2 12 years ago

Conservativeman as much as it pains me to admit it you're right in this case. I was there in until July '04 not '05 as I indicated. I do appreciate your rational questioning of my dates rather than being reactionary. I'm sure this will be fodder for all of those who think I'm lying and so be it. As I said what you guys think of me doesn't matter.

drewdun 12 years ago

Man, rightthinker you are on a ROLL today. Keep up the good work buddy. Us selfish God-hating America-hating baby-hating freedom-hating terrorist-loving satan-worshipping atheist communist (I like to call it Islamo-satanic-atheistic-communofascism myself) liberals could use a good lesson from a SUPER-PATRIOT like yourself, old sport! I mean, the last decade or so of liberal elite rule has definitely put the country on the wrong track. Its gonna take strong men with level heads and pure hearts to fix the mess these damn liberals made. Men like you, conservativeman, lepanto, Arminius, jamesaust, and, most importantly, our Fearless Leader and his glorious followers in God's Own Party. Teach us your ways, o wise one! Lead and we will follow!

America America uber alles

xenophonschild 12 years ago

A veritable smorgasbord of conservative knashing and thumping. Too bad most of you don't pay closer attention to what to articles was about . . . and what it overlooks.

Does anyone believe that the Iranians are NOT rushing pell-mell to develop nuclear weapons? I believe they are, not the least because their oft-stated rationale for developing nuclear power - civilian use - doesn't jibe with their massive oil deposits.

When they do obtain nuclear weapons capabilities, do any of you seriously doubt that they will NOT detonate nuclear weapons in Israel? Iran is a theocracy; their leaders are fundamentalist Islamic radicals who believe, literally, in their religion's admonishment to "punish infidels."

We often cannot grasp here just how thoroughly Muslims hate Israel, and us, and how joyously a nuclear attack on Israel will be received.

So, down the road, sooner or later, an Iranian nuclear weapon will be detonated in an Israeli city.

What should we do then? What should an American president do? In the past, I've posted about a radioactive ribbon of glass stretching from Morocco to the farthest reaches of Muslim Borneo, but was completely ignored. Islam is the enemy . . . and I'm a liberal Democrat.

drewdun 12 years ago

Almost forgot to mention, United Republican Front Against Satanic-Communo-Islamo-Socialist Terrorism (URFASCIST) Dear Leader's poll numbers just hit 32%. We need to either eliminate or reeducate the tiny minority of terrorist-sympathizers that stand in the way of our national DESTINY. Personally, I'm tired of this small but vocal minority of 60% of unAmerican backstabbing traitors always using their power as liberal elites to thwart the will of our Dear Leader.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We have given these New York Times reading, critical thinking faculty utilizing, latte sipping life-haters too much leeway already. They have already caused gas to rise 100% in three years! They have caused the largest deficit in American history! If we let them bring down one of the finest men to ever grace the planet, God will punish our fine nation. Therefore, I propose that URFASCISTs undertakes an effort to discredit the polls, which are obviously fake forgeries sponsored by America-hating terrorism-loving elite liberal press types. If this does not work, we'll just have to use the full extent of democracy to make sure we win in November to prevent the Socialo-Communo-Islamo Satanic Atheist Democrat Party from taking power. Things like jamming their phone lines on election day. Here's a link to show us how this is done.

We will also need to make sure that areas full of Super-Patriot Jesus loving URFASCIST types have an abundance of voting machines while the unAmerican Communo-Liberal-Atheistic Areas (plus areas where the Brown People live) have next to none, resulting in hours long lines to vote. We have done this before and we can do it again, by God, because we are doing this for God, Jesus, America, Dear Leader, limited government, expanded surveillance, less tolerance for those who are out of the mainstream (that includes the tiny minority of 60% Communo-Islamo-Satanic-Democratic Terrorists against Fearless Leader) and more FREEDOM, AMERICAN STYLE, FOR EVERYONE!

America America uber alles

xenophonschild 12 years ago

We need Hillary to kill Islam. The Republicans can't do it; they can't even catch OBL, or that Jordanian puke Al Zarqawi.

When she takes office, no one will expect her to take a hard position against "rogue" nations, at least not immediately. The Iranians will probably bomb Tel Aviv, or Haifa, soon after she's inaugurated; that will provide her the opportunity to destroy Islam once and for all.

That may sound a trifle far-fetched, but it's probably close to what will actually happen. Islam is the enemy.

xenophonschild 12 years ago

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but we no longer have the ability to produce nuclear weapons . . . nor are we able to certify that the weapons we have still work.

