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Mother pushes for vaccine ban

A bill considered by a legislative committee has Kansas joining a global debate about the link between mercury and autism

April 16, 2006


— Legislation that a Lawrence mother says will protect children and parents from the kind of mercury poisoning that happened to her son is sitting idle in a Senate committee.

Senate Bill 537 would lead to a state ban of vaccines that contain thimerosal, a compound that is made up of 50 percent mercury, which is a known toxin that affects the nervous system.

Thimerosal is a preservative used to ward off bacterial and fungal contamination in some vaccines and other health care products, and it is the focus of a raging debate.

Federal and state officials say it is safe, but thousands of parents have blamed thimerosal for their children's disorders and the recent increase in the number of autistic children.

Linda Weinmaster said her son Adam, now 14, was poisoned by thimerosal from shots she received during her pregnancy and vaccines Adam received later as an infant. He has a number of impairments because of the adverse effects of thimerosal, she said.

"These damaged children are not only costing the taxpayers millions in special education services, but many will not be able to hold jobs and will have to be taken care of for the rest of their lives, putting even more of a burden on parents and society," she said.

Like many parents nationwide, Weinmaster said government studies that fail to show links between thimerosal and autism are flawed and biased by ties to the pharmaceutical industry. The controversy over thimerosal has been fought in capitals around the world. Several countries, including Denmark, have banned the use of thimerosal.

No action taken

Weinmaster said SB 537, similar to legislation filed in nearly 30 states, would save Kansas millions in tax dollars from avoided health care costs in the future.

A public hearing on the bill occurred in March, but the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee has taken no action on the measure.

Committee Chairman Sen. Jim Barnett, R-Emporia, who is a physician, said there had never been a proven link between thimerosal and autism, a position that's also supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration.

High levels of mercury are known to cause neurological disorders. A recent University of California-Davis study found thimerosal can disrupt the immune system in mice. The study's authors cautioned that the findings did not link use of thimerosal with autism, but many autistic children experience immune problems.

Barnett said parts of the bill also would ban the use of some travel vaccinations containing thimerosal. And he said the process to override the proposed ban on thimerosal in the event of a public health emergency, such as a flu pandemic, would be cumbersome.

"The bill did not have support to come out of committee, particularly the second part, which would have prohibited the availability of any medicine in the state of Kansas in 2008 of containing thimerosal," Barnett said.

Health officials' concerns

The bill would prohibit the use of any vaccine containing more than 0.5 micrograms of mercury per 0.5 milliliter dose for any child 8 years old or younger or any pregnant woman, starting Jan. 1, 2007. Under the bill, the state would have prohibited the use of any level of mercury in any vaccine by Jan. 1, 2008.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment had concerns about the bill.

Currently, most childhood vaccines in the United States contain little or no thimerosal, doctors say. But most flu shots do.

Only about 10 percent of the 80 million doses of injectable flu vaccine produced this year were thimerosal-free, according to Dr. Howard Rodenberg, director of the division of health for KDHE.

"The limited amount of thimerosal-free vaccine would likely mean that not all those who need to be vaccinated could be vaccinated," Rodenberg said.

He also noted the ban starting in 2008 could prevent Kansans from getting travel vaccinations, such as those against encephalitis. Rodenberg said it also could affect the availability of snake and spider antivenins, which contain mercury preservatives, as well as products for the eyes, ears and nose.

The bill could "call into question the integrity of the vaccine supply," Rodenberg said, and drive down the rate of childhood immunizations in Kansas, which already are among the nation's lowest.

The American Academy of Pediatrics also opposes the bill even though the academy has called for the phaseout of thimerosal in childhood vaccines.

Dr. Dennis Cooley of Topeka, of the academy's Kansas chapter, said pediatricians opposed thimerosal as a precaution. But he said banning a government-approved substance would create a dangerous precedent.

"Certain people feel antidepressants are dangerous and shouldn't be used," he said.

Question of money

But Weinmaster said the bottom line is about money. Thimerosal-free vaccines cost from 25 percent to 30 percent more because they must be kept in single-use vials. With single-use vials, the product must be used immediately once the seal is broken. In multidose vials, thimerosal is used to prevent contamination once the seal is broken.

