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ACLU issues

April 22, 2006


To the editor:

I was glad to see that the Kansas University chapter of the ACLU finally found a cause they felt worthy of their attention (Journal-World, April 19). Their cause? Noise control. It seems students are being accused of having noisy gatherings; imagine that!

The Douglas County ACLU in recent years has repeatedly attempted to involve the KU chapter in public debates, seminars, etc. While a few members did attend a number of events, the KU chapter was for the most part, non-involved.

The current KU ACLU president could do some research into the history of other campus chapters and their contributions. Presently, our political system is a mess, we are at war, and citizens are being put under surveillance without warrants. There are all sorts of issues worthy of student efforts.

When just one of these issues "hits home" and directly affects their lives, maybe they will join in the rest of the nation's ACLU chapters involvement. Motivated student voices made a difference once. Those voices literally changed our world and they can again. Hopefully, it won't take something as extreme as a draft to motivate them.

Doris Stine,



wonderhorse 12 years, 1 month ago

"...our political system is a mess...." Yes, Ma'am, I agree. But this is not something that ACLU can address, since it is not a point of law.

"...we are at war...." Yes we are. Once again, not a point of law.

"...citizens are being put under surveillance without warrants." Yes, I had the FBI in my house just yesterday....

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