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April 7, 2006


To the editor:

What has happened to government of the people, by the people and for the people?

We are now government of the multinational corporate interests, government by the multinational corporate interests and government for the multinational corporate interests.

If ever there has been a right time for a third party in America, that time is now and I would further suggest that it be should be named "The None-of-the-above Party."

It and its candidates should be listed on every ballot as the "None-of-the-above alternative candidate."

E.G. Hickam,



Kelly Powell 12 years ago

The brave men and women who fought to get unions in this country are spinning in their graves right now over the corporate raping of the working man and the additional reach around by the unions themselves...which in a lot of cases are just as greedy and self serving as the businesses that they fought against. The general corruption of the private sector and the gross corruption of our political system(both sides) has led to the birth of the most self destructive generation of this country which I love, and has left me stymied on how it could change.....I have turned so cynical that I cannot believe that any group or movement will not turn into the very beast that they fight against....It seems that people do not want betterment, just to be on top of the pile.

Kelly Powell 12 years ago

Did I not agree with you about the unions? Did i not say that we raised a generation that is self desructive?I'm not trying to be too self rightous about this....I agree people want entitlement without the work, but you must agree that it gets harder and harder to hold the "work hard and be honest and you will succeed" ethic that our fathers and grandfathers taught us as children. The people who fought for the unions were american heroes....The unions spat on their ideals and became a entity that in the long run hurts both sides of the issue.....But you must agree that the current corporate mentality reflects the robber barons of the past.....I am a politically asexual critter, I try my best to hold down the middle and show both sides are freakin morons.... P.S. in any industry where they are heavily subsidized(sp?) you know everybody involved is going to go for the biggest chunk of pie they can.....

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

The unions are partly to blame for GM's problems, but the biggest problems lie in the design and engineering dept's that can't pull themselves away from gas-guzzling dinosaurs and give the union workers some models to build that will compete with Toyota and other much more innovative manufacturers.

And an economy made up of megacorporations without fairly powerful unions as a counterbalance would be nothing be pure fascism. If you want one, you have to have the other.

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