While scientists debate whether thimerosal is specifically the culprit for the increase in autism, she said, there is no debate that high mercury levels cause neurological disorders.

Weinmaster said she and a group of families, including others from Lawrence, intended to keep fighting for the legislation.

"The bottle of thimerosal has a skull and crossbones on it because it's poison, and it's wrong to poison American children," she said.


Ragingbear 12 years, 2 months ago

What upsets me is that the beurocrats are pulling the same thing as High Voltage power lines, and possible cell phone causing brain tumors. They refuse to actually look into it, and instead just try to act like nothing can possibly be wrong because of it.

pundit 12 years, 2 months ago

The length of the article gives the issue far more credence than is deservered. The Institute of Medicine published a comprehensive review of the significant research regarding this issue, including several of the studies quoted by the thimerisol opponents. Verdict: no causal relation.

Keep looking for the black helicopters if you want.

KarenMcD 12 years, 2 months ago

Thimerosal is a potent neurotoxin and one only needs to read the material safety data sheet for this substance to understand that. "Thimerosal contains mercury...... mercury may cause moderate to severe mental retardation and moderate to severe motor coordination impairment" It seems that anyone who speaks out against thimerosal bans either has conflicts of interest, or lacks the ability to see the deceptive ways of our health agencies. Thimerosal was developed prior to the development of FDA safety regulations - and as of today, there are still no credible studies showing it is safe. Furthermore, there is much clinical science to support the thoery that thimerosal has contributed to the current epidemic of autism in our country. These studies can be accessed at Generation Rescue's website.

Shane Garrett 12 years, 2 months ago

pundit: "They" are far more stealthy. I am wondering if you are not the gov. rep. for debunking?
If lead paint dust, in the parts per billion, is considered poisonous to children; then I ask how could Mercury be healthful?

superduper 12 years, 2 months ago

How about all the other "safe" drugs that the FDA approves and says are "safe" until a few years and millions of profited dollars later pull it off the market because it is killing people. There's nothing wrong with being cautious. Drug companies are evil and willing to tell you anthing to keep their drugs on the market. If it contains mercury I wouldn't let them give it to my kid.

progrock 12 years, 2 months ago

Thimerosal is not used in vaccines any more. There is a different preservative that contains water soluable mercury. Water soluable means it would be impossible to have levels high enough to poison anyone.

rkrakow 12 years, 2 months ago

Great article.

In response to some of the comments by other readers: Thimerosal is still used in many vaccines. In particular, most flu vaccines, now recommended by CDC for annual injection of kids ages 6 months to 5 years of age. There are plans to use it in avian flu vaccine. The commenter who states that there is a "different preservative that contains water soluable mercury" is incorrect. There is only one mercury containing preservative used in vaccines, and it is bioactive, crosses into the brain, and causes enzyme disruption, among many other avenues of harm to humans. The comment is ignorant.

As to the comment that IOM exonerated thimerosal, the IOM said there is no evidence of a vaccine-autism link (based on statistical studies only that have serious flaws). The IOM conceded that thimerosal and mercury is neurotoxic and immunotoxic. The IOM never retracted its report showing links to neurodevelopmental disorders.

Mr. "black helicopter" - you can bury your head in the sand if you want - this has nothing to do with conspiracies, but rather is based on parents' actual experience with their kids.

sandersen 12 years, 2 months ago

Thimerosal IS still in vaccines today. In fact, you are required to sign a form at the health department as to whether or not you have a "sensitivity" to thimerosal. I have repeatedly been told at our local health department that both the flu and MMR vaccines they stock contain thimerosal. I have even went to the extent of specifically requesting only thimerosal-free immunizations on the face sheet I filled out prior to the shots, only to find out after they were injected that they were not thimerosal free.

As to the cynical comment as to the merit of this concern, as a mother of five who has a child who has been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder ( he was COMPLETELY without any developmental concerns until after receiving immunizations and multiple doses of injectibles such as rocefin IM, and absolutely no family history of the disorder or any like disorder, as well as no prenatal situations that would be implicit), I would suggest you look no further than the symptoms listed for mercury poisoning in any medical resource to give pause for thought. Thimerosal is economical, but not safe for internal use in humans, particularly considering that, like any other substance, the younger the subject, the lower the requisite amount necessary to negatively impact the body: nicotine, alcohol, and various prescription meds impact a full grown adult much differently than a 3 month old infant. Studies staged or aided by any with a financial iron in the fire are highly unlikely to ever do justice to the question at hand. Many meds and additives once believed to be perfectly safe have since been pulled from the shelves. Most parents are unwilling to allow their children to play with a mercury-filled glass thermometer. Why should it be acceptable to inject a derived substance into your children?

