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Keeping K.C. teams important locally

April 5, 2006


— Bob Sanner couldn't be sure how he would have voted had he lived in Jackson County, Mo. - residents there have had a lot of information to digest, he said.

But Sanner, director of conventions and sports for the Lawrence Convention and Visitors Bureau, said passing the renovation plan would keep surrounding areas like Lawrence in the economic loop that the Royals and Chiefs create.

"The yes vote would definitely have a high impact on our community," Sanner said Tuesday.

John Davis, a manager at Louise's Downtown, mirrored Sanner's thoughts. The sports teams in Kansas City help support many Lawrence businesses, he said, and the stadium renovations will help keep it that way.

"There's a peripheral effect from these teams," Davis said Tuesday. "It benefits all businesses here."

And although it might not be the perfect plan, Davis said, at least the teams are staying, rolling roof or not.

"I think the stadiums are built in a terrible place," he said. "But you can't have the teams leaving."


Mike Blur 12 years, 2 months ago

Memo to John Davis--THE TEAMS NEVER EVER THREATENED TO LEAVE. Mentalities like yours scared JACO voters into letting the incompentent JACO Gov't off the hook, and allowed the equally inept Sports Authority to keep their swanky suites inside both stadia.

If anything, this vote scuttled the possibility of Arrowhead II in Wyandotte County--which might have had a HUGE impact on the Lawrence economy.

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