They are able to run computer programs demonstrating that our nuclear stockpile is still viable, but there's always that smidgeon of doubt.

xenophonschild 12 years ago


Hold on there, amigo! Why the slam against the Irish? Could it be because you are the progeny of generations of bad-teeth, bad-food, awful weather, limey tea-drinkers?

Lepanto1571 12 years ago

Xenophon: "Islam is the enemy."

No argument here friend, but what's with the fear of the overclass stating this truth as opposed to whitewashing it in "peaceful but hijacked."


Still out hating Bush? When are you going to learn that there is no substantial difference between candidates in our dual party monopoly. I sure can't tell the difference any longer.

I figured you'd love Bush, he spends like a sailor on shore leave.

xenophonschild 12 years ago


Your dog cain't hunt. You conservative gentlemen overlook the place competence has in the scheme of things. If a liberal Democrat was incompetent, he/she would not have my, and I suspect most of my ideological colleagues, support.

Your president is not competent. Incredibly, he still might be able to pull this mess off; the jury is still out. By some miracle, if democracy does take root in Iraq, and the Sunnis and Shiites don't try to kill each other, and fundamentalist Islam doesn't poison the rest of the Muslim world, and we don't overspend ourselves into bankruptcy, why . . . he just might pull it off.

But I doubt it. Hillary will be able to do it; William the Great would have been able to do it in his sleep.

Find a competent, moderate Republican to give your loyalty to. In his own vernacular, GWB is a "dry hole."

drewdun 12 years ago


more in-depth insight and analysis PLEASE!

Let's play a little game. Its called URFASCIST world vs. (Reality world). Here we go...

We all know Democrats went along with the war in Iraq - see rt's post above. (133 Dems voted against in the House, 23 in the Senate).

We on the right are such good Christians and human beings. We are the ones rooted in reality while it is the 'looney left' that is disconnected. ("We have millions of tons of Nerve agent we're spending billions on to safely destroy. We can safely dispose of it in Iran, solve the whacko islamo problem, and keep all the oil infrastructure in place" - Conservativeman comment above)

All of us Super-Patriot hyper-Christian fantastic human beings with such awesome understanding of world affairs and attitudes on the right have served. (W - no; Cheney - no; Rumsfeld - no; Wolfowitz - no; Frist - no; DeLay - no; Limbaugh - no; O'Reilly - no; Brit Hume - no; Chambliss - no (and he called his quadraplegic veteran opponent a terrorist); Cavuto- no; Savage - no; Liddy - served (time in prison); etc. (The list of chickenhawk right wingers is endless).

The thing with the wingnuts is that they are beyond hope. Their programming is foolproof (literally). Its funny to watch them bloviate on tv and here on as they obviously have so little power and so much anger built up. Watching them fall over themselves to see who can come up with the most irrelevant piece of GOP talking-point trash, while ignoring the fact that it is THEIR TEAM IN POWER F@CKING EVERYTHING UP. They (URFASCISTs) are utterly disconnected from any semblance of reality and arguing with them is like arguing with a brick wall. Facts, figures, and insight that contradicts their 'training' is immediately disregarded as 'liberal' or 'terrorist' or 'gay' or whatever the scapegoat-du-jour is for their extremist ideology and party. They are truly bottom feeders of society, and deserve absolutely no respect, as they give none to anyone who doesn't blindly swallow their fantastical and ridiculous steady stream of propaganda and falsehoods. They prove exactly how gullible and easily manipulated they are EVERY TIME THEY OPEN THEIR MOUTHS.

And while it may be a URFASCIST wet dream to bomb and nuke and kill others who have not attacked us and to belittle and destroy a religion with over a billion adherents, those of us in the reality-based community WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. TRY US, MOTHERF@CKERS

drewdun 12 years ago

Let me clarify before the bots jump all over it - yes W served (with many questions still remaining about his service record). F@ck off.

xenophonschild 12 years ago


Good work, but please understand the wonderful opportunity we have here. Iran bombs Israel; essentially, Islam and Judiasm will kill each other. That's two of the three old sky-god religions left reeling on the road to oblivion.

That leaves only Christianity, and we can then concentrate all our attention to limiting its effects on our society. Maybe, in our lifetimes, we will see the end of ignorant, religious superstitions.

That's something to stay alive for.

xenophonschild 12 years ago


I wondered when we'd hear bleating from your end of the sheep-pen.