As to the dilema of reducing immunization rates, simply make a safe, thimerosal free vaccine supply,and stop making pharmaceutical company profits the top priority in physical well being and you will have an increase in the current levels of immunizations.

As to the "dangerous precedent" set by questioning current federal guidelines, I find this a dangerous and frightening set of reasoning, as all logical reasonably mature human beings should constantly use critical thinking to evaluate the data presented and feel free to question potentially flawed findings, particularly where the health of our infants and toddlers are concerned.

sarahandpad 12 years, 2 months ago

One problem: THERE IS NO PROOF THAT THIMEROSAL CAUSES ANYTHING. I thought I would mention that, just in case anyone is interested.

sandersen 12 years, 2 months ago


Please explain, without any "studies" funded or co-funded by pharmaceutical companies or their interests, exactly how you can logically deduce thimerosal is not a human neurotoxin, and then help us out by giving us the cumulative quantity of thimerosal found in the various tissues of an average infant receiving all immunizations within the recommended schedule, hypothesizing they are multi-use stock and contain thimerosal. I want you to back up your statement with more than CAPS.

sandersen 12 years, 2 months ago

Thimerosal is a form of organic mercury (aka merthiolate). It is toxic, a known neurotoxin. I can provide you with data as to the treatment for ingesting organic mercury. Also as to the extreme toxicity of thimerosal. This information can be easily located on government and collegiate websites.

Why do you think it is no longer in most meds used on dogs and cats, or in contact lens solution?

I am offended by the cavalier notion that this is a substance we should routinely inject into the most vulnerable of our populace. It is not a necessary element in vaccines. And stop sending our thimerosal-containing vaccines to third world nations.... They have enough problems as it is.

lawrencechick 12 years, 2 months ago

I'll be the first to admit I don't know enough facts to have an educated opinion about mercury in vaccines. What I do know is that me, my kids, hundreds of kids of relatives and friends of mine have all been vaccinated and not ONE is autistic or mentally retarded. There was one British study linking mercury to autism and that was completely rescinded last year as bogus. Where is the living, breathing evidence? The increase in autism is partly due to the inclusion of the vague Asberger's syndrome which in many kids is blatently due to the enviornment in which they are raised ,not mercury.

sandersen 12 years, 2 months ago


I appreciate your candor as to your lack of factual knowledge on this subject. I notice you are quoting studies. However I must comment on your rather snide and incorrect comments in regards to Asberger's: I hope you take some time to actually research this/speak to some families affected by this prior to opining in the near future.

The "living, breathing evidence" is this: there are government warnings to avoid eating certain fish contaminated by organic mercury. Thimerosal is organic mercury. It is highly toxic. It is not a necessary component in vaccines, but does much to enrich the bottom line of the pharmaceutical industry. I would also like to mention that some in the medical field believe that behavioral diagnosis such as ADD/ADHD/ODD and others may in actuality be in the same category as Autistic Spectrum disorders, so if anyone in the "hundreds" of people you know suffers from those problems, you just might know someone affected by thimerosal.

The bottom line is this: Unless you are a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry, I find it dificult to believe you would purposely eat organic mercury contaminated fish or inject organic mercury into your body when it is not necessary. This does not mean you don't get vaccinated.... It simply means you assure our vaccine supply is free of known poisons that are currently used to fatten the bottom line of an already bloated industry.

Jamesaust 12 years, 2 months ago

One would wonder if countries that removed thimerosal (from public pressure not because they believed that there was a problem) have shown a reduction in diagnosis of autism in children. (Hint: no, there is not a measured reduction.) Indeed, one would expect autism to have virtually disappeared if you buy into this "theory." (I hesitate to call it a theory since it does not postulate the means by which one thing (thimerosal) causes the other (autism); it merely notes a vague correlation in time.)

One might also wonder why the characteristics of autism are attributed to thimerosal, where mercury is a component, when the the characteristics of mercury poisoning are both well-known and different. Autism is a highly specialized illness (hence, the lack of identification until the 20th century). Mercury poisoning is a broad neurological illness. How would mercury indiscriminately attack the neurological system but mercury-contained thimerosal would attack only certain select systems? Its akin to saying that immersing a computer keyboard in H20 will cause the electrical system to short and the keys will stop working but if the immersional liquid is H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) then only the "h" key and sometimes the "p" key stop working.

The conspiratorial references to pharmaceutical profits are a joke. One of the few things the average joe knows about vaccines is that they've been getting harder to obtain precisely because there's no profit to speak of in them for their producers - even after significant government subsidy.

lawrencechick 12 years, 2 months ago

Sanderson, you said you have 5 children. Did they all receive vaccines? Does only one have autism? That wouldn't make sense. And since the onset of autism is usually between 18 months and 3, showing signs of it after booster shots is pure coincidence. Doctor after doctor who aren't on any payrolls have stated that.

jayhawk01 12 years, 2 months ago

Thimerosal is composed in part of ETHYLmercury not methylmercury. methylmercury is the type of mercury associated with toxicity. There are several factors that discount the role of thimerosal as a possible cause of regressive autism: 1. There are no published studies of known ethylmercury poisioning. 2. Furthermore, ataxia, tremor, visual disturbance, etc are noted complications of METHYLmercury poisioning, but do not characterize the symptoms of autism. 3. Males with autism outnumber females with autism yet they are equally immunized 4. Theoretically, preemies should experience a higher risk of toxicity associated with neonatal Hep B immunization due to their small size resulting in higher Hg load per gram of weight and their immature liver resulting in decreased ability to metabolize Hg, yet prematurity has not been found to be a risk factor for ASD. 5. Pichichero (2002) demonstrated that children exposed to vaccines containing thimerosal were not at risk of achieving dangerous blood mercury levels. furthermore mercury was excreted in stools and eliminated in the blood stream six times faster than the predicted studies based on METHYLmercury. no child ever achieved a blood level of mercury that exceeded ther EPA safe level, and furthermore the lvels never reached high enough levels to put the children at risk for neurodevelopmental disorders.

KarenMcD 12 years, 2 months ago


My autistic child has documented ataxia and visual disturbances, as do many children on the spectrum. The reason males with autism far outnumber females with autism is because testosterone is a synergistic toxin with mercury. This has been shown in the lab of Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD., University of Kentucky; and Dr. Mark Geier has also found that children with ASD consistently have abnormally high testosterone levels. You do not reference any studies to support your claim that preemies are not at higher risk for autism. Pinchichero's study is useless because in ASD kids, mercury is bound tightly in the cells and tissues, so blood levels are inconsequential. Thomas Burbacher, PhD. University of Washington showed in his recent study using infant primates that once ethylmercury gets into the brain it is rapidly converted into inorganic mercury where it stays for much longer than methylmercury. The flawed population studies commissioned by the CDC (a conflict in itself) were altered no less than five times to achieve the desired results.

There are far too many children losing their "autism" diagnosis after undergoing treament for mercury toxicty to deny this any longer.

letsgetwise 12 years, 2 months ago

I have looked into vaccinations some, but will admit not enough to have a huge debate. I know enough to be leary of them. There are several things I just don't trust, thimerosol being one. I had a fairly bad reaction to the thimerosol that was in the contact solution I was using, probably 15-20 years ago when it was still in the solutions. When my eye doctor told me this was "fairly common" probably "40% or more" have a reaction to the thimerosol, I couldn't believe my ears. How could that large of a percentage have a reaction like mine, and this product still be on the market and in the products it was in? Somewhere along the line it came out of many of the eyecare products. There is something not trustworthy here. Also, lets face it...if the drug companies were to admit there is a problem with the mercury in the vaccines, what a can of worms that would open. How many people would demand to sue somebody? I have a brother, who is about 54, that by all the information we can gather, probably got polio from the vaccine. Things have changed in the vaccine, but nothing has ever been done to help my brother. And, certainly does not help me "trust" these chemicals. About 20 years (or so) ago, college age kids started coming down with the measles...and a large majority of them had been vaccinated, only to find out that "something" wasn't quite up to par with the vaccine. Okay, so my question becomes does anyone really know how the not quite right vaccine effects the body? I mean have there been any studies that show what happens if the vaccine just isn't what they thought? Now we're having trouble with mumps, and "they're" not sure what's going on here. You know, just too many what ifs for me and my family. Too many waivers to sign. I'm supposed to take responsiblity for my family, yet I have to sign all these waivers to take all these supposedly safe vaccines. I just don't buy it.