Hillary is, and has been, a success at almost everything she has taken on in life. Wife, mother, lawyer, advocate for the poor, homeless . . . those without health care. She is now an extremely popular, successful junior senator from New York; in a few years, she will be the first female president of the United States.

I suggest you go to your bogus web site, the one that tapped into Clinton's press apparatus, and ask him why he didn't capture OBL. Aren't you the one who suggested that we should've shot down the plane carrying him to Afghanistan? What about innocent passengers and crew?

I'm surprised you had the temerity to even type the word "Whitewater" on your keyboard. How many years, how many millions of public dollars, went to the "investigation," - and to what effect? Besides demonstrating what sleazy low-lifes Republicans truly are.

Ahmed Chalabi? C'mon, Arminitwit. I expect better of you than this. Do you understand anything at all about how international politics differs from domestic? Despite all my hopes, it seems holygrailale is right about you.

And GWB is not my president. Wouldn't claim him, and can't understand why or how any rational person would. Didn't you see Fahrenheit 911, when GWB was advised that we were under attack? That glazed, lost look in his eyes? I could give you some examples from my nefarious past, but you wouldn't understand; suffice to say, guys who react like that cannot be depended on to do what's right. If me or mine had acted like that, we'd be dead. Karl Rove quickly put things in order, but Karl Rove's not the guy.

Like I mentioned earlier, find a decent moderate Republican to give your loyalty to - someone who deserves it - and put the memory of this guy along with Milliard Fillmore and Warren G. Harding.

xenophonschild 12 years ago


Yes, but William the Great was competent. He kicked your Republican asses - up, down, front to back, side to side - for years, and without even trying hard. And he was, is, undeniably brilliant. The greatest political mind of the century. When he went into briefings, he didn't need to be told what to think or what to do - he already knew more than anyone else in the room. Can your boy say that?

Do you really care about the personal morality of a president? The challenges they face, the level of competence they must demonstrate, makes personal morality almost irrelevant, like their shoe size.

Tell me truly, why do you guys hate William the Great so much? Never could understand that. Doesn't make sense.

xenophonschild 12 years ago


Ah, the vitriol. You should understand that I don't care much about scoring debater's points on a newspaper website, particularly against someone who put up a bogus website to provide credibility to his positions.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the bin Laden family get special treatment from your guy, after 9/11? And what exactly is it you recommend William the Great should have done vis-a-vis the plane carrying OBL? Break any number of international laws and social conventions? Murder an innocent flight crew? Women and children?

And "getting off topic" I guess is how you change the subject when it highlights your shortcomings . . . like the "Whitewater" episode you so glibly skated away from. How many years, and how many millions of taxpayer dollars was that again?

Is is possible for you to consider that William the Great and the US State Department used Ahmed Chalabi to keep Saddam on his toes, make him a little more aware of international realities? And, (this is the big one, so get ready) do you really think William the Great would have invaded Iraq as your guy did . . . or would he have focused on Afghanistan, on OBL, and used our presence there to manipulate Saddam? Just a thought. Just curious to see how you'll respond.

It's okay that your guy did the "deer in the headlights" thing. Could happen to anybody . . . couldn't it?

xenophonschild 12 years ago

I waited 20 minutes, but no response. I have to finish another chapter and watch a replay of my beloved Yankees thrashing hated Tampa Bay.

Long life to secular humanists and liberal Democrats!

Lepanto1571 12 years ago

"Men like you, conservativeman, lepanto, Arminius, jamesaust need to eat the peanuts outta my poop!!"

Liberal intellectual firepower in action.

I'm convinced at this point that you are certainly depriving some village of an idiot somewhere.

Lepanto1571 12 years ago

Unconservative person: "Yes. I took your job... Sorry......"

No problem. Admitting that you're an idiot is the first step in changing that condition.

Glad to have helped.

Godot 11 years, 12 months ago

hmmm. back to Douglas' letter. He wrote:

"Threatening to nuke Iran, however, is like a parent beating a child to teach it that hitting is wrong."

Somehow I doubt that Ahmanedinejad would take kindly to that analogy. He does not view Bush as a father figure, and in no way would he ever view any US response as that of a parent chastising a child.

I view Ahmad Mad Man as a very dangerous individual whose goal is to keep the US at bay long enough to get his nukes operational so that he can use them and disseminate them to other Islamic groups. His first strike might be Israel, but my bet would be Iraq or even the UAE, in order to destroy US military capability.

This is not child's play.

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