Jamesaust 12 years, 2 months ago

KarenMcD -

Where to begin with such gibberish?

Since its late:

"...shown in the lab of Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD., University of Kentucky;" Indeed, there is such a Haley. He's most famous not for his scientific work but for his extraordinary insensitivity of insisting on referring to autism as "Mad Child Disease."

Real scientists are not very interested in what Dr. Haley has "shown" in his lab but in his peer-reviewed, scientific publication of these "findings." And those would be where? where.

Indeed, testosterone has been shown to be PROTECTIVE of the nervous system and leading to INCREASED exrection of mercury. Estrogen by contrast seems to have an opposite effect. (But then that assumes away the stark differences between mercury poisoning versus autism.)

"The reason males with autism far outnumber females with autism is because testosterone is a synergistic toxin with mercury."

No, the reason is that males have a higher incidence of developmental disorders. Period. Regardless of mercury. Regardless of vaccination. And apparently (even with the absence of non-modern diagnosis) they have been so forever.

KarenMcD 12 years, 2 months ago

Jayhawk, since you mentioned peer-reviewed studies, where are the studies that show that thimerosal is safe?? As I mentioned in my first post, the MSDS for thimerosal states...."Thimerosal contains mercury....mercury may cause mild to severe mental retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment..."

Um, I don't think any parent who reads this statement would knowingly inject it into their child. Unless, of course, they are a criminal, with the intent of injuring the child.

Your personal attack on Boyd Haley is typical of those who cannot debate this issue with facts.

TeresaConrick 12 years, 2 months ago

Here is some of the current research for those who do not understand this issue.

If you are here trying to deny the connection between mercury/thimerosal to autism, you are either:

-uneducated about it so please read.

-a paid rep from the Pharm Industry so you need to "disprove" this.

-a stockholder who will also lose on thimerosal poisoning.

-a doctor, government health employee, or member of a medical organization who either cannot fathom emotionally that you are responsible for injecting a known neurotoxin, or that liability concerns are keeping you up at night.

Bottom line is the truth is out and now we need to help the children currently affected by thimerosal exposure and stop it from ever injurying another child, here and around the world.

Mercury and autism: Accelerating Evidence?

Neuroendocrinology Letters, Oct 2005. Joachim Mutter, M.D. [Freiburg University, Germany]. This recent study from Germany summarizes many of the recent scientific advances. Excerpt:

"The causes of autism and neurodevelopmental disorders are unknown. Genetic and environmental risk factors seem to be involved...Repetitive doses of thimerosal leads to neurobehavioral deteriorations in autoimmune susceptible mice, increased oxidative stress and decreased intracellular levels of glutathione in vitro. Subsequently, autistic children have significantly decreased level of reduced glutathione. Promising treatments of autism involve detoxification of mercury, and supplementation of deficient metabolites."

Comparison of Blood and Brain Mercury Levels in Infant Monkeys Exposed to Methylmercury or Vaccines Containing Thimerosal. Environmental Health Perspectives, Aug 2005 Thomas Burbacher, PhD [University of Washington] - showed that ethyl mercury, the kind of mercury found in thimerosal, not only ends up in the brain, but leaves double the amount of inorganic mercury as methyl mercury, the kind of mercury found in fish.

Thimerosal Neurotoxicity is Associated with Glutathione Depletion: Protection with Glutathione Precursors. Neurotoxicology, Jan 2005. S. Jill James, PhD [University of Arkansas] -demonstrated that Thimerosal lowers or inhibits the body's ability to produce Glutathione, an antioxidant and the body's primary cellular-level defense against mercury.

Large Brains in Autism: The Challenge of Pervasive Abnormality. The Neuroscientist, Volume 11, Number 5, 2005. Martha Herbert, MD, PhD [Harvard University] - discussed neuroinflammation and how it appears to be present in autistic brain tissue, suggesting that chronic disease or an external environmental source (like heavy metals) may be causing the inflammation.

Evidence Of Harm, Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy, 2005 David Kirby, St. Martin's Press

sandersen 12 years, 2 months ago

This issue is quite simple: If it's not necessary to the efficacy of the vaccines, remove it. If there is even the slight potential of harm and it's not absolutely imperative to the product, only produce the safest vaccines possible: Vaccines free of this preservative.

Case Closed.

sandersen 12 years, 2 months ago


What an asinine and arrogant response to a deep concern by those of us merely want to see done for human vaccines what was done for our household pet vaccines years ago: remove an unnecessary and potentially harmful preservative. It is quite obvious that some find it entertaining to argue in favor of thimerosal without any real reason: What does it benefit YOU if this chemical remains in our vaccine supply? What vested interest do you personally have in this argument? This is not mudflinging, merely an effort to do whatever is necessary to assure the safety of those who are most vulnerable. Your sly reference to conspiracy theories is an unwarranted disservice to those of us whose families have been devastated by a group of disorders that appeared only years after Eli Lilly produced and marketed thimerosal and it was added to vaccines. What possible hostility could you have towards a group of people who merely want to do anything possible to stop this from even potentially causing harm? Why don't you tell us why you feel it is so imperative to continue the use of thimerosal in vaccines. You seem to forget science is a river, not a pond. New information and data are discovered every day. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a concerned person who has been impacted by this tragedy to take action.

This is not about litigation, this is about prevention.

adala60 12 years, 2 months ago

This is a no brainer folks! Mercury has no business being injected into anybody and those who say there is no evidence that thimerosal causes autism are just sticking their heads in the sand. The bottom line here is that we are poisoning ourselves in many different ways be it fake food, synthetic drugs, toxic chemicals and yes! vaccines. All you have to do is take a look at the list of ingredients in vaccines to know it isn't good for you, but then I guess these same skeptics are the ones who think they are getting real food at the grocery store too!!!! Do you really think the food and pharmaceutical industries really care about our health. NO!!!! they just want to make a buck at our expense. Get a grip people and take charge of your own health cause no one who's in the food and medical industry really cares about anything but the almighty dollar, even at the expense of our children.

melott 12 years, 2 months ago

This article is in the same vein as one last month where they had a big headline over 3 medical profs signing an anti-evolution statement. No judgment. This lady has managed to buffalo a lot of people into taking her fetish seriously. It's a problem, but one you have to live with in a democracy. I'd like to make a few comments.

  1. Water is toxic. It should be banned.

Proof: consuming over 100 lbs of water is always fatal. Water immersion for more than 20 minutes is always fatal.

Comment: everything is toxic at some level. The question is how much.

  1. Tomatoes cause criminal behavior. They should be banned.

Proof: every serious felon interviewed has been shown to eat tomotoes at one time or another.

Comment: Not very far, really, from this woman's logic. She has decided to blame mercury rather than tomatoes. A major heartbreak like raising a child with these problems has to find blame.

  1. In a more serious vein, I have no doubt that there exists some bias in industry-funded research. However, it is rare that the truth can be suppressed totally, because you "can't bullsh** mother Nature". Lots of things have been found dangerous by industry research, when the results are compelling. They don't want to be sued!

  2. I hold her and people like her responsible for every death that occurs because someone did not get immunized out of this scare campaign. If this needlessly raises the price of vaccine, and some people don't get it due to the price increase, I hold them responsible for all the additional deaths that take place.


TeresaConrick 12 years, 2 months ago


The issue here is not stopping vaccination. It is an issue of removing thimerosal, which can be done.

You can ask for a thimerosal-free vaccine and check the package insert to make sure.

Vaccine manufacturers have said they can meet demand so why are you even bringing this up? You are the one fearmongering.

Also, you're sarcasm and lack of empathy reflect your lack of knowledge regarding thimerosal.

SusanDarstWilliams 12 years, 2 months ago

I've known Linda Weinmaster all my life. She is somebody who truly cares. She has worked hard and spent an enormous amount of time and her own money accomplishing positive changes in our educational system and our society for others as well as for her own kids.

She is an astoundingly thorough researcher; I have never known her to stretch the truth or get the big things wrong and have to go back on anything she has said.

I pray that the powers that be will listen to her. She has answers for why so many more boys than girls have autism -- has to do with testosterone and its inability to handle the onslaught of mercury -- and the other concerns expressed in these comments.

She has convinced me, and I just hope people will give her a chance.

jagchat01 12 years, 2 months ago

As a vaccine damage victim myself, I can vouch that the mercury in vaccines IS harmful. Recently it has been discussed in the press that immediate reactions to vaccines like skin eruptions, fevers etc must be handled very carefully. It was not done in my case. It has also been reported that persons with eczema or psoriasis should not be administered vaccines for eruptive diseases like measles or small pox. Well, I had the eczema and was given the MMR shot without any warning.

All this makes it very evident that vaccines can be decidedly harmful and that mercury is not the only harmful ingredient in vaccines. Thankfully the vaccine activists are aware of the fact and research is ongoing to test all ingredients individually and collectively. Mark Sircus, in his newsletter, has already pointed out how Aluminium Hydroxide, another component of vaccines and a potent neurotoxin can make the ethylmercury of Thimerosal more dangerous.

Then the carcinogens, the other toxins, the dangers from contaminated serum, and the direct administration of the antibiotic content of vaccines without the skin test. There's a lot to be done.

Homeopaths have long warned that injecting infected pus and serum directly into the blood stream can cause harm. Read the book, "Thuja and its use in vaccinosis" by Dr J C Burnett. They warn about the mental state caused by vaccinosis, a point till now ignored. Homeopaths have also pointed out the emotional imbalances that can be caused by mercury poisoning.

Besides the physical ailments could vaccines be the reason behind the changing mentality of our civillisation? Where has all the innocence gone? Taken away by the vaccines? We see the autistic children become high strung, irrational, disobidient; traits noticed increasingly in the new generation of youth. Parents are hard pressed to explain these habits in their children. What about the depression, the shyness, the inward looking rebel who seeks to destroy himself? Clearly we are putting our children at great risk by subjecting themselves to a procedure we really know nothing about.

A Health Officer I met admitted that had Pasteur been alive he would never have agreed to the "commercialisation" of vaccines. To him vaccinations were only for those in immediate danger. They were for the healthy and not for the weak, the malnourished, the immuno deficient, the sick.

Then the virus theory. With each passing day this theory appears less and less valid. From Antoine Beauchamp to the modern Genetic Engineers nobody agrees to this theory. Viruses are carriers of genetic material and some few external viruses can be harmful if the immunity is deficient.

I personally feel we have been had. Once the truth is out a lot of people will have a lot of explaining to do. I am looking forward to that day. In anger, in great anger.

melott 12 years, 2 months ago

  1. Thimerasol is a preservative which makes it possible to produce and distribute vaccines more rapidly and with less expense.
  2. Caring does not mean correct. If she has done all this research she should publish it in a scientific journal.
  3. Homeopaths--invalid virus theory---not much I need to say about this one.

SusanDarstWilliams 12 years, 2 months ago

To melott:

You misspelled "thimerosal." It's hard to win people over to your side if you can't even spell the key word right. :>)

There are plenty of alternatives to this mercury-containing toxin. It seems the main reason Big Pharma is dragging its heels is that it wants to use thimerosal in Third World countries and make more money on vaccines distributed there. So it doesn't want the real deal on how bad it is to come out.

I wish you well, but you have an enormously long way to go on this issue before you even come close to knowing as much as Linda Weinmaster does.

lweinmaster 12 years, 2 months ago

Please visit for the SCIENCE on this issue. Mercury is a proven neuro toxins in all forms. The American Academy of Pediatrics is in a law suit of mercury emission from power plants while they continue to directly inject it into babies???? Where is the logic and common sense. Error on the side of safety join all other industrialized nations and ban thimerosal. Call the health committee members today.

gr 12 years, 2 months ago

(Article) "But he said banning a government-approved substance would create a dangerous precedent."

You mean like cigarettes?


For all those who think there isn't enough mercury to poison anyone, how about allowing kids to play with small amounts in school? Neat stuff, you know.

75x55: Here's some REAL information. Mercury is poisonous. Ethyl, Methyl, Organic, Inorganic. It still has a known poisonous substance. All kinds of reactions happen in our bodies, so even if it could be combined in such a way as to be inert, could there be the possibility that some reaction could free it? Whether it causes autism is non-relevant. Poisonous substances, (as marked on the bottles), should not be injected into people. There is no safe level.

Unless you can make some money by doing it. :-)

Imagine what would happen to our economy if they stopped using mercury and suddenly autism rates dropped. If that would happen, would that not be definite evidence against pharmaceutical industry? They would be put out of business with all the resulting lawsuits. Our economy would come to a halt.

So, help keep the economy going. Line your kids up and we'll inject heavy metals, DDT, or whatever else. Sure, some may die, some may be maimed or damaged, but that's the sacrifice we must make to keep our economy going.

Paula Kissinger 12 years, 2 months ago

Posted by Lawrencechick : "The increase in autism is partly due to the inclusion of the vague Asberger's syndrome which in many kids is blatently due to the enviornment in which they are raised ,not mercury."

I suggest to you, Lawrencechick, that you learn that ASPERGER's syndrome is high-functioning autism also known as atypical autism. Being that it is a form of autism no one knows the cause so before you start giving your opinion on these sorts of issues let's check out your medical degree. Autism is a disease of the brain which cannot consistently be detected by any conventional medical tests nor cured.

As far as the MMR son has atypical autism (Aspergers symdrome) and was vaccinated as required by law to attend school and had no reaction to the vaccine. I am old enough to have not been vaccinated and did have both sets of measles as a child. I had friends who had measles and mumps and we all lived to tell about it. I did not personally know a child that died as a result of the measles or mumps. I fail to see why a vaccine is necessary.

jagchat01 12 years, 2 months ago

PitBull Grandma is absolutely right. We have traditionally treated almost all the diseases now being vaccinated against with rest, change of diet, and grandma's recipes. None of the eruptive diseases are harmful unless the eruptions are tampered with. The traditional remedies, including homeopathy, pushes the pustules out and shortens the disease. And anyway, today the news is all over that mumps has returned despite vaccines. Not only mumps, tuberculosis too has returned with a vengeance.

Traditional healers say that eruptive diseases are a part of growing up as the body tries to throw the toxins out which arise as a result of profound changes during the growth process. Meddling with them is not good, what to say about suppressing them with vaccines. And again we have various diseases which are vaccine induced but vaccine makers are busy preparing vaccines for them!! When will this vicious cycle stop? When will our kids get a chance to grow up naturally?

There was some derision regarding homeopathy and the virus theory. The virus theory is already proven false and HAS to be discredited because genetic engineers will be using viruses for tinkering with the body's genetic makeup. (Another procedure that needs to be frantically opposed).

Viruses are not living beings. They are simply carriers of genetic material. Coated with fat or protein they disintegrate when the job is over. They cannot survive outside a living environment. And the funny thing is that viruses are rarely seen. We can only assume that they WERE there. There role in causing disease is VERY VERY doubtful.

We need to listen to the homeopaths as homeopathy is a holistic science unlike the primitive "modern" medicine which is immersed in "piss & faeces", according to one of its own fraternity, a maverick who challenged the notion that disease originated in the body.

We need to contemplate on what modern medicine has done to corrupt our body,emotions,mind and soul. This is no laughing matter. Why have we changed so drastically? What has made us so sick today,at all levels? What has made us depressed and morose en masse? What has made diabetes, cancer, parkinsons, alzheimers household names? These are serious issues that merit valid and sincere answers.

Please do not use the word "SCIENCE". Science is an uncompromising search for the truth. It is not about trying to rubbish the obvious. Science is not about commerce or profits. Science is not about influencing researchers. Science is not about propagating theories that suits the economy and the political ambitions of the powerful. Science is not about mass production. Science is not about harming humanity "for the greater good" of the minority who profit from fallacies.

The "science" of today is worse than the perverted religion of yesterday. It is the fig leaf behind which many wrongs are perpretrated. We all need to wake up to this fact